Sharon Osbourne Says ‘The Talk’ Is The Only Show She’s Never Gotten Fired From

(audience cheers) – You’re so loved, I love it! Okay, so 16 years ago, I was on your show! – [Sharon] Yes!
– I remember! With Kelly!
– [Sharon] Yes! – I was actually, your
daughter was on there at the same time. And now you’re on my show. This is like a full-circle moment! (audience cheers) That’s crazy! – When I heard that you
were getting your show, and it was a daytime show, I was like, “Aw, that’s fantastic!” Just to see the way you’ve grown, and all the different things
that you’ve been doing with your career. And I’m like, “Aw, I wish
I could be on that show.” “But they’ll never ask me because-” – What? – It’s a kind of unwritten rule in TV, that if you’re in the same
kind of space in daytime and there’s another talk
show on another network, they don’t like to promote
each other’s shows. – That ain’t me. – So say, if I wanted to go
on another daytime talk show, there’s no way, because they’ll go, “No, you’re competition!
You’re not coming here.” And also, there are a few
people that get celebrities and they say, “No, you have
to come to my show first.” So there’s all these little things. – Political. – Always.
– Yeah. – And then when you asked me, I was like, “Oh my god. Trust Kelly!” – I love you! (audience cheers) I don’t care where you are! – It’s like, you have
broken, do you realize you have broken the mold by doing that? – I didn’t actually know! (laughter) – Because daytime never, never does it! – This always happens to me. Like in music, as well. They’re always like, surprised. I hate when I get tweets
of like, “Oh my god!” “I can’t believe she supported
another woman in music!” And I’m like, “I’m actually more mad at the fact that you have to say that.” – It’s great to cross over and
do different things together on different people’s shows. – 100%! – Then you go back and do, now
you have to come on The Talk! – Yeah, I was like, “I wanna do The Talk!” I was like, “You better invite
me after that conversation!” – Yes, that’s it! – No, I love it. And speaking of The Talk though, this is like 10 seasons now? 10 seasons? – 10 years!
(applause) Can you believe it? I keep saying this because it’s true, it’s the only show I’ve found that I’ve never got fired from! (laughter)
It’s true! Every show I’ve ever done, I get the boot! – What! Oh my god! You’re literally one of my
favorite people on the planet. I can’t believe someone would fire! You’re fired because they can’t handle it. – I don’t know! – They can’t handle the
awesomeness, they can’t handle it. That’s what I’m going with. – I’ll stick with that. – Exactly!
That’s what I do in life. – Yeah!
– I just filter everything. They’re like, “You’re an ugly troll!” And I’m like, “I’m a beautiful Beyoncé!” Thank you, thank you! (audience cheers) I just filter everything! But after 10 seasons, I’m
curious, because I keep talking to all these hosts about, you
know, their favorite moments. And I’m wondering- what’s
your favorite moment? In 10 seasons, that’s a lot of seasons. – Hmm, my lord.
So. Well, favorite people. I know my favorite people that I’ve been allowed to interview. Is Elton John. – [Kelly] That’s a good one. – [Sharon] And Keanu Reeves. – [Kelly] Oh, I love Keanu Reeves! – [Sharon] Aw, he’s just the best! I love him! – Yeah, he seems so game. – Oh, he’s such a good guy. – Actually Elton seems game! – Oh yeah, he’ll, for a
laugh, he’ll do anything. He’s so open, too. – I love this! That’s why I love you, so much! I’m gonna keep saying that
like a stalker, I’m sorry. (laughter) But where there ever any moments, because I have these moments on tour that I have that didn’t go so well. But did you ever have
any moments on the show that you’re like, “Mmm,
that didn’t go as planned.” – Oh, yeah!
(laughter) They used to get me to
do cooking segments, and I have false nails, and I
stick them on there, you know. – Oh, me too! – The old, rip off the
back and stick them on. – These are stuck on! – Woo!
– Yes! Oh they’re even the same color,
we have so much in common. (laughter) – I would do cooking
segments, and they’re like, “Get this mince, roll
it up into a burger.” And I’m rolling it up, and
there’s a couple of nails (laughter)
in the burger. And I’m like, “Oh, they’ll never see it!” Of course, you know,
like our color shows up. And Wolfgang didn’t really like that. (laughter) – Oh my god, but it’s funny! – Yeah! – That’s the best kind of
television- the unplanned! – And then, I sat talking
on the show, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, there’s something
going on in my mouth!” And my tooth fell out! (audience gasps) Honestly, I’m not lying. – Like in a cooking demo? – [Sharon] No, just sat talking! It fell out!
(audience gasps) – Did you find it? – Yeah, it was in my hand!
(laughter) – It just?
– Yeah! And then, and then, the
guy that runs our show, John Redman goes to me in the break, “Get some super glue and put it back in!” I’m like, “But it won’t work!” And I’ve tried the super
glue and everything. Nothing. – I don’t know if superglue
should go in your mouth! – It didn’t even stick it! – It didn’t even stick anyway? – No! And it says it sticks anything,
but it doesn’t stick teeth! (laughter) – You needed like,
Gorilla Glue or Duct tape! Gorilla glue or Duct tape,
just to get it in there! I love that like, did you
just keep doing the show? – Oh, yeah. Just, I went on.
– I love you! (claps) That’s amazing!
– I don’t know! – So, you’ve done so many
shows, and I love them all. But do you ever, are
you ever gonna retire? Or you love it? You just still love it? – Yeah, I, you know… it’s like, it gives me such joy, sitting here. – Yeah.
– This lot with you! Why would I give up being
able to meet amazing people? (applause) – That’s how I feel! – Yeah, and so it’s like, if
you’re a people person like us, and somebody says you can’t do it anymore, it would be like, “Then
what am I doing here?” – Yeah.
– You know? – I love that! You find joy in it. – Yeah. I love it. – Yeah, that’s why I continue. And it’s also why, you’re like,
you’ve done a lot of things. I do a lot of things because
I get bored with monotony. But I love people. So I’m glad you’re- – Well I just love
watching you on that Voice, having a go at everyone! (audience cheers) That gives me joy! – I so want you to be
a coach on The Voice! Because I have seen you on other shows, and you are so fantastic! Or “fabulous,” as you say all the time. I’m seriously a stalker. I’ve watched so many. But here’s one thing I love that you did. I think you actually did it the beginning of The Talk this season. You talked openly about face lifts. – Yeah.
– You’ve talked openly. It almost makes it less
taboo and less of a topic, if you do. That’s what I love about Dolly Parton. She owns every bit of it. – [Sharon] Oh, sure!
– She’s like, “Yeah!” – Everything!
Yeah, yeah! – But I love that you do that. Because, while some people
might not be comfortable with that, some people
are comfortable with that! And that’s why they love to do it! – Yeah! – And I love that you
talk about it openly, because a lot of people don’t. And they’re like, “I
haven’t had anything done!” – This is just a new cream! (audience laughs) – [Kelly] It’s my new cream! – Yes, try this cream! It lifts everything overnight! – Lies and deception! – I know! It’s like, oh please! (laughter) – Is it hard? Because I’m scared of stuff like that. I’m terrified. Like, I can get tattoos.
I have like 15. But the thought of something-
I’m scared of this. You’re never scared? You just go in and you’re like, “Yeah.” – I am, I am. Yeah, sure. Because you know, you could
wake up and look like Cyclops, you never know. And like, I have this thing
where they lifted up my mouth. And then for the first week, I’m like, I couldn’t feel my mouth. I can hardly feel my mouth
now, to be honest with you! (laughter and applause) It’s- I couldn’t find my mouth! – It can be handy in certain situations. – Yes!
– Okay. – But it’s like, all numb,
and I had it- it was up on one side, and I looked like Elvis. And all the kids and Ozzy are going, “Why are you snarling at me?” I’m like, “I’m not snarling!” “I’m not doing anything!” (laughter) But it was this! It was going up like! – My mother had dental work done one time, and I felt so bad because, it literally, she couldn’t feel it
because they numbed it. – [Sharon] Yeah! – And we were eating, and her spaghetti was
coming out of her mouth. And I couldn’t tell her
because I was laughing so hard, and she was getting so mad at me. And then she just kept going “Ha, ha!” And I was like, “It’s getting
worse, mom! It’s awesome!” Anyway, I love you for being open. That’s one of the reasons why I love you.