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Good morning good afternoon or good
evening depending on you where you’re watching DutyRon Retired New York City
Police Detective back again with another video and today we’re gonna talk about
swatting and daxing on the Internet and we’re gonna get into it right now guys
good or good afternoon good morning good evening depending on where you’re
watching in the world my name is Duty Ron a retired New York City police
detective I have 20-plus years in law enforcement and I’ve seen so much of
this go on in the course of my live streaming time here two three plus years
between a couple of different platforms we’ve seen and we heard a lot about this
today I want to speak to you about something that brings it right to the
forefront one of my good friends cab seven as we all know all the good people
who are here on YouTube know the good work that Ben does cab seven goes live
every day with inspirational videos inspirational talks he speaks about
current topics topics he also speaks about mental health and how to better
yourself and how to be positive this is a guy who emulates everything good and
he too was a victim two nights ago of a swatting call placed against him at his
home luckily with the with the help of God nothing happened to him he was you
know just a little shaken up and had to go through a very unfortunate situation
something that nobody should ever have to go through especially someone that is
on the internet to help people nobody whether you’re good bad or
indifferent should have to experience this the people who are behind it have
severe issues whether it’s mental health a whole host of other type situations
going on these are people who crave and want attention but it comes at a price
it comes at a very very high price you have law enforcement and responding
agencies who are put at danger responding to
these fake calls you have the people in the homes that are it’s unbeknownst to
them that this is happening for the most part I think in Ben’s case he kind of
knew what was going down he just didn’t respond the proper way but today I want
to speak to you about some of the things that you can do to help put in place
some protection against this type of sick and twisted behavior again the
people that are doing this are criminals these are federal crimes you can be
charged federally with this you can be charged obviously locally for swatting
somebody daxing is a whole another you know a whole nother conversation but um
at the end of the day folks this is criminal activity and if you know of
somebody that’s engaging in this type of criminal activity and you remain friends
with that person then you’re you’re actually putting yourself in a in a
situation where you can be an accessory to this crime just by being friends with
this person or by helping this person follow through if you will with their
swatting it’s a serious crime people have lost their lives we know of the
famous case that happened just a short time ago in Wichita Kansas where a gamer
had some kind of beef or a bet the details are pretty pretty crazy but
essentially called in a swatting situation to this person’s home and the
person was shot and killed so this is this is a situation where you’re talking
about people’s lives being taken the person behind that did get a very very
strong sentence went to jail for 20 years and rightfully so I think that
that person probably shouldn’t see the light of day because in in a sense he
took somebody else’s life by some reckless crazy action just to get a rush
or just to get a laugh it’s not a laughing matter this is a serious matter
I take it seriously and um you know I know for a fact that you know police and
law enforcement agencies throughout the country take this very serious now
because it is a very very strong danger to all parties involved all parties
involved risk you know responding personnel as I said before they can get
into a car accident on the way hurt another innocent civilian responding
lights and sirens to a phony fake phone call for someone with the gun or
somebody trying to hurt somebody it really is a despicable crime and I
really feel strongly about educating and us as live streamers people who are on
the internet you need to educate yourself and go on to the various
different resources that are available to you online call your local police
call your local sheriff’s and explain to them what you do tell them that you’re a
live streamer and that you you do not have any weapons in your home you know
make full disclosure if you have legal legally carried weapons if you have
illegal weapons obviously that makes you a criminal so if that’s the case that’s
a whole other story and ahold of the video but again this is a situation that
is very very serious this is not a laughable situation and I feel strongly
about not giving attention I’m doing this video not giving attention to the
people who do it during the course of a livestream or speaking about it in depth
or going forward this is an instructional educational video I’m just
doing this in support of my friend cab seven and for those of you who know Ben
he is a great guy so please don’t feed the fire don’t fuel the fire with these
people when you’re in a chat and if you see comments or people that are engaging
in this make you know make a screenshot of it make a record of it keep it and
report it to your local authorities and for the broadcaster’s as I said go to
your local police station introduce yourself tell them calmly what you do
you don’t have to go into full detail but let them know that you’re a live
streamer and that there is a potential that it could happen you where they
would get a phone call stating something outlandish just let them know that
you’re a sound mind and you are fine you are not suffering of any mental health
issues and that you are just peacefully live streaming for the most part
everybody that goes and does that you know they’ll make a note of it they’ll
you know record you know your home address and then if a call does come in
they can still respond they still have to respond but they’re not going to
respond with guns drawn or anything like that you know you can leave your phone
number where they can call you to verify is everything okay you know as they’re
responding and things of that nature so those are ways that you can help protect
yourself I know I did that three years ago before any of this stuff became a
thing I did it when I started live streaming just you know just because and
I wanted my local police department to know that you know I’m a retired guy I’m
here I’m a good guy with a gun you know and I legally have and obtained my
firearms carry permit from being you know being a retired law enforcement and
they actually knew already because it’s funny in my area here where I live in
New York the police departments they all know when let’s just say for argument’s
sake they get a call for an eight in case somebody injured on at my location
at my property immediately the responding officers know that I’m a
legally illegally carrying firearms permit person and and then I’m a retired
police detective so they know I I come I came to find that out when I went in and
introduced myself right after I retired to my local police so those are some
things that you can do to protect yourself I’m going to show you a couple
of websites the screen is going to go off now
I’m going to show you a website here it’s 911.gov this is a government
website and it’s a public safety they refer to a PSAs PSA PS and this is just
going over you know information about swatting so it just gives you the
explanation of what is swatting and then you know they break down here in this
section three calls come from two sources directly to a PSAP call from a
spoof device this is what happened to cab seven that used a spoofing telephone
they at one point made some ridiculous you know phone numbers with all sixes
666 so you can put in any phone and you can create any you know make it seem
like you’re you know calling from a unknown or a different location what do
you do if you get a call so this is a very good resource and I’ll link the
description to this it’s basically ww9 eleven gov and then but I’ll link it
down below in the description so it tells you right here what to do if you
get a call and it gives you some good instructions on what to do you know here
it says record the call if a boy if it’s a voice call trying to just highlight
that area it’s not letting me hold on right here yeah so here’s some of the
bullet points from what they’re stating that you should do in call recording if
you if it’s a voice call you you all of our smart phones you can record a phone
call on their call detail from 911 until till the telephone system providers note
some system logs are purged after a short period of time gather information
from call talker and any other notes this happened with kf7 there was some
statements that made or cooperate with the investigation what
can you do to prepare prepare yourself and coordinate like I said with your
responding agencies speak to you know your local law enforcement let them know
what you do at your home and what kind of a person you are and just let them
know that you’re concerned because of these incidents that take place randomly
throughout social media it’s not just YouTube it’s on Facebook live it’s it’s
happening on all the live streaming apps and it’s an unfortunate thing they give
you resources this is important section here I’m not going over each and every
one of these things because I just want to make this a short video but this is a
great resource 9/11 dot-gov and then you go to you go to the public information
on swatting so it’s a it’s a two-page document and at the bottom here they
give you resources you know company identify our program at the FBI Internet
Crime Complaint Center and there’s a website right here for the internet
crime center this is great the United States Secret Service the ECT F is the
electronic Crimes Task Force Secret Service investigates swatting crimes
it’s not the FBI the FBI gets involved eventually if it’s a bigger case where
it’s involving I believe that the person that was arrested for the Wichita Kansas
swatting death did did call in some bomb threats to universities and that’s why
the FBI was involved in that case along with the Secret Service so here’s a link
right here where my cursor is to the EC the Secret Service EC TF electronic
Crimes Task Force those are this is a great group of people they will take
your complaint and here’s the FCC complaint you
as a broadcaster and as a person and you know if you’re out there in the public
you need to get to know all of these resources because when someone does this
to you you need to go with the full extent the law of the law at them as I
would do if it happened to me I would use every available resource and I have
a ton of friends still in the New York City Police Department Computer Crimes
Task Force the joint terrorist task force who works with the FBI and Secret
Service and I would use all of my resources that I still have from my
professional career to go after whoever and whatever however many people came
and did something like that to me if it ever happens and I’m prepared to always
deal with any and all emergencies that’s part of what I did for a very long time
so as of today I’m going on 29 years of being in law enforcement you know I’m
retired a few years now but you know I know what needs to be done and I would
go full tilt and I’m helping cab seven I’m helping to direct him on where to go
and what to do so let’s take a peek I don’t want my Amazon sign-in that’s not
what I wanted let’s take a peek at the FBI here’s the FBI the Bureau FBI has a
full story on swatting on their page it’s a little dated it’s from 2008 but
again I’m just want to show you the resources that you have on the website
for the FBI and there’s a ton of there’s a ton of other things you know like
most-wanted stats and services scams and safety you know give it you the sex
offender registry there’s so many resources on here so educate yourselves
go out there and look at the vast resource of things that are available
for you in regards to swatting and daxing go and here’s the article of the
Tyler I think it’s name was title of bachelor I want to say this is a USA
Today article let me shut that down dude yes California man was sentenced to
20 years in prison for making a hoax 9-1-1 call that resulted in an innocent
arkansas that resulted in a innocent kansas man
I said Arkansas Arkansas man’s death Tyler Baris 26 pleaded guilty to
multiple charges stemming from a swatting call a practice where
individual makes phony calls to 9-1-1 forcing police to respond with SWAT
teams or with force swatting is no prank says the US Attorney sending police to
an emergency responders rushing to anyone’s home based on utterly false
information as some kind of joke shows an incredible disregard for the safety
of other people the 20-year sentence was handed out Friday this was in I want to
say it was over it was over a year ago I remember this happening this article’s
dated March 30th 2019 the sentence was right around March of
this year but the incident happened in 2017
so he made a bogus 9 one call reporting fake hostage situation after he had
gotten into an argument with another gamer playing call of duty police said
they gave his address thought to be another gamer and gave his address and
said he was holding people hostage at gunpoint and that he shot somebody like
a crazy crazy story and um you know he’s brought to justice now this person’s
behind bars and in jail it just goes to show you the stupidity and utter
insanity anybody is doing that I just want to there’s another there’s another
place that I want you guys to go to here’s the cyber bullying research cyber
bullying org so this is a private organization and some of these
organizations and this one happens to be pretty good
there is others out there but this one I wanted you to look at I’ll link the
description to this in my in my description I’ll put a link in my
description to cyber bullying org go and check this out it gives you so much
resources and so many things that you can and can’t do when it comes to daxing
and cyber bullying this is a great this is a great website it gives you the laws
it gives you some resources how to educate parents teens adult victims I
mean there’s just a chock full of information here I’m not gonna you know
go through all of this on this video but again you know when you educate yourself
in regards to what your what your rights are and what you can and can’t do when
it comes to this stuff it makes you a more prepared individual it helps you to
defend yourself and what happened with our good friend Benny cab 7 is
despicable and people who are responsible for it if you know or if you
have an idea who they are I strongly recommend that you come
forward and give information anonymously to the police give it to cab 7 send it
to me if you want all of my emails and my information is in my description
links and you could go to my website do tear on Comm and on there you can leave
an anonymous message you can email me dude around at aol.com you know any
information that you have don’t hold it back let’s bring these people to justice
let’s bring this person or persons to justice because it is ridiculous and um
you know I feel strongly about the the criminal side of it if you are friends
with somebody and you know and have knowledge of people that are engaging in
this type of behavior disconnect forthwith from them do not you know do
not be friends with criminals I mean if you if you knew someone robbed the bank
would you hang out with that person if you knew somebody was you know robbing
senior citizens or beating up you know people in town
and being a bully would you want to be friends with that person I think the
answer to all good people would be no so again I’m gonna leave you with a lot of
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