Sledge’s Tactical Hammer DESTROYS ALL (from R6 SIEGE)

Hey guys on the last episode of Make it Real we tested our blitz shield that we made from Rainbow Six Siege And on this episode we’re gonna be building another operators gadget Sledge’s Hammer Let us know in the comments below what operator gadget you’d like to see next And don’t forget to check out our new merch. There are links below To make the sledgehammer. We’re gonna be going to Walmart and buying one BOO! Liar! Just kidding we’ll start with the design in CAD. Do a little bit of machining on the hammer head, some real blacksmithing on the handle And, finally a bit of chemical etching to finish it off and then of course, we’ll smash stuff with it. Enjoy To download the CAD files for yourself check out our patreon page. There are links in the description below Alright to make the head of the sledgehammer we’re going to use some super hard cold rolled steel which we’re going to machine down using our PCNC 440 milling machine that we got from Tormach We’re here because it is the first episode of cooking with the Hacksmith jr. We’re gonna be cooking pork chops today, so we’ll be using industrial tooling today So I think that means we need better safety gears than just a lab coat Okay! Are all the jokes going to be about me beating this meat Yes Call the number below and we’ll give you not one but two Gigantic meat tenderizer sledgehammers. This deal won’t last forever. So please call the number on the bottom of your screen. So, we just need a light seasoning It’s time to meet your maker And that’s a chop! Anybody call James? We’ve already machined the head of the sledgehammer and we’ve got this awesome massive piece of hexagonal bar steel And now we’re going to give it a pry bar end to the end of this hammer And to do that we’re actually use Stan’s Forge, which is cool because as you know, it’s the Hacksmith But I’ve never actually done any blacksmithing So this is gonna be a learning experience for me and you guys! So let’s put her in the fire And turn on the blower Oh, it is hot! You’re gonna get bad bounces if you don’t clean your side off You mean you lied on your resume? You’re not a world-class ping pong player? All right, so we got the sledgehammer handle nice and hot which means we can try forging this I think I need a bigger hammer That’s more like it All right, let’s see what Mjolnir can do the sledge That works pretty good By the power of Thor! That was the oil All right, I think we’re happy with that. Time to quench it All right, let’s see what this thing can do So the great part about this, is I don’t think anyone can really hear me except for whoever’s operating the camera OK! Good? What? AH! I’ll tell you when you’re allowed to breathe See the real sledge. The real sludge doesn’t have to worry about his hair. Cause he’s bald. You just disintegrated the last one I tenderized it with Sledge A couple of scuffs and scratches, like that’s all the damage it took from all that Hammer time! Again! I don’t think you’re going to break it I see why they use these as weapons in videos If you get grapefruit on me, you’re fired That is amazing. You hungry? Not anymore We’re going to hit this. This? This is frozen. I hope this doesn’t shoot at Benjamin or my car And I hit the GoPro I got a bit of melon! I got a bit of melon to And you get a melon, and you get a melon Everyone gets a melon All right you wanna swing at me with the siege Yeah sure Look at your hair Is it good? It looks pretty good Hey guys Thanks so much for watching! This Rainbow Six project was a lot of fun to do and It really means a lot to me because it’s gonna be one of the last projects I do here Unfortunately, I’m What did I say about using my yellow wall? Hey guys, thanks again for watching and as I was saying earlier Unfortunately, I’m going off to college for the next four years to get a degree in mechanical engineering So this is my final project at Hacksmith Industries as a full-time worker. Oh God Goodbye We’ve got Rainbow six. Holy **** that’s still hot Are all the jokes going to be about me beating this meat?