Skillopedia – How to deal with office gossip? Personality Development & Soft skills video

Now work places all over the world are full
of different people with different personalities and almost every work place has that one annoying
gossip monger, who can create a lot of unpleasantness at work. Now in case you are getting irritated
with a particular gossip monger at your work place and don’t know how to deal with the
situation? Well, you’ve come to the right place and the right person. My name is Rima
and today, I’m gonna talk about ways in which you can deal with the office gossip
monger. Now the first way in which you can deal with
that annoying gossip monger at work, is simple. Just distance yourself, now distancing yourself
can actually prove to be quite tricky. Distancing yourself can be done in two ways depending
on your personality. If your personality is more of a direct personality, then all you
need to do is directly approach the gossip monger and tell them, that you are not interested
in gossip and unpleasantness and would like to have a more productive conversation. But
if you are one of those, who does not like to confront people and does not like to hurt
other people’s feelings. Then you need to be a little more indirect in distancing yourself.
You can be polite, you can change the topic, you can actually even make an excuse and walk
away once the gossip starts. Either ways directly or indirectly, you need to distance yourself
from the said gossip monger, because gossip can create a lot of unpleasantness at work. The next wise and effective thing to do is
to handle rumours with ease. Now gossip is never pleasant for anyone and imagine, if
you are the one being attacked. If the gossip monger at work is working really hard and
spreading rumours about you, yourself. How do you think you’re going to handle it?
Well, it’s not that difficult. All you need to do is calmly approach the gossip monger
and look them directly in the eye and ask them for an explanation. Now when this happens,
it’s very possible that the gossip monger might deny having spread the rumours, might
take a step back, might apologize or decide and actually vow to never repeat such an action
again. Either ways all of that will work out in your favour, but the idea is to remain
calm and not get agitated. Having said that a more profound way of dealing with rumours
is to always remain unaffected by them, no matter how interesting or how spicy they get
and to continue to do your best at work, every single day no matter what. Now the next most important thing to do, while
dealing with the office gossip monger is to bring his or her actions to the notice, to
the attention of everyone else around you. Now I’m sure you’re not the only one at
your work place, whose getting bothered or irritated by all the rumours, the lies and
the gossip that is being spread. Now when you find likeminded colleagues, bring to their
attention the actions of the gossip monger. And all of you can together come to a decision,
where you people will void the set gossip monger beyond the scope of work. When you
do so, the gossip monger will not have many avenues to continue spreading the lies and
the rumours. And for all you know the gossip monger may just give up. Now the next thing that you can do to deal
with the office gossip monger and in fact I truly believe this is the best thing you
can do is to have an intervention. Now what is an intervention? An intervention means
to intervene, so when a group of people get-together and confront a single person about their particular
behaviour and ask that person to stop that behaviour, it’s called an intervention.
So well, you know what to do. Get-together with your colleagues, get into a huddle and
plan an intervention and then all you need to do is calmly confront the gossip monger
and explain to the person that their behaviour is not appreciated. It’s important to be
very firm and strict in conveying this information, when you do so, you never know what the outcome
will be. Because you’ll be surprised, but almost everyone in the world is capable of
changing for the better and this whole thing might just workout in your favour and the
gossip monger will actually end up giving up his or her gossipy habits. Now lastly the most important thing that you
need to remember while dealing with an office gossip monger is that you are at your work
place to work and not make friends. Now while it’s very important to be jovial with your
colleagues to have personal conversations in order to build a bond or build friendship,
it’s also very important to realize that when the person that you are talking to is
a gossip monger. It’s important to keep your personal conversations to a bare minimum,
to actually keep all conversation absolutely in personal, crisp, short and to the point.
By doing so, you are not feeding more information to the gossip monger and that way you are
restricting his or her activities. Now while this can be very difficult for certain people
to execute, because they may be friendly or emotional by nature. The important point to
always remember is that you are at your workplace to work and create value, but not make friends.
Meaning if you end up making friends with your colleagues, that’s fine, but if you
don’t, that’s fine too. Because your main idea, your main focus should be your work. So well these are the most effective ways
in dealing with the office gossip monger. Well, one workplace gossip monger and so many
effective ways to deal with that one person. Well, I really hope that these ways, these
tips and tricks are helpful to you and that you enjoyed yourself. It’s time for me Rima
to take your leave. I wish you well; I wish you all the best. And I’ll be back soon
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