Take Off Your Mask – Cyberbullying Short-Film by Andrea D’Agostino

Ask: Someone has a question for you “I think you already know that Andrea and Loser are synonyms in the dictionary” Carlo: Guys you’re so evil ahahah I’m kidding Being rejected by a girl is easier than winning the lottery ahahah #Loser Whoever organized the party last night without inviting Andrea… Well done! *Different insults* Nullity, Loser, Did you see yourself?, How you dress?, Fag* *Have you got friends? If I was you, I would bury me* It’s easy to be a bully But the strongest will always help the others Bullying breaks the most beautiful branches that a boy or a girl can have. then time passes and a new flower is born. the ones who don’t give up always win. The future that awaits can not be disappointed.