ŠIKANA / BULLYING || Anna Šulcová (short movie)

*STUDENTS TALKING ABOUT LIFE IN GENERAL* Hey oh my god what the fuck is she wearing again? Holy shit Oh my god EWWW That’s terrible oh my god Guys are you still up for Friday right? Since my parents won’t be home… Well can we bring someone with us? Yeah sure, take whoever you want Hey are you gonna come? Me? Yes you! Like for real? Oh god of course not, we’re just fucking messing with you. QUIET! Last time we discussed brain and mental illnesses. Can someone name some exact examples? So ain’t nobody who paid attention again? Shut the fuck up. Well finally someone! Mental illnesses can be genetic or given. When we talk about the given ones we can mention for example mental retardation which is characterized like…. which is characterized like you Let’s see what do we have here Give it back! What the fuck you think you’re doing? Guys it’s late, we gotta go. So you won’t tell on “Oh my god that Sulc really is such a trash. See yourself on next story” TRASH *Kids helpline, call on this number*
“You can tell us and we will help you” *Kids helpline* “We’re sorry but all of our agents are currently busy. Please hold and we will answer your call as soon as possible” Hey everyone! I know you are used to a different style of videos from me but I personally have experience with bullying and I know how disgusting and painful situations can happen. I had the advantage of having someone share my troubles to but I know that for someone it’s even a problem to admit and say out loud what is actually happening to them because they are paradoxically ashamed of it. The Kids helpline deals not only with bullying but with family problems, domestic violence, the fear of parents’ reaction to school results, financial problems, and overall personal misery. The line works 24 hours a day and if you call it you don’t have to worry, you and everything you tell them will remain in perfect anonymity, and they’ll just try to help you and fix the problem. Unfortunately, as you saw on the video, not all children can reach the line because there are more and more problems, capacity is limited and there is insufficient number of operators. But we can change it! We can help them either by sending them the amount of money we have selected to their bank account (which you can see on your screens) or we can send a donation SMS in the form of DMS LINKABEZPECI 90 (60 or 30) to 87777. I will put a link to their site in the description xo you can read it all by yourself and see that you are sending money to the right thing. That’s all from me today and I will see you next time hopefully in some happier video!