– Wassup crazies! In today’s video, I’m gonna
share with you a little story about when I got bullied. (crying) Let’s get into the story time. (continues to cry) (upbeat jazz music) So, back in the eighth grade
I got my weave ponytail pulled off by one
of my classmates. He was the biggest
bully in life. He was a big, fat piece
of shit, literally. If you’re watching this,
close your eyes, okay? Now envision your
shit (fart sound) with hands and legs, alright? That’s exactly what
my bully looked like. No wonder why he was
so mad at the world. He looked like a big,
fat, piece of shit! Okay, I’m sorry. He did! Anyways, every day down the
halls, this boy would taunt me. He would taunt your girl, okay? He would harass me, he
would call me names like, (imitates man’s voice) “Latoya you got a big ass head.” “Latoya you over
there looking like a big ass lollipop head.” “Latoya you ugly.” “Latoya nobody likes you.” “You need to take your
ass back to Canada.” “Latoya you piss standing
up, cause you a dude. (mocking laugh) You look like me.” (mocking laugh continues) Wait. Every single day, this
boy would make fun of me and it would hurt my
feelings, like “Lord, again, what did I do to deserve this?” He literally made the first
half of my eighth grade a living nightmare. All I wanted was a friend,
okay, but I got picked on… Why?… Like, why are you
picking on the new girl? You don’t even know me, okay? Ya’ll, things started to get
really bad, like this kid would say things like, (imitates man’s voice) “Latoya Imma fight you.” “Latoya, Imma
knock yo teeth out. Them rabbit-ass, chiclet teeth
out of yo Canadian ass mouth. Take yo ass back to Canada. Imma punch you in
the face bitch. You better get yo fist ready, because I’m gonna
knock your ass out, and I ain’t gonna miss.” Like really? You gonna beat a
girl’s ass, for what? What did I do to you? Sorry y’all, I’m still
upset about this. Whenever I think about
it, I just wanna punch this man in his face. Now, we took the same bus home, and every day after
the bus dropped us off, I would sprint my butt
home like Usain Bolt. I was so fast. I ran track, I played soccer, no wonder why he was so mad, because a girl ran
faster than him. (laughs) (snaps finger) Too slow. Like, I would seriously
kill him in a race. You can’t (snaps
fingers) keep up with me. (snaps fingers) Anyways, I told my
mom what was going on, I was like “Momma, this
boy keeps picking on me in school, (cries) and
I don’t know what to do. I didn’t want to tell the
principal because I ain’t no snitch momma.” (high-pitched voice) “Oh God! This boy still
bullying you in school? Where he live? Where he livin’? I go bust he teeth, I
go bust he momma ass. You watch and see (rifle cocks). Nobody mess with my children. You know I gonna beat he! I gonna beat he ass. Oh God, dis generation
is too damn unruly, so damn disrespectful. Oh God, what’s wrong
with dis generation? Tell me now. Oh God (crying loudly). I go to jail tonight! And dis baby daddy
pissing me off. And you need to go wash
the dishes, Oh God! Dis boy bullying you,
go wash the dishes, I don’t even wanna fuckin’
leave dem in da damn sink. Go wash da damn dishes
and clean up in dat room. Dis boy bullying you, God! No wonder why he bullying
you, with yo nastiness! No, I just joking,
but seriously Latoya, yo ass better do somethin’. Stand up fo yo damn self,
I teach ya better dan dat. Stand up for your rights!” Wait, what? Trinis, Caribbean
parents, ya’ll. The next day at school was the same ish I
experienced any other day. Still getting bullied. “Latoya you just wait
until I catch you alone, you just wait! You better get
them fists ready.” Hm. Something came over me and I
stopped right in the middle of the hallway and said,
“You know what ca-ca do-do punk bish, come try me.” (slap) Y’all, I don’t know what
possessed me to say that, but I was scared shitless
the entire rest of the day. Shitless y’all! Oh my God! I was paranoid, I
was scared, like, oh my God I’m gonna
get my ass beat. What am I gonna do? So after school
I ran to the bus. He got on the bus
five minutes later. All of a sudden, the entire bus started
stomping their feet. I was like, “what the
heck is going on here. Like am I about
to get crucified?” I was so scared y’all. If y’all know me, y’all already know I
have a sweating problem, so I was sweating
buckets, like Oh my God. I’m sweating telling this story. One chick stood up
out of her seat. She looked at me and just did
this the entire bus ride home. I was like, “Okay, yeah,
I’m about to get crucified.” Ah, Lord. When I got off the bus,
I was gonna sprint home, but this bully prevented
me from doing that! He grabbed onto my ponytail
and started tugging on it. Yanking it. My head was doing
this the entire time. Everyone was laughing
their butts off, and he just kept pulling on
my freaking ponytail, yanking. Uh…(laughs) Y’all get the picture,
and then all of a sudden, my ponytail flew off
of my head and everyone (crowd laughing) just
started dying of laughter. I don’t know where
this girl said, “girl, you don’t
even need weave, you got some long
hair under there. It’s pretty girl, what
the hell you doin’ with dat ponytail
on ya head (laughs). Let me get that
ponytail there girl. Let me sweep it up
real quick here. Let me get that
ponytail from you girl.” Y’all, I just ran
home in tears, okay? I just ran home. Just so embarrassing, like I just got my freaking
weave pulled off of my head. Do you know how
embarrassing that is? Thumbs up if you
would be embarrassed. Barge in the house
and I said, “Mommy!” My mom came running down
the stairs, she said, “Oh God, what happened to ya? Where yo ponytail child? Why ya cryin’ so?” So I said, “da bully pull
it down from my head, my ponytail, Oh God (cries).” My momma said, “Let’s
go to his house, you know where he live?” I said, “yes momma. Let’s go right
over to his house.” So my mom and I, we
run over to his house, my mom banged on the door,
his mom opened the door, and then my mom started
cussing her out. “If your son ever puts his
hands on my child ever again, I swear to you, you’re going
to jail for harassment, for bullying, for abuse, and
I (fart sound) giving you charges and every ting, I
go see you in da courts.” And ever since that day,
I never got bullied again. So the very next morning,
we were waiting for the bus, he approaches me, he said
sorry, he took his backpack off of his back, he reached in,
and he took my ponytail out, and he handed it to me. So, in return, you
know, I said thank you, I gave him a hug, and I
stuck a little sticky paper on his back that said “call me
ca-ca do-do,” and ever since that day, people refer
to him as ca-ca do-do, so I win bully (laughs). Oh my God. Thank you so much for
watching my story time on when I got bullied. If you ever got bullied, leave your story in
the comments below. You might be helping
somebody, okay? And if you’re a bully, can
you please stop the madness? Stop taking your frustration,
stop taking your pain, and freaking putting it out on innocent freaking
human beings. Leave us alone! Leave them alone, deal
with your issues, okay? Go get counseling, go get
a therapist, go get help, go get a freaking
psychiatrist if you need to. Anyways, thumbs up the
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