Webisode 9: Changes of Heart

Milton, dinner will be ready in half an hour. Lasagna! Your favorite. Aren’t you gonna practice your tuba before
dinner? I’m not gonna practice. You’re not? But you always practice an hour
a night. Is something wrong? Nothing’s wrong. I just don’t feel like it,
OK? Well, you’ve been practicing pretty hard.
I’m sure it’s OK if you take a night off. I’m not taking a night off! I don’t wanna
play the tuba anymore at all. The tuba is stupid! Doo-da-doo-doo, Dooty-doop-doop. Hey Josh! Yo, Josh, heard you’re gonna make the track
team. Um…yeah. I’m out for track too. Maybe we’ll have a
good team this year. Yeah, see ya around, man. Hey, what gives? Whadda ya mean? I mean, you guys used to totally pick on me. Oh, you know, that was mostly Thor. He was always just looking for someone to
pick on. He moved to a new school now. And, since we’re gonna be on the same track
team together, I hope you can kinda forget about us picking on you. OK. What did those two want? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
(BEAT, THEN–) Weird, huh?