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Greetings and welcome to Bully Magnets, I am your friend Reijard and I am here to talk to you About the Second Industrial Revolution, a moment in history where the world was transformed In a way never before and where the foundations of industrialized societies that we know today. This story begins in the 1850s, by that time England has already reached Its industrialization, Germany and the United States are starting theirs and a little Time later, Japan, France, the Netherlands and Italy will also begin to build Factories for its industrialization. The reasons for this transformation to reach each country are diverse and would give us To speak for a long time of each, for the moment I can say that all of them Shared political and social stability as well as natural or financial resources To invest in the creation of factories, machinery and raw materials. Obviously we are the richest countries in the world, Jo jo jo (They look so happy with that) Industrialization put the inventiveness in its maximum splendor and practically transformed All human activities, for example the new chemical industry brought the first Fertilizers and insecticides, new dyes and fabrics, were also invented the first Vaccines against rabies and tetanus, the first cities were equipped with electricity And also came unimaginable inventions like cinema and photography. In addition workers could aspire to buy many of these new products, with this In industrialized countries the new phenomenon of consumerism and the middle class was born Comone, there were moments of relative abundance. Another of the great revolutions of the time was the steamship and the extension of the Railways that managed to connect the majority of Europe, in the United States Also communicated the country from coast to coast with its transcontinental train in 1860, All of this accompanied by the lines of the telegraph, an invention that made for the first time that The communication between people over long distances was practically immediate. Transporting resources and people there where the railroad arrived gave an advantage of Incomparable expansion to industrialized countries over all others Nothing faster than my faithful horse :,D That alredy end, we’ll see you in the next village, Bastard! Although coal remained the main source of energy at this time The electricity and oil make their appearance, the latter used first as grease, Then as fuel and finally refined for the creation of new chemical materials And pharmaceuticals making it one of the most quoted resources on the planet. On the other hand the metal industry was also transformed, appeared Massively aluminum, zinc, nickel and copper, but above all the greatest novelty Was steel, with this strong and inexpensive metal was transformed architecture, engineering, The power of factories, the arms industry and the army. In the early 1890s Britain was the most powerful economic and military power Of the planet, in Europe Germany followed closely, meanwhile in America United States had achieved enormous scientific and industrial development with its Monopolies and huge territory, finally in Asia Japan had gone through the reform Meiji and became faster than anyone in an industrial power. In general, a tolerable balance was found between labor and wages of workers With the profits and benefits of the bourgeoisie growing as the new model of power And of success which formerly held only the aristocracy. It is the emergence of the new oppressive class, the bourgeoisie will use the means of production To dominate the power and riches of a world incapable of stopping them. (Hippie hanging) And is that someone with titles of the nobility is not the same as someone with titles of Owned by a millionaire company, the change back then is radical and social class Of elite the past begins to be displaced by a new dominant social class. Bourgeoisie! Large enterprises were supported by their own governments to create monopolies and Increase its profits, thus it was considered that the power of a country was reflected For the power and influence of their companies in the world. To strengthen this relationship between entrepreneurs there were three basic mechanisms, The trust, the Holding and the Cartel 3 practices that are considered unethical, abusive and currently Illegal in many of the developed countries, of this they are treated. Trust. A Trust is created when companies engaged in the same activity join forces to The whole market and thus eliminate competition, in the end they divide the Territory of a country and profits, a trust gives the appearance that companies Are competing when they are not actually doing it. Holing. A holding company is formed when a financial company is created that manages many companies Of different activities, in this way you can control all of them with the same Capital and thus avoid the failure of some or enhance the growth of others. This Practice makes competition for non-holding companies unfair. Cartel. And no, it is not a crime cartel as surely you are thinking but a cartel of bourgeois Capitalists that works as follows A Cartel is made when a group of companies is organized to hoard all parts Of a production process, so that all members win and everyone can Control the prices and quantity of what is going to produce. This is unfair because Limits the production and its price at the convenience of the cartel and not to the convenience of the market, It can also be used to eliminate competition. They are the tools of savage capitalism that ensure the survival of the bourgeoisie (Hanging hippie) In industrialized countries the accumulation of wealth caused a massive The population of the countryside to the urban centers, for example in 1860 the greater part of the european population Lived in the countryside and by 1910 the majority already lived in the cities, also It is in this period when more than 40 million Europeans migrate to the United States or the rest Of the world in search of new opportunities. With this transformation the middle class of the cities appeared as a new group Who was anxious to participate in the development of his country; Get education, work or Penetrating the world of new investments also led to the emergence of Of schools, universities, artists and new knowledges of worship Unmeasured to the past and present glories of each Empire. And this is where everything starts to get weird, industrial development also begins To propagate the idea of imperialism and the intellectual supremacy of Europeans over The other races and gives a justification for the empires to commit atrocities in each colony that gets conquered in search of resources. European empires propagated slave governments throughout Africa, the southwest. Asia, the Middle East and Australia, in America the former colonies of the Spanish Empire And Portuguese had recently become independent but the United States, England and France absorbed them in their sphere of economic influence so that despite To have relative political independence were also prey to imperialist domination. Thanks to the second industrial revolution the airs of a new future and great inventions Were the order of the day and by the year 1914 virtually the entire planet was Been explored, divided or colonized by the European empires, after that only Latent desire to dominate one another and that was only stopped by a fragile Balance of agreements and alliances between the powers. By 1914 the first world war was imminent but that is another issue as well That there, the second industrial revolution was a great moment for human development But at the same time it aroused the desires of domination and conquest of the nations. Im your friend Reijard and ill let you a question : Would you have liked to live during the Second Industrial Revolution? If so, tell me in which of the countries and under what conditions They would like to be, leave their answers in the comments, Subscribe to this chanel and share the knowledge With your friends and i will be seeing you te next time, Bye! Subscribe to the bully magnets channel because the power of the subtitles orders it!- Subtitles made by: Mr.taco