Stardust Crusaders (English Dub) – Jotaro Vs Rubber Soul (3/3)

A manhole! That drain pipe connects to this manhole! It’s a perfect setup for Yellow Temperance’s power! I’m gonna pull you in and hold you there! Now you can’t attack me, loser. I guess what I told you about the man with two right hands will go to waste. You’re not gonna be able to help poor Polnareff, Jotaro Kujo! Aren’t I lucky to have this drain to slurp you into? And you thought you had me, didn’t you? Man, am I lucky! Time to power up with some crustaceans! This is gonna be fun! I’ll mess you up and turn you into jelly! And when I kill you, DIO’s gonna give me a hundred million dollars! A few minutes of brawling with you, and I will be set for life! Aren’t I lucky? TELL ME I’M LUCKY, YOU BALL-LESS LITTLE BUTTMUNCH!!! Good grief, really? When you’re focused on everything else, it’s hard to observe yourself. You don’t get it, do you? Fine, then I’ll just beat the lesson in. Your luck finally ran out. Before you got away with only a broken nose… …when I’m done, you won’t have any bones left to BREAK! What did he just do?! He punched me with water?! *laughs weakly* I was only kidding around Mr. Jotaro. I swear, I was just messing with you, buddy! Didn’t mean anything by it, okay? Be cool man, be cool. It was just a prank! Wait, hang on a second… You’re not thinking about punching me anymore, are you? I’m seriously injured here. My nose is badly broken and my jaw is gonna have to be wired shut. *laughs weakly* Just shut up already. I have nothing more to say to you. You’re way too pathetic. I’m done wasting my breath. ORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORAORA