Sharon Osbourne And Thomas Lennon Share Their Hilarious Proposal Stories

– Well Jenny seems like a special
lady, how did you propose? – I, we proposed, I went,
took her to Catalina. You know where Catalina Island is? – [Sharon] Yes. – [Kelly] I’ve never been there. – There’s nothing there. (crowd laughs) – Oh well so I probably won’t. – There’s nothing there. – I probably won’t do it then. – I don’t work for the
Catalina tourism board. There is nothing there. – Buffalo. – There’s a bunch of buffalo. They left after they shot a movie. – What? – Yeah that’s really what happened. – [Kelly] Okay. – Yeah so we went out to Catalina and I had a diamond in my, the you know that little pocket on your jeans? – Oh the tiny, tiny one? – I had the diamond
ring, yeah, and of course this is the most expensive
thing I’d ever had, was in my jeans pocket. Other than like a Saab 900S in the 80s. So, I was real nervous, and almost I seemed,
I guess I seemed kinda mad because I was just like
walking and like clutching the thing and like freaking out and like don’t lose the Saab in
your pocket, you know. And so, she thought that
I was bringing her to this garden to break up. – Oh no! – Yeah. Yeah, and she was super surprised. – Wait, do people bring people to beautiful places to break up? – Who would do that? – Yeah. – And then my next
thought was she was like, “Oh this is great news.” She started crying. She’s like, “This is great cause I thought we were breaking up.” – Oh my God. – And I was like, “If I
brought you to an island (crowd laughs) to the top of a hill, that’s
like what Dr.Evil would do. Mwahaha. – You’re either gonna
propose or bury someone. – Yeah of course. Look down the hill. – It’s fine. – Surprise. – How did Ozzie propose to you? – Oh, he asked my father permission first. Yeah he did. – What a gentleman. – Yeah and then he went
out and got me a ring, but he got me a wedding
ring, not an engagement ring. So, he bent down, he gave me
the ring, and it was lovely. And then, the next week
we had a huge fight. I took the ring off. I threw it into the bushes. – A very passionate relationship. – Oh, yes, and then all
I see is my husband’s bum as he’s on the ground looking
for the ring in the bushes. – Did he find it? – Yeah, he did. – Good. – 37 years later, it worked.