Signs You’re The Passive Aggressive Friend

– Oh you’re gonna be late? No, that’s fine. I mean like, I’m here
super early so I’ll just be here waiting. Okay, bye. Every time, Quinta. – So my niece has to be
asleep in a dark room with two sound machines, or else–
– [Quinta] Mhmm. – [Quinta] Or else what? – Oh I’ll just finish this
story when you’re done, it must be important. – Hey, can I borrow 20 dollars? – Sure, just pay me back this time. – Allison, I always pay you back. – Of course. You don’t. – What? – Hey!
– Hey. – Did you get a chance to read my notes? – Yep. Okay, so what do you want to eat today? – I’ll do what ever you want. – Really?
– Mhmm. – Okay, Chinese food. – Yeah. – You’re positive. – If that’s what you want. – What? – I hate Chinese food. – Allison! – What am I supposed to say?
– Tell him not to. – Say, “Don’t.”
– Okay, okay okay. – Hey!
– Hey. – He got the message. – Not a chance in hell. What was that? – I should apologize. – Oh my god. – Are you mad at me?
– No. – Hey, are you mad at me?
– No. – We’ll get rid of Spiderman.
– Are you mad at me? – No, Allison, are you mad at me? – No. I mean you owe me 20 dollars but… – Okay. – It’s not a big deal. You can give it to me anytime, like through Venmo or
Paypal, I’ll accept a check. Come on, Quinta, don’t be mad at me! This is why I should never say anything. It blows up in my face.