super mario 64 bloopers: Boil the Big Bully

* Music playing * (OH , MARIO GOT HIT?! +360 points) Ow.Mamaf*ck- *Mario gets confused* *mario speaking gibberish x1* Luigi:MARIO , HELP!!! *throws binoculars at Mario* Mamamia , WHAT IS IT?! (I bet there is some gay toads here or bowser took over the knigdom) (I KNEW THEY WERE HOMOSEXUAL BULLIES!) (AWW , YOU DICK BULLY!!) Noooooooooooo *Peach back-slaps Mario* Hmmmmmmm…. HM
HMM Whoa! * Comic pause * Mario: Toad! Toad: Sh*t! Transistion: ye da da da da da da ya Hahahahaaaaa….yyyyaaa! *mumbling* * Sniffing * * Inhales * Cokkies! Cokkies! Cokkies! Cokkies! Oh what the f*ck * Toad screaming and Bullies om nomming * * Mario laughing * Okaaay… Bye byeee… *trotting* What *trotting* Aaaaahahaaaa Hell no! Hahahahaaaa Mamamia! hmm… Yo, what’s up? Hahahhaaaaa Say what?! Oh my Goood! *Door slams* Boogiiiieee *Troll face* *Confusion* Yaayyyy! You son of a b*tch *Roar*…Aaaaaahh! Tegooo *Music playing* Uuuh..Heeey Mario Shut the f*ck up! *Roar* *Music playing* *Groan* Whoa! Oh noo *groan* wooooh wooooh What wooooooh *groan* *groan* Mamamia *blast* Mamamia *Boom* Heeere’s Johnny *music* I’m a banana… I don’t get it Hell there world *piano playing* Lalala.. hm hmmm.. La la la hm hm hmmm I hate this chair Come on already Marioooo Yatatatata yatatata *blast* what the hell did you just do? Me me speak no english Hmm? Whoa! *Groan* hu hu hu Yes! *evil laugh* Mama No! It’s not possible! Can you like..shut up? Heey *keypad tones* Aaah! Hmmm… *burp* Heeey, that was pretty good mamamia Sorry about the roof *glass shutters* wooo… …hooo *rhythmic* I love you…you love me… …we love.. psych *laugh* Hey stinky wohooo You, you took her away Please, don’t hit me so hard.. *sob* Yes! I’m the winner Shiiiii…t *splash* wohooo, I got it *evil laugh* Hey! F*cker! Coogie… Cookie… Cookie… *splash* Whoa, that was fantastic..yeah! Hahahaaa Hmm? Holy Jesus F*ch yeah! Hahahahaaa Hahahahaa