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The teacher The student Ms. Hendersen *Background song* And some very hands-on tutoring Do you think anybody from school, will be here? You let me worry about that. It’s a headline grabing situation Former teacher charged with having sex with a student Britanny Collins is accused of sleeping with five students County teach living guilty to unlawful sexual activity with a minor But how will people react when the student being targeted seems to be a willing participant If you heard this Have you ever been with a real woman before? Don’t worry…..I catch on quickly what would you do? class is in session at the tom sawyer
diner in paramus new jersey and our hidden cameras are rolling as our hot
teacher strolls on in Ms. Hendersen I’m sorry I’m so late No, it’s alright I just got here hey can’t take my eyes off you in class today Me too right away our teachers behavior
draws disapproving glances from this couple do you think anybody from school is
going to be here? from school, not here let me worry about that okay?
now they’re the most attentive students of her behavior in the restaurant have you told anyone? what do you mean? about us have you told anyone? No I’ve kept it between us. That’s good. I know that will keep our secret because
I could get in a lot of trouble yeah they’ve heard enough and decided to
secretly document what they’re seeing a are you tense? You want a massage? yeah massage sure it feels pretty good and with
photographic evidence secure she decides to put a stop to this teachers lesson
plan. Would you like to talk outside maybe? yeah would you mind that? either that or I’ll call a police officer so get outside right now please. She can go make sure the mics are out can anybody shot this? how dare you that that is how you conduct yourself with
that young man I could hear the entire conversation and it is
disgusting you should be appalled I’m going to call the police and you should leave that man alone he’s
not even of age. Alright we should break it. Stan’s teacher yes let me check great
because now I have your picture on my phone so I’m going to find out i will
district by district your face is on every channel for use by
the time I’m done so you decided what you’re going to do
right now and you can tell me the district or not but I’m going to tell
you my your worst nightmare this is all part of to show what would
you do are you kidding me well it’s a pleasure
to meet you really jumped into this tell us what I
have two sons that are teenagers and to watch that was enough to make me sick he was being preyed upon and so I think
that it is our duty to be able to protect kids were rolling again and I
the first teacher of yours that you thought was pretty oh yeah pretty much as our teacher turns
up the heat even give you a name no matter what but I want you to get it
right I think you have been marketing yes this couple starts to burn are you know it was quick to me yes yeah yes why does he have to go along with
him we’re just gonna go hang out we like each other we’re gonna spend time
together and teacher holds hands would have put in your wallet don’t you have four and highlight and I think you’ll like him too much in
their own way where are you going to bring you’re making it all this make me go that’s right three great do you have to tell me what
to do on tell me what you think I got a right now Todd for us to turn down the temperature sir excuse no offense always know you
told me so happy before the moral of the story we really should be involved with other
people look every time something wrong to see something say something throughout the day not everyone
confronts our teacher you’ve been working you yeah so for you this couple thought it
was wrong but they were conflicted about what to do and this woman didn’t say a
word to our teacher but had a lot to say to our waitress she was sensing chance actually she again all of it so excited a heavy of my apartment and
this man watches them walk out he tells us later he didn’t want to
cause a scene we’re old one last time I couldn’t help
noticing and fell to an appropriate in your teacher sometimes you just can’t help yourself feel better yeah when his teacher goes to find the ladies
room the check it out of here she’s on her feet to find some help oh ok No with this you can see I didn’t notice just like
you said I’m sorry to hear that now our teacher is back and ready to go
back to my brother yeah yeah let’s do it should carry the text this is really bothering not what happened did they leave together what did they say as they were leaving
anything just you know that’s all I know yeah yeah time for us to cool things down oh my god he’s okay he was an actor it touched you that people yes you did
the right thing you talk to the manager I just noticed something that was
incredibly wrong