#Storytime | La vez en la que sufrí Cyberbullying

Today, we present My Experience With Cyberbullying Hello to every friend in YouTube, Tincho appears again back on the scene. In this occasion, I’m back with the vlogs, because I’ve been making covers so far, for YouTube. I hope you liked my covers. And I hope I haven’t broken anyone’s ears, because I’m a begginner in this thing of singing covers. Well, let’s go straight to the point, because I’m digressing as usual. Me and my constant senseless rambles. Today I’m back with the vlogs, to tell you some storytime. I’ll basically tell you about the time I was cyberbullied on the internet. First of all, please be respectful and be understanding. And also, please don’t resort to the old trick of blaming the victim and defending the aggressors. Because I’m not guilty of what happened to me And I think that what I’m gonna tell you now, will make you understand a little bit how the story went before drawing your own conclusions. And before resorting to the old trick of blaming the victim and defending the aggressors. Because we can basically say that the guy who bullied me, could be a psycopath, judging by the things he has told me. So, I hope you can know a bit about this story. And I will also leave some screenshots and some evidence, so you’ll know all of it, and to show you that what I’m saying is completely true, and that I’m not making anything up, and that I’m not lying or exaggerating And also, my bully’s name will be exposed. Why? Y’all will say, “Well, you can’t expose a person, you’re invading his privacy”. No. This person already exposed himself in YouTube, insulting me and calling me names so I’m gonna expose him. I think cyberbullies have to be exposed. So without further ado, let’s begin with the video. WARNING: In this video, I’ll talk about an experience of Cyberbullying I went through, and I reccommend you to watch the video until the very end. So, refrain from making any stupid, offensive, discriminatory or attempted-attacking comments, or putting my story into question, or blaming me for something someone else’ve done to me. Any comment of this kind will be reported, deleted and blocked. Explicit language content. Not suitable for children under 13. My experience with Cyberbullying What I’m gonna tell you, happened to me last year, in November 2018. But to put ourselves in context, let’s go back in time, to year 2017. It turns out that in 2017, I watched a video from a YouTube Channel, called Storybooth. In case you don’t know it, Storybooth is a platform where young people can tell their real stories. Be it love stories, bullying stories, overcoming stories, or whatever. But the stories must be real. And well, it turns out that in that year, I watched a video from Storybooth. And there was a video where we could find a young college man who was bullied by his college classmates. And well, as it couldn’t be any other way, everytime I see some injustice I tend to give my opinions. And this wouldn’t be the exception to the rule I basically said the next statement: What’s wrong with that comment? I think it’s nothing. I think we all agree that Bullying, if it’s done when you’re a child or a teen It’s already something bad. But when Bullying is done as a grown up, I think it’s a royal act of immaturity when they’re adults. I think those adult bullies should’ve developed some brains and should’ve change, but well. There are people who will never change. I think we all agree that it’s an act of immaturity for an adult to bully another adult. I basically think that being a bully as a child or a teen is something serious, being a bully as an adult is a thousand times worse I don’t know what y’all think. And I think this comment I made, wasn’t something bad. I was just criticizing the victimizers. And yeah, I said “jerks”, I said a bad word. But well, when someone thinks they have the right to bother you, or treating you bad, they don’t deserve any respect. I mean, why do you think you deserve some respect when you don’t even know how to respect others. That’s something I don’t understand. And well, a year later, on November 5th, 2018, I received a comment from this bully whose name will be exposed now. His name is Nameless Guy. And I remember pretty well the moment I received this comment. I was in the bus stop, waiting for the bus to come so I could go to school. And I was there with my cell phone, just messing around with it as usual. I was with my cell phone, and suddenly, I received a notification from YouTube, from this person, insulting me, and saying the next remark: Like this, without more, he insulted me, when I actually didn’t know this person at all, and I didn’t do anything to him. But well, you know, people is overly sensitive lately. And well, I only answered back to him once, with two comments, but it was the only time I talked back to him, and they I didn’t reply anymore. I was 21 at that moment, it happened two months before my 22nd birthday. It happened in November, and my birthday is in January. And well, I basically replied the next remark: And BTW and FYI , the fact of being older doesn’t mean you’re automatically right. Especially when there are adults who are jerks, immature, toxic and mean. So don’t come at me with that moralist and disrespectful comment, and keep it to yourself. If you keep thinking like that, so many people are gonna step all over you. That’s the way I replied to him. And for those who don’t know what the “Adultism” is, I will give you this definition I found on brujula.com.gt It reads: Adultism is a series of behaviors, attitudes and beliefs based on the difference of power derived from age, which lead to discrimination, oppression and devaluation of children and youth. Adultism is a form of oppression experienced by children and young people by adults and the systems they create, according to their interests and needs. Adults consider themselves empowered to act on girls, boys and young people in many ways, with or without their consent. Adultism includes experiences of prejudice, discrimination, violence and abuse, which are part of a systemic domination, but also supports individual manifestations. Individual manifestations, for example, are to exercise control over a boy or girl in an authoritarian manner or to exercise some physical, psychological or sexual violence or abuse on him/her. Systematic adultism is manifested, for example, in laws focused on adults, policies, regulations and social and institutional practices that negatively impact the lives of children and young people in family, community / social and / or institutional spaces. Basically, Adultism is a form of ageism (age-related discrimination) and opression, in which it is believed that adults are superior or better than children, teens and young adults. And therefore, kids, teens and young adults can be disrespected and be victims of some types of violence as much as those adults would want. Maybe I said a bad word, but I didn’t say it to him, I mean, I was talking about adults who bullied others. But, I never, at any time, disrespected this person who insulted me, Even though, at the very beggining, he started to treat me like garbage. And well, he started to cuss at me and judge me without knowing me at all, without knowing each other. And that guy would always say that I’m an idiot, He’d also say I was just a kid and that there’s a lot I don’t know. This jerk would also say that “I was going on that teenage phase where kids think they know what they’re talking about but they don’t” And he said: “But if you want to keep being a fool, go-ahead, destroy yourself”. Why do you judge a person without knowing him/her. I didn’t disrespect you or did anything to you at any moment. So, I don’t understand why you insult me. What I basically did, was ignoring him. I didn’t replied, because… what you have to do when someone wants to cyberbully you, or things like that, is not replying, ignoring them, pretend they don’t exist. Because if you reply, they become more aggressive, more violent, more disrespectful and more impolite And they will keep bullying you. It’s like if you reply, you’re adding more fuel to the fire, And you’re also giving them the power to make you get mad and to offend you. And I think that, in situations like that, you must not give them that satisfaction. No, no way! And what happened after that? I think that guy was starting to get really irritated and was really fucking annoyed, because I was ignoring him. When I had every right to ignore him if I wanted. Because, it was November at that time. It was the time for year-end exams. So I had better and more important things on which to focus my energies and time. Instead of focusing my time and my energy in a toxic person I don’t know at all. And therefore, I don’t care about him, he’s not important for me, to be honest with all of you. Sorry if I sound so horrible, but that’s the way it is. I’m not gonna lie. And, well, since I was still ignoring and rejecting this guy, I mean, I realized he’d cuss at me and call me names, because I was with my cell phone all day as usual, And I would get notifications of him, bullying me all the time, full-time. Well, not full-time, but it was very reiterated. Everyday for an entire week, he had been bothering me. And that’s when the guy became increasingly aggressive. And began to carry a highly psycopathic attitude, if you ask me. “And why?”, you’ll say. Well, because that guy was a fucking victimist. Let’s say it like this: A FUCKING VICTIMIST! He’d play the victim That guy would say: “Bitch, I will face you in court” You know, that jerk threatened me to initiate legal actions against me, when I didn’t do anything to that dude. And he threatened me, telling me to prepare my case and get a lawyer (Well, I actually he said he’d get a lawyer for him). And followed by this, he said “Fucking idiot”, “Stupid fucking idiot”. You know, he kept cursing at me. You can tell that guy is a victimist because he’s switching sides, by putting himself in the victim position. And putting me in the victimizer position. When it’s actually the other way around. I WAS the victim. And TBH, I should be the one initializing any legal action against this guy because Bullying is a form of violence, and as any other form of violence, it’s reportable and punishable. That’s a reality, and those who say it’s not, are liars. And I honestly tried not to pay him any attention. And here comes the worst part of all: If it wasn’t enough for him to insult me and threatening me with filing lawsuits against me, He had to use another tactic to get my attention, which he couldn’t get. And that tactic was, threatening me saying he would commit suicide, and threatening to kill ME. Because the guy would basically say: I mean, he’s like every psycopath, a fucking victimist. I wouldn’t pay attention to his comments, I would simply pass without heeding. And he’d say things like: “You awful awful piece of shit”, “FUCK YOU!”, “I’LL KILL YOU AND THEN MYSELF”, “DIE”. “Worthless shit head”, “fucking asshole”, “LOSER BULLY!” The last comment he sent me was when he called me “LOSER” and “BULLY”, that was on November 11th or 12th, approximately. And you’ll surely ask me: “Tincho, why didn’t you report him? Why?” Well, I don’t know. I really don’t know why I didn’t report him. I don’t know why I didn’t report him or why I didn’t block him. Or why I didn’t take action on the matter But well, after that only time I replied at him to put him on his place the first time he insulted me, I never replied at him again. Not even when we would send me those offensive comments full of manipulation and psycopathy. I never reported or blocked him, don’t know why I did it. The only thing I did during that week was ignoring him, and move on with my life normally, as if that guy didn’t exist, as if he’d never talked to me in his fucking life. Anyway, I don’t even know this guy at all, and therefore, I don’t really care about him at all. Period. Besides, I didn’t do anything wrong to him or anyone else, and he started to bother me. And I basically don’t know what happened, he surely got tired of me ignoring him and being indifferent with him, and he surely got tired of me rejecting him because I wouldn’t reply. And I don’t know what happened, but that guy surely had enough, and he didn’t bother me anymore, he didn’t talk to me anymore, and he didn’t leave another damn offensive comment anymore. Not anymore. We must keep in mind that cyberbullying is a form of violence, and it’s reportable, even if it happens on the Internet. To sum up everything, that guy bullied me, insulted me and destructively criticized me for the fact of speaking ill about Bullies who were ADULTS, for the simple fact of those bullies being ADULTS. I mean, the fact of being an adult doesn’t make you be exempt from being a stupid, mean, toxic, harmful, immature and unpleasent person. The same way a child or teenager wouldn’t be exempt from being like that. That’s regardless of how old you are. Unless that at some point in your life you mature and make a click and change, so you realize those attitudes are bad. But if you carry on with this behavior as an adult, you’re really fucked up, you really got a screw loose. I mean you really may have to be sick in the head. And the reason why I didn’t reply to that guy again, it wasn’t out of cowardice or out of lack of arguments or out of anything. The reason was that I didn’t want to fight. So I wouldn’t waste my energies on toxic people I don’t even know. And also because, like I said before, it was November, so it was time for year-end exams, make-up exams, and tests. And I also had my personal struggles and also my achademic struggles, because, as you may know, I want to study another career. Because I don’t wanna be a teacher, I wanna be an actor. I already had my problems, so I wouldn’t give that guy I don’t even know the satisfaction of making me feel bad, or offending me or causing one more problem in my life. So, NO! You won’t be one more problem because I won’t give you that power, I won’t give you that satisfaction. And well, when I replied back at him respectfully the first time he insulted me. I mean yes, I said the word “jerks”, but it wasn’t for him, it was for the bullies. I mean, I never replied back at him badly, I didn’t even insult him. I just kept diplomacy and respect in all moment. Even when he started treating me like crap out of the blue, and without knowing me at all. And you’ll surely ask: “Why do you replied at him in a good way, if that guy started to treat you bad right out of the blue, and without you doing something to him?” You wouldn’t think it because I’m always cursing or saying the f-word, but I’m a respectful and polite person. I am like that, except with people who don’t deserve it. This guy didn’t deserve it, but still, I replied back at him in a good way. Mainly, not only because I’m polite and respectful. But also because I wasn’t aware of the real age of this person. I really didn’t know if that person was some child or teen who was a brownnoser, bootlicker, easily manipulated and easily influenced. Or if that person was some adult with a big inferiority complex who think kids, teens and young adults are adults’ and elders’ properties. And that we have to maintain submission towards them. And it’s something that I think it’s wrong because, it doesn’t matter if they’re adults or how old they are, you can’t let anyone step all over you. And nobody, be it your mom, your dad, or any other adult or person older than you, no one has the right to disrespect you, treat you bad, or use you as a punching bag on which they can take out all their frustrations. Be it through verbal abuse, or physical punishments or abuse. Be it through verbal abuse, insults, physical punishments, phyisical abuse, manipulations, psycological abuse or yelling. That guy just wanted to give me that moralistic talk on duty. I think that a person, for the fact of being adult, doesn’t deserve respect by default. I mean, it’s like they have everything upside down. Because I think respect is something that must be earned. And if you think you have the right to disrespect or excercise any kind of agression on somebody or mistreating them, then don’t expect people to respect you. To get respect, you must give respect. That’s the basic rule of every society, and of every relationship or social interaction. Respect first. And well, luckily, everything ended up in a good way. And I could prove that indifference is the best weapon so a person will give up and ends up getting away from you or back off and stop bothering you. ‘Cause that’s what I did, I gave that guy the silent treatment, as a way of telling him: “I don’t care what you have to say, I’m not gonna listen to you, I’m not gonna play along, I’m not gonna reply back, and I’m not gonna feel bad because of you, Because I already have my own problems and that’s more than enough for me, and I’m not gonna let you be one more problem in my life, so, NO, DUDE, NO”. And simply, after one week, because he bullied me from November 5th to 11th or 12th, he bullied me all that time. Then, I ignored him and he didn’t bother me again. He must’ve been tired of me ignoring him, and decided to quit bullying me. I honestly don’t know what’s with this guy’s life, I don’t know if he killed himself or what happened to me. But to be honest, I don’t care. And sorry if I sound rude, but if he kills himself or not, I won’t really give a fuck because I don’t know him. Especially after all those bitchy things he told me on the Internet, he doesn’t deserve that I care or feel sorry for him. The truth is I don’t really know and don’t really care about the life of this jerk. Luckily, it just happened for only a week. And yeah, I know that a week of cyberbullying might be annoying. But luckily, it didn’t drag on for months. And lots of you will say it’s not cyberbullying, because every form of bullying occurs during an extended period of time. But well, it was a whole week of reiterated harrassment, so that counts as cyberbullying. And well, that was all of all this story, I hope you liked it. And I… And I hope I can lend a helping hand for someone. You just have to be yourself, and not letting anyone think they have right to step all over you or violate your human rights. Or treat you bad or believing they’re better than you. And as for the toxic people, you simply have to ignore them, letting them go. You have to ignore them. And yeah, I recognize it was hard to ignore all the things my bully said. And everytime I ignored him, he became more aggressive, more violent and more obnoxious. So I pretended he didn’t exist. And that’s what you have to do when there’s a cyberbullying situation. Block them, report them and don’t give them any kind of attention.