Today’s episode is brought to you by T- Mobile! *music* *bell* Noah: *sigh* Man, I can’t wait ‘till I graduate. Man, I can’t wait to die! Ian: *mumbles* as principle of this school, I’ve had enough of your acting out! You’re suspended! Keith: Sweet, now I get to go home and play Xbox! Olivia: As your boss, I’ve had enough of your slacking off. Therefore, you’re fired. Shayne: Aw man. Now I have to go home and sell my Xbox. Olivia: *gasp* Oh my God, there’s Dean. *intense hot boy music* Courtney: Have you seen his new convertible? Olivia: Yeah. Dean is so hot. *boring work talk* Olivia: Oh my God, there’s Jeff. *gasp* Courtney: Uh, Have you seen his new convertible? Olivia: Jeff is so divorced. *more intense music* Olivia: Hey Ben? Wanna skip work? Ben: No! Do you wanna end up being homeless behind a dumpster eating rats? Vanessa: *sigh* Keith: Yo Vanessa, wanna skip class? Vanessa:Yes! Omigod! Let’s pretend we’re homeless and go eat rats behind the dumpster! Courtney: Now class, if you’re going to have sex, then you MUST use protection, like condoms, or birth control. Ian: If you’re going to have sex with a co-worker, make sure you use protection. And by that, I mean hire a very good lawyer. Courtney: *whispers* Hey. Did you hear that Axel and McKayla made out under the bleachers during marching band? Olivia: Yeah, so? Courtney: Oh my god! did you hear? Helen didn’t change out the old coffee filter after she made her coffee. Olivia: Oh my God, are you serious? Courtney: Yep. Olivia: I’m literally telling everyone! Courtney: Ugh! I know! Keith: Dude, Brian’s having a party next week and I hope he invites me. Noah: I heard about it too, I am DYING to go to that party! Keith: Dude, it’s just nice to be invited. Noah: Right? I just like feeling included in everything. Shayne: Collin’s having a party next weekend, wish he didn’t invite me. Ian: I know, I’d rather die than go to that party. Shayne: I mean, that’s a *little* extreme. Ian: Well, yeah, but I just rather not go socialize with a bunch of people I don’t like when I can instead be at home with my lizards. (Lizard rabies) Shayne: Oh yeah… You DO seem like a lizard guy. Ian: I don’t know what you mean by that. *slurps* Courtney: Did you hear that Max- Maxel- Did you hear that Axel and Makayla made out under th- th- the- Did you hear that Axel and Makayla made out under the bleeth- When are we gonna do that? Olivia: *sneeze* Courtney: Gotcha. Ian: You look like a tasty snack. *laughing* Thanks for watching this video guys, and special thanks to our sponsor, T-Mobile. If you want to watch “1998 VS 2018”, hit that box on the left. Subtitles by TM (ironic, I know) and others. 🙂