TELUS | Rising above long-term bullying

I had to find myself and I had to stand up for myself for once and tell them
like if you can’t say to my face up say it at all
well it happened throughout my entire life everyone had something to say and
they could not say it to my face and they would say things like just kill
yourself now do the world a favor or we’ve heard about you you’re this you
that explicit things I’d rather not say but it’s still something that bothers me
and it does hurt I felt isolated alienated I didn’t really have many
friends I don’t really like speaking out so I don’t really go to not even my parents
only reason my parents got involved was because it was a really serious
situation where it was about to get physical in real life and involving my
parents is a really good thing to do because there’s so many kids that go
through it and we got to work together we got to know that we’re not alone. If I
could say one thing to bully I’d say you never know what people are going through
if you really want someone to kill themselves imagine if that actually
happened what if someone did that I was so low I was so close to just I do not
want to be here anymore and the fact that I’m still here to this day is a
message to everyone else you can overcome it it’s not something that has
to take you to what I’m most proud about is that I’m still here I don’t let
anything get to me anymore [Music]