Sexual Harassment – The genie is out of the bottle!

Nothing happened when we were together. But outside of work he would
be pressurising me to meet. – He would go to give you a kiss goodbye, on the cheek but it
would always be not quite the cheek, edging more to a full-on kiss on the mouth. – And he made a number of comments. Along the lines of “That’s not true, you don’t look gay!” “Are you sure?” “Do you want to come
back with me tonight?” “And I’ll show you.” – He was scrolling through
to try and find pictures of his penis. And he said “I’ll show you
mine if you show me yours.” – I was standing next to
a senior member of staff. And he started to run his
finger up the back of my leg. – She said “So in two weeks
it’s your last day here.” “We should have sex.” “And no one will ever have
to find out about it.” – I think when he
eventually got the message. That I didn’t want to go out with him. He would treat me really badly at work. He’d make other men laugh at me. They’d say sexual things about me. – Everyone kind of stayed quiet because they didn’t want to get involved. I think particularly because
he was the senior person there. – He has weirdly got a bit
of a reputation of being very sexually driven. It’s almost like he just
seems to get away with it. Because he’s established
himself as that character. – There were other members of staff. Including my boss who saw it. But didn’t say anything about it. And I didn’t want to be the difficult one. So I never complained about it. – I think the genie is out of the bottle in terms of understanding
of quite how prevalent and also quite how
destructive sexual harassment in the workplace is. We have had a number of
global and international surveys recently which
really lay bare the extent of the problem and the impact that it has on victims. And I think now that we have that data, the data is in the public domain, it’s going to be very difficult
for people to continue as they did before, ignoring
the scale of the problem.