SUB[ASMR] 빠른태핑 좋아하세요? #3 /fast tapping/aggressive tapping

Hi guys! this is~ Crush On 9 A S M~~ R~~~~ This ‘Do you like fast tapping?’ 3# I’m going to show you some very fast and aggressive tapping like the last video. There are six things ready. It’s been a long time, and I don’t know if I can do well. Warm-up my hand. All right, so we’ll start right away. First is hair gel that I often use. Easy to get from Convenience store and price is low! This gel really good! I have been setting my hair with this hair gel today. Next is a clothes hanger. It is strong and good because it is made of wood. It’s not easy to hold. Next is a glass cup. It’s not the cup I use often. I found it on the shelf. It’s called Chingtao. Here’s a picture of a dog. This is a cute cup. Next…. Next is a cellphone. This is my old cellphone. This is a mobile phone called the ‘Galaxy J7’. Let me tap this. The sounds of the front and the back are different. Next is the pot. This is the item that I used the last time I did the kitchen ware tapping. It sounds good, so I took it one more time. It’s the last time. Umm.. My jacket!! I heard the sound of leather is good. so…I’ll try tapping. I must approach the microphone Can you hear this sound well?