Stand By Me, Deputy Kaleb Dailey, COPS TV SHOW

BOYS”] WOMAN 1: Mike,
what is this, baby? MIKE: Do it. WOMAN 1: Baby,
get him off of me! OFFICER: Back up! Back– WOMAN 1: Why are you
doing this to me? OFFICER: Back up. (SINGING) Bad
boys, whatcha want, whatcha want, whatcha gonna
do when the Sheriff John Brown come for you? OFFICER: We passed this
car on the inside lane. I looked over at her and
noticed that she was already looking at me. [WHOOSH] When she went to
stop at a stop sign, she crossed over into
the intersection. I lit up as she didn’t come to
a complete stop immediately. She rolled up into
the parking lot. It seemed like she was
already meeting with the male. Hang tight in the car for me. WOMAN 1: Why? Now, you give us– OFFICER: Have a seat. WOMAN 1: –a problem
because you’re a TV off– OFFICER: OK, this is a car stop. Have a seat in the car. You’re going to be– WOMAN 1: That is my car. OFFICER: OK, this is a car stop. WOMAN 1: That wasn’t a car stop. OFFICER: I am stopping you. This is a traffic
stop, all right? WOMAN 1: No. OFFICER: Do you have a
driver’s license on you? WOMAN 1: Yes, I have
a driver’s license. OFFICER: OK, I would
like to see it. She seemed intoxicated. [WHOOSH] I asked for her
driver’s license. She refused to give it to me. I gave her a couple
of warnings, told her that she’d be placed under
arrest if she failed to do so. [WHOOSH] I’m asking you one more time. Do you have a driver’s license? WOMAN 1: I’m going
to have to tell you that you ain’t gave me a
chance to say anything, and I’m not appreciating this. OFFICER: OK, turn around– WOMAN 2: Yeah, but there
was a reported stolen– OFFICER: –and place your
hands behind your back. WOMAN 1: I have a half of a– OFFICER: Turn
around for a second. WOMAN 1: –I have– hey! Let me do– let me– I want to give you my ID. What the hell is– OFFICER: Put your hands– WOMAN 1: –wrong with this? OFFICER: –behind for me. WOMAN 1: Why are
you grabbing me– OFFICER: Because you won’t– WOMAN 1: –like this in– OFFICER: –cooperate. WOMAN 1: –front of people? MIKE: I won’t do it. OFFICER: Back up. WOMAN 1: Quit the
yelling for that? OFFICER: Back up. She immediately
began to pull away, and her boyfriend was
standing right there, so there was a lot
of concerns of some of the environmental factors in
addition to her also resisting. [WHOOSH] Back up. WOMAN 1: Would you– would
you please let me have– OFFICER: You’re going to get– WOMAN 1: Mike,
what is this, baby? MIKE: What are you doing. WOMAN 1: Baby,
get him off of me! OFFICER: Back up! Back! WOMAN 1: Why are you
doing this to me? OFFICER: Shut up! WOMAN 1: Oh my god, can
I please get my purse to get my [BLEEP] IDs? [SIREN] I have my ID– OFFICER: Back up! WOMAN 1: –in my purse! Here, let me stand
up and give you it– OFFICER: No. WOMAN 1: –[BLEEP] hands. Well, damn, don’t beat on me. [WHOOSH] OFFICER: She wasn’t
really responding appropriately to the questions
or statements that I gave her, so it made me think that she
was impaired by some substance or alcohol. [WHOOSH] Have a seat. WOMAN 1: OK, so you didn’t even
let me tell you that I was a– OFFICER: No, I let
you multiple times. WOMAN 1: –stolen vehicle. OFFICER: Whose stolen vehicle? WOMAN 1: It was stolen. They stole my purse. They stole everything. So I don’t have a
driver’s license. I don’t have my ID. OFFICER: So you’re saying
that car is stolen? WOMAN 1: No, they stole
it almost three weeks ago, and we have to wait four to six
weeks for my social security card to come back in. [WHOOSH] OFFICER: I noticed that some
glass shards were falling out of her pocket, and it
was mostly broken then, I’m– assume from the struggle. [WHOOSH] [LAUGHTER] Looks like the glass shards
from, like, a crack pipe of some sort– MIKE: Stop that. OFFICER: –a Crown
Royal bag– it’s open and kind of spilling
all over the place. She has a switchblade knife. If she’s been convicted of
any felony charges within the recent past, she’ll– would
be prohibited from possessing that. That was also in her purse with
another crack pipe with more– a Brillo pad inside of it. That’s probably why she’s
acting the way she is right now. [WHOOSH] She also had
approximately $200 or $300 in cash on her in low varied
denominations, so consistent with drug proceeds. [WHOOSH] In the little struggle
there, a glass pipe came out of your pocket
and broke on the ground, so you’re looking at
a paraphernalia charge for that, some alcohol. WOMAN 1: You know,
I’m a 15-time felon, and I really don’t
need a crisis. OFFICER: What’s that? WOMAN 1: So yeah, I have a– WOMAN 2: Been to jail since
she was 17, street-wise kid. WOMAN 1: I’m a 15-time felon. OFFICER: A 15-time felon? WOMAN 1: Well, I know I got 14. [CHUCKLES] OFFICER: OK. Were you over here
with your boyfriend– WOMAN 1: Yeah. OFFICER: –at the bar here? WOMAN 1: Can I hug him, please? OFFICER: She wanted
to say goodbye to him. [WHOOSH] He seemed to be pretty
emotionally upset, on the verge of tears almost. And I asked him what he
was doing hanging out. He told me that he didn’t
want her to see her drive off because he didn’t
want her to feel like she was– he was abandoning
her in that situation. [WHOOSH] WOMAN 1: Get me out. Hmm. OFFICER: All right,
we got to get going. MIKE: OK. OFFICER: OK? WOMAN 1: Sorry, babe. OFFICER: She’s going to
end up getting arrested– not going to county jail. She’s going to get charged
with some traffic, DUI, some narcotics charges, and
felony possession of a knife. [WHOOSH] Well, she made statements
that she wanted everything to go to him. She said that he was her
life, you know, they were– and they both talked
back and forth like they were deeply
in love for each other. [WHOOSH] WOMAN 1: When you get off of it,
all you can do is sleep it off, and I can’t sleep and
have my kids all the time. [SOBS] OFFICER: That
doesn’t last forever. WOMAN 1: I know it doesn’t. OFFICER: Get some family
members to help you out. OFFICER: You get your kids right
now, you put them in a car, and you get out of here, and
you don’t come back here. WOMAN 1: I want to get my kids.