STAND (National Bullying Prevention) Month

National Bullying Prevention Month has
observed every October to unite communities and promote kindness Newport
News public schools also recognizes October as stand Month to encourage
students to stand up for each other to prevent bullying and other negative
behaviors stand is a student-led youth development initiative across all
Newport News schools that maintains positive school culture where students
can stand together to take action and raise awareness October was packed full
of creative educational activities for students to spread kindness across our
city at Deer Park Elementary students made great efforts to stick to being
kind after reading books about acts of
kindness students were inspired to draw and write kind messages of their own the
motivational sticky notes covered the hallways of the school to brighten the
day for anyone depth row students spent their morning class meetings talking
honestly about dealing with bullying professional school counselor Mia
Williams used literacy to teach students how to keep themselves from being pulled
into negative situations just like a smart fish avoids being caught on a hook
for the eighth year students staff and parents at Lee Hall Elementary
participated in the be a buddy not a bully walk every grade took turns
budding up with their classmates to prove that friendship wins out over
bullying every time Warwick High School’s marching band visited Saunders
elementary to lead an anti-bullying parade around the school police officers
and elected officials showed their continued support for the students
during their clip the I in kind pep rally
we’re in NPS chief of staff The Shard Wright inspired students to stand
confidently and who they are as unique individuals parents against bullying
Virginia visited McIntosh elementary and Heritage High School’s to empower youth
to create no zones in their schools through
interactive games dance competitions and positive interactions parents against
bullying focused on honesty respect courage and hope to make a positive
change together at the middle school level passages Art Club design posters
to show what they stand for while student leaders at Washington involved
the whole school in creating their own nice notes during each grade lunchtime
and at Woodside high school home of the arts and communication magnet students
wrote and produced their own short videos to spread their message of
positivity and kindness across the entire school each and every school was
invited to stand night at Todd Stadium during a Woodside football game student
leaders organized the culminating event with community partners on hand to
educate families about local resources available to empower students to stand
up for each other students educators and administrators join together a tough
time for a unity walk around the track just one of many public displays that
took place in Newport News during stand month you