Webisode 11: Power in Numbers

Take a Stand Lend a Hand Stop Bullying Now Check this out. I’m gonna squeeze this pudding
down Weemie Weenie’s shirt! O.K if I join you Milton? Yeah…sure! So, how’re your tuba lessons going? I’m not playing tuba anymore. No? That’s too bad. I remember when you played
that punk rock song at the talent show. That was pretty cool. What’s this? Weemie Weenie made a new friend?
Does this mean you’re a weenie too? Hey, Josh. Hey, Milton. You know my name? Sure, you’re the tuba player. You must be really dedicated to lug that tuba
around everywhere! He got pudding in his mac and cheese! You know, I think we’ve all had just about
enough of your bullying! Yeah, stick a brick in it, Brick. You know, the school’s mac and cheese is so
bad, that the chocolate pudding actually improves it. Shut up, you two! Good one, Milton. Here, I’ll share my lunch
with you. No, I was serious. This is WAY better! Wait a minute…I don’t need to fantasize…
My real life’s pretty good already.