TELUS | Tricked into oversharing

(apprehensive music) – A message to everyone that has been cyberbullied or hurt, I wanna say that you’ll get through it. It doesn’t matter what
anyone says or does to you because the only thing that matters is what you think of you. (apprehensive music) He asked me information about myself, asked where I live, pictures of me. I stupidly gave in. I decided to block the number finally. I was like, okay it’s over. I won’t do it again. The next day at school,
people came up to me and was like, oh did you meet someone new? Oh, who have you been texting lately? I heard so many whispers of my name, and I was really upset ’cause I didn’t know what would happen. And how he told all of this
information to everyone. I was trying to figure out who it was. Eventually, I found out. I decided to call my parents ’cause I thought that
they were the only ones who could help me in that situation. They gave me advice. They told me what to do, what not to do, to just stay away from
those type of people and find a new friend group. I believe it’s important to share when you’ve been cyberbullied. You need to talk to someone
who you trust and value, and supports you because
they’re the people who will get you through this. I feel amazing to know
that I got through it. It was like a whole bunch of weights just came off my shoulder. It’s over, it hasn’t happened again. I know what to do in these situations now and how to help other people. (apprehensive music)