Students Screwed By Government Inaction

interest rate on federal loans uh… for
students has double that went from three point four to six point eight percent par the reason why that happened is
because of congressional inaction democrats republicans couldn’t come to
an agreement as to what to do about the interest rates and republicans are pushing for in
market-based interest rate which means the interest rate can change uh… it’s
not a fixed interest rate and democrats did not sign onto that now joan walsh
did a great job covering this for salon but i actually think that per piece was strong because of the fact
that she says that we are being completely misguided when we’re focusing
on something like interest rates we should really focus on is how education used to be very very excessive all and very
affordable in this country and then republicans came in and scooter mc so i have a specific example about
reagan but before i get all of that i wanted to be some really interesting
general statistics on student loan debt so the average burden for our graduates
right now is about twenty thousand dollars in debt however that does not
include the credit card debt that they also uh… have to charge because of the fact that
their living on campus or ever so if you take credit card debt into
consideration as well they have about thirty five thousand dollars in debt
attending graduate college and that’s the outreach incorrect omg california’s one of at least ten
states that now spends more on prison then on education which means a lot of money that used to
go to to public education and that includes grade school and
college is now being taken away but to be fair and we got in prison or was
really gamers pot smokers trivia with a researcher rb money unless
they get their kids a decent education a decent future as a brilliant move by california and
many other states more stats and two-thirds of college
graduates leave with some debt thirty seven million americans are
repaying a student loan right now unbelievable so when it comes to paying off a
bachelor’s degree it takes an average about nineteen years to pay it off the average cost is about one hundred
seventeen thousand dollars she’s the average monthly payment is four hundred
ninety nine dollars and of the one trillion in student at
sixty percent is vote by people over the age of thirty so it’s not just for students at policy
there is a real nineteen years indentured servant to use me seven years nineteen years on average hard-earned seventeen thousand dollars schism a c let’s update you the reason i care
deeply about the story in a reagan all that if it is my daddy appreciation for began on our part it’s a lot of because this is the most
important thing is that if you have an opportunity in uganda well it’s your responsibility as a decent
human beings to build a bridge so that more people can come to opportunity right but these guys are not about that issue
with the reagan in the redress the republicans their ideas burn the bridge down after
you how to avoid that and all former when
nothing in sathish genitalia and terribly be low four hundred seventeen of the two
if it happened today you know obviously that was turkey but inevitably west would be dead we
wouldn’t be able to make it before god that education i wouldn’t be here also i
mean what do you parents do at this point anne you cannot say that
especially with you know that the wages that have been stagnant for so long you cannot possibly save enough money to
send one kid to college let alone two i mean it’s becoming unlike eight like one percent privilege in order to even have a family
at this point it’s so expensive yet no it’s ok mit romney messages for
her from the ground had inconsistent quick side note on all
this i’d just feel so lucky because if i was
the last graduating class that had the opportunity to go to a c s
u for affordable people in might age group that didn’t
get a head start like i didn’t like the college classes when i was in high
school so i kind of massive head start a graduate college two years early people in my age group right now are
saddled with bad debt and they can’t give back to the economy because they
can’t buy a car they can afford it they have these loans they have to be out we
can’t buy a house in fact i have a figure for you guys student at reduces
average uh… aggregate car purchasing by six point four billion dollars a year
and that’s just the card industry that’s not even including the housing market it’s insane and good luck on your house with a giant
that your dad uh… okay so heavy weather art so these system that used to be the bass
has done in the country in terms of higher education u_c_-berkeley was one
of the top schools in the country and back in nineteen sixty four
otherwise of free speech movement on the u_c_-berkeley campus back in the date you weren’t allowed to
protester talk about anything on campus that was unrelated to the schools so if
you had like some political cause you couldn’t protests about it on campus
well this is this i didn’t know what we want to be politically active we want a
protest so they did this massive protest they
got a lot of attention incomes ronald reagan and at that time
do you want to be governor of california and he thought you know what i can take
advantage of this opportunity an appeal to parents so we did is he fear monger he basically
dot campaigned instead look at what’s happening to our public institutions okay they’re turning into
propaganda liberals are taking over at this is a complete and utter disaster
it’s gonna destroy our society so back here and on that platform and he
won by a landslide as soon as he was elected all this and
he took the u_c_ system which was free no fees no tuition and he changed a into something that
would charge fees and then later they started
charging tuition about the mid nineteen eighties ok so i want
to give you guys some numbers on that so the u_c_ system in terms of fees charged
about eighty four dollars a year in nineteen fifty-six then in nineteen
seventy one after reagan six hundred dollars a year two thousand five eight thousand one hundred twenty nine
dollars a year twenty thirteen twelve thousand six
hundred ninety two dollars a year now look we know that through time you have
inflation itself but inflation is one thing from fifty six dollar eighty four
dollars two twelve after six hundred ninety two
dollars if totally different and at four dollars that reporter written pay that even in nineteen fifty six you put twelve thousand suzanne in
ninety two dollars a year on people as a hell of a burden man it was supposed to be a free education
it was supposed to be our way out it was supposed to be a bridge was
supposed to be opportunity reading filled in that’s why the republicans lou log with him way to burn that bridge down after you way to go paper yeah and and just sat clarify at that
twelve thousand dollars is just for fees intuition it does not
include university housing and costs of books and supplies and all of that so when you’re talking about the total
cost of an education in california if you’re going to use c easily at you
you’ll have to pay about twenty thousand dollars