Step 3: Rehearse it | 5 steps to talking about bullying

Hey guys, Rahart here and I’m back with the third part in our five-part series on how you can talk about bullying. Step 3 is to think about what you want to say, and how the person you’re talking to can help you. Also known as, “Rehearse it”. You might find it helpful to write down what’s been going on before you talk to somebody about it. That way, when you explain it, it’s clear and it’s also a good way of showing somebody that it’s not just a one-off event. Make sure you describe how you’re feeling. A good way to describe how you’re feeling is the use of “I” statements like, “when so-and-so makes fun of me I feel upset” or “I feel embarrassed”. Practice finding the right words to describe how you feel as often as you can. So, how can they help? Well, maybe you just want somebody to listen to you and then sort it out for yourself, maybe with the help of friends, or maybe you don’t want somebody else turning it into such a big deal. That’s cool. Maybe you want an adult to take the responsibility off your shoulders and step in for you. It’s okay to say that you don’t know what to do, but with the support of somebody else, you may find a solution more quickly. It’s totally up to you. And just a heads up, while you can tell the person not to tell anyone, if they’re worried about your safety then they will advise you that they will have to let somebody else know. They’re just looking out for you, that’s all. Alright guys, that’s step 3 and I’ll be back with step 4 in the next video. If you want some more information on bullying, make sure you head to, or you can leave us a comment in the forum section of that website. Until then, peace.