Stop Bullying & Start Motivating

Every day a new story begins.
Moments are created, movements are started
and achievements are accomplished. So….what are you waiting for? The greatest moments in history consist of
compassion, perseverance
and hope. The greatest speeches are based on wisdom,
promise and passion.
The greatest movements are created by equal opportunities,
ideal visions and common goals.
The greatest songs celebrate dreams, spirit
and raw emotion. and the greatest achievements are the ones
that include teamwork, dedication
and heart. The words we choose,
the actions we take can and will make a difference.
Whether you know this or not, the decisions you make today
can impact someone else’s tomorrow. The greatest thing anyone can do is be the
change and stand up for what is right.
The moments where someone took a stand and made a difference
are what truly define the human spirit. So, do something positive,
do something amazing and do something now.
Stand up and speak out. Be a hero, and make a change.