STOP bullying | Ben Haydn

I remember feeling so lost standing in the center at the hallway, kids howling, name-dropping, panic attack then they stopped all in shock tears drowning out the loud shouts of my so-called friends calling me names and what they didn’t know was all of the pain I stored inside when teachers joined in I skyved because I couldn’t deal with all of the pain all of the shame and blame, I wore a smile that I couldn’t maintain could I run away Was it a phase? when will I end all of the bullying I’m on the fence dealing with all of this offence I remember feeling so misunderstood. Yet overwhelmed by the punches I took because of the way that I looked would anyone care if I run away? If I took my life, could I book a plane, if I said goodbye, hooked up and died I looked so alive but really it’s fake now I’m on the edge but what nobody thought is that I could break free of these lies and deal with my flaws believe in a cause that caused me to pour my life into something more than what they thought better than dwelling on a fence when I had the power to walk more hours spent then I can afford on blaming their talk… I’m done with it all cuz I’m no longer defined by what they say I found new life in something great. I found a peace that isn’t mine. So I don’t put my confidence in their lies. I put my confidence in Christ