Rudy Giuliani’s UNHINGED Interview with New York Magazine

>>Rudy Giuliani granted New York Magazine
one of his unhinged interviews. And while speaking to Olivia Nuzzi, it appeared
as though he might have been under the influence of something. In fact, the report says that when he showed
up he was wearing a suit over a sweater. Okay, so over sweater he wore a navy blue
suit, with the fly of his pants unzipped. Which, that doesn’t mean he’s drunk or anything,
right? That happens, right?>>Yeah.>>That’s an unfortunate thing that happens
to normal people who aren’t under the influence of anything.>>Okay-
>>But the rest of the interview gives you the sense that he maybe wasn’t in the right
state of mind.>>Well, when is he ever in the right state
of mind? Look, on the characterizations of him, if
it was another reporter I’d be even more skeptical cuz, as we’ve learned recently, sometimes
sarcasm is not noted. But Olivia Nuzzi’s a great reporter, I do
trust her, and she does note the sarcasm when it is sarcastic. So when he talks about how he takes drugs,
he’s being totally sarcastic, and she notes that in the story. So on the other hand, some of the other things
are just physical observations. You can make what you want of that. But I don’t want you guys thinking that’s
the most important part of the story. The quotes stand on their own, it doesn’t
matter if he was intoxicated or not. The quotes are amazing and ridiculous.>>Now remember, Giuliani worked with some
shadowy figures in Ukraine, who were certainly corrupt. And what they wanted more than anything was
to get US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, fired. And so after claiming US Ambassador Marie
Yovanovitch was controlled by billionaire George Soros, Giuliani remarked, don’t tell
me I’m anti-Semitic if I oppose him. Soros is hardly a Jew, I’m more of a Jew than
Soros is.>>That’s the most outrageous thing that I’ve
ever heard. What? Really? I don’t think you’re allowed to say I’m more
of a Jew, or more of a fill in the blank than anyone else. And I’m definitely sure you’re not allowed
to tell people who are Jewish that they’re not, in fact Jewish. Although on the other hand, a lot of the mainstream
media does it to Bernie Sanders. They call him anti-Semitic with a straight
face, even though it’s plain insanity. And by the way, some of those same people
will say that what Giuliani said today is outrageous. They’ll be right about that. And then they’ll turn around and do something
similar to Bernie Sanders. But anyway, yes, that is insane to say that,
but it actually gets more insane on Soros.>>So, again, going back to the New York Magazine
interview with Giuliani. In the grand tradition of Soros conspiracy
theorists, Giuliani believes the media is doing the billionaire’s bidding by printing
lies about him. Yet he often bungles his own attempts to discredit
the media’s reporting. While attempting to argue that, despite what
has been written, quote, I have no business interests in Ukraine, he told me about his
business interests in Ukraine.>>That’s amazing. Now he’s a mess, man, I don’t know what he’s
doing, what he’s thinking. More on Soros, he says about Soros, he doesn’t
belong to a synagogue. I don’t know how he would know that. Okay, so very likely made that up. He says, he doesn’t support Israel, he’s an
enemy of Israel. Absolutely outrageous, that’s not remotely
true. Soros is not an enemy of Israel, he’s Jewish. And because you don’t agree with the right
wing of America doesn’t mean you’re an enemy of America. I don’t like Dick Cheney or Donald Trump and
yet I am 100% American, as is most of the people in this country. The same with Netanyahu, and Likud, and etc. Jewish Americans don’t have to agree with
the right wing in Israel in order to, quote unquote, love Israel. These are outrageous charges. And then to top it off he says, he’s elected
eight anarchist district attorneys in the United States, he’s a horrible human being. Anarchists? Okay, look, I get it. There’s some district attorneys that actually
care about everyone in the community and not just white people, and nothing makes Rudy
Giuliani angrier. So yes, they actually believe you should not
oppress poor people with things like cash bail. Which rich people get out, no problem at all. To them cash bail is not an issue. So it’s not about whether you’re guilty or
not guilty, it’s about whether you’re poor or rich. I can go on and on about those things, but
they are not anarchists. They’re actually, yes, progressive district
attorneys who actually care about everyone in the community, and not just the powerful
and privileged that Rudy Giuliani served when he was mayor and a prosecutor himself. Never cared about the rest of the community,
okay? But I’m sorry, there’s actually one more level
of insanity with Soros and Giuliani. He says that Soros is employing FBI agents. Wow, really? If an outside private interest is employing
FBI agents, and then they were working for him while pretending to work for the government,
that would be one of the largest scandals in American history. What evidence do you have of that, Rudy? He’s gotta get sued, somebody’s gotta stop
this guy from saying madness.>>Other than just reinforcing what you already
knew about Rudy Giuliani, what was the point of this interview?>>No, no, no, no, no.>>I guess we’re entertained by it. It’s entertaining, I mean he’s a crazy person,
he’s a lunatic but we already knew that. How many interviews does he need to do in
order to prove that.>>No, no way, Ana, no way. Look, the question, isn’t the interview. The question is, what comes as a follow-up
to the interview? Cuz the interview tells you that the president’s
personal lawyer is a total raving lunatic conspiracy theorist and is deeply troubled
person.>>Didn’t we already know that?>>Okay, but that’s why I say the follow-up
is important. Then all of the Republicans that then back
Trump and Giuliani, and who say yeah, well I mean I hear there’s things that are going
on in Ukraine. Rudy says so! All of the conspiracies about how Ukraine
interfered in our elections are coming from Giuliani. So when Jim Jordan, or Bill Barr, any of the
Republicans repeat it, it is incumbent on the rest of the press to follow up on a story
like this and say, you understand that that is the ravings of a lunatic mind, right?>>Good luck with that, yeah.>>And they’re never gonna do it, that’s the
problem.>>No, of course not, of course they’re not.>>Then they take the stuff that Giuliani
says and make it 50/50 with the truth. So that’s the heart of the problem, not this
interview, which I think is super interesting and very revealing of the degree of the insanity
of Rudy Giuliani.>>I know but look, I obviously don’t know
Olivia Nuzzi personally, right? So this isn’t about her specifically, it’s
a broader statement about mainstream press, people who work in legacy media. Getting the interview is actually part of
the problem, right? Because they want the interviews, they don’t
want to do anything valuable with the interviews, they don’t want to do the follow-up. Because doing the follow-up means that this
lunatic might deny you an interview in the future.>>But that’s super-
>>So that’s why they don’t do anything with it. And look, you’re trying to reason-
>>No, but that’s totally unfair to Olivia, that she’s the one who got the interview and
did a really, really hard interview.>>Like I said, this isn’t about her, right?>>Right.>>But okay, so she does an interview that’s
very similar to what we’ve seen on cable news over and over and over again. It’s just that this time he gave different
lunatic answers. Okay, but who in the media has ever really
gonna hold Rudy Giuliani accountable?>>That’s the question.>>I’ve actually seen cable news hosts, people
on Fox News, give Rudy Giuliani tougher follow-up questions than the so-called neutral arbiters
of what’s going on in the political world, okay?>>No, but the thing is, look, we agree and
I wanna give the rest of the quotes cuz they’re all so amazing. The press thinks they’re being tough on Trump
and his allies. They’re not. They’re giving a total free pass to all the
Republicans that are backing these insane conspiracy theories about how Ukraine interfered
in our elections, etc. Every time somebody says that, all of the
press in unison has to say, that is not true, that Republican is lying. But they don’t have the courage to say that. They say it about Trump, it’s easy to say
Rudy’s crazy, but Rudy’s theories are the ones that all the Republican Party are parroting
today. So the minute they parrot it, you can go back
to this article or any interview he’s ever given and go, you know you’re quoting an absolute
lunatic? But they won’t have the courage to do it. I guarantee you, they won’t have the courage
to do it. And instead, they won’t give you the proper
context. And it’ll seem like well, some people think
the Russians did it and the other thinks that the Ukrainians did it. So anyway, let’s give you more about the rest
of the quotes.>>So Giuliani reads his own press, and sees
that his friends, these sources close to him, are being weaponized by the conspirators. Helping to paint a public portrait of a man
unglued. These are the same concerned people who have
told him to be careful with his legacy. And my attitude about my legacy is, F it,
he said.>>Okay, well that seems clear. At least that one’s definitely true. That does appear to be what he’s doing, my
legacy, eh.>>When you read the piece, there’s a lot
of just important contextual information. And it talks about what his state of mind
is like when it comes to his own paranoia, trusting people around him. And so he makes it clear that he’s skeptical
of people, and he’s paranoid, and he doesn’t trust everyone. And so he’s asked, okay, well if you’re not
trusting of people, why were you willing to work with these shady Ukrainian figures, Lev
Parnas and Igor Fruman. And so here’s what he said about them. They look like Miami people. He continues, I know a lot of Miami people
that look like that, that are perfectly legitimate and act like them. Neither one of them have ever been convicted
of a crime, neither one. And generally that’s my cutoff point. That’s all it takes, I guess, you just->>Does anybody know what the hell he’s talking
about? I lived in Miami, I don’t know what he’s talking
about. What do Miami people look like? The Miami people don’t look like that. Okay I’ve seen Miami people, they don’t look
like that. Okay, so what do Miami people look like and
what does that mean? So are Miami people shady looking? I guess, I’m drawing inferences from what
Giuliani’s saying. They’re shady looking, but they’re actually
super clean?>>Yeah, you’re right. I think what he’s saying is, they look like
normal people, they don’t look like they’d be criminals. And they hadn’t been convicted of a crime,
so yeah, why wouldn’t I work with them? I think that’s what he’s trying to say.>>No, I actually think Miami, no one thinks
that, because of Miami Vice and->>Do you see what I’m saying? No one thinks, wholesome people are in Miami. Right or wrong, and I think it’s probably
wrong. But if you’re saying wholesome, usually popular
lore has it as Kansas or something like that, right?>>Yeah, yeah.>>Again, right or wrong. For Miami, Miami people are shady but-
>>I didn’t even think about it like that, because my mind didn’t even go there. I think of Miami people and I think normal
people, I don’t think about criminality or any-
>>No.>>These guy’s insane, anyway, God, okay.>>All right, but I’m gonna quote Miami people
for a long time now.>>All right, well-
>>The guy looks Miami but he could be Kansas.>>That’s hilarious, all right, well let me
give you more. So look, there have been Giuliani associates,
even his ex-wife, who have said that he is struggling with some substance abuse problems,
namely alcoholism. That’s what the ex-wife is saying, obviously,
we don’t have any way of confirming that. However, that was touched upon in this interview. And so Giuliani says, yeah, yeah, I do a lot
of drugs. There was one I was addicted to, I’ve forgotten
what it is. I don’t know where the drugs things comes
from, I really don’t. The alcohol comes from the fact that I did
occasionally drink, I love scotch. Sorry, I just had a Ron Burgundy flashback.>>Yeah.>>I love scotch, I can’t help it, all of
the malts. All parts of it is cigars, I love to have
them with cigars, I’m a partier, okay.>>Okay, and he also said, it tastes so good
when it hits the lips.>>Okay, and then added, is anyone going streaking?>>I’m kidding, those are from different Will
Ferrell movies. All right, and speaking of kidding, really
important, the drug part is sarcastic. He does not mean he does a lot of drugs.>>Yeah.>>Olivia knows he said it was sarcastic,
it is clearly sarcastic. The alcohol part appears to not be sarcastic. He does say, I actually love scotch. I get that one, you heard the quotes for yourself
just now. So okay, he seems to enjoy alcohol, which
apparently he did either during or before this interview as well. Because she then noticed that, do you have
that quote?>>Yes, I do.>>Yeah, let’s read that.>>The one about his, the lips?>>Yeah, yeah, speaking of when it hits the
lips.>>God, gross, okay, as he spoke, he fixed
his gaze straight ahead, rarely turning to make eye contact. When his mouth closed, saliva leaked from
the corner and crawled down his face through the valley of a wrinkle. He didn’t notice, and it fell onto his sweater.>>Man, look, that’s devastating. But at the same time, guys, to me, if that
was the only thing in the article then I’d say it’s wildly unfair, right? Because we weren’t there, we don’t know, was
that cuz he was drinking, or not drinking, etc. But given the context of all the other things
he’s saying, that then becomes the most believable thing you’ve ever heard in your life.>>Mm-hm.>>I mean going around, Soros has people that
work for him at the FBI, and is not a Jew. And the Miami people, and the Sacramento people,
there were no Sacramento people. Okay so but all right, last two things here. David Holmes is the diplomat that over heard
Gordon Sondland talking to Trump. He testified about it, it was really important
cuz it connects Trump to withholding aid in Ukraine. He said about Holmes, and none of this is
true so I don’t want to help his scandalous and libelous and slanderous behavior, etc.,
but it gives you a sense of his mindset. He said, that guy that overheard that telephone
call, anybody checked if the guy has an earpiece? Maybe he didn’t have it, how old is he, how
old is that guy? He’s middle aged and totally normal. Anyway, here’s the crazy part. How do we know he isn’t a paranoid schizophrenic? How do we know he isn’t a paranoid schizophrenic? How do we know he isn’t an alcoholic?>>Jesus Christ.>>Because no one has ever charged that at
all and there’s no evidence of it even remotely. But by the way, said the guy who people are
worried has lost his mind and might be an alcoholic. All that the Republicans ever do is projection,
right? But smearing people that are career diplomats
that worked in the Trump administration, no hesitation at all. Who cares? We’re smearing everybody, right, why not? I’m surprised he didn’t call him a Miami person. Okay and the last thing is, they’re now driving
in Giuliani’s SUV. Giuliani sees this couple on a bench, and he’s like see, back when I
was mayor we would’ve cleaned that up. So there was, look at those poor homeless
people, and he didn’t mean it in a bad way. He said we would have gotten help, I would
have called in, hey, that’s Fifth between 70, he’s like 75, 76 he can’t tell, it doesn’t
matter, it’s not important, okay?>>Mm-hm.>>And Nuzzi says at the end, the couple on
the bench did not appear to be homeless.>>I mean, man-
>>Okay, forget the media, right? I have zero faith left on mainstream media,
okay? So forget about them for a second. Let’s think about Democratic leadership for
a second, and how they have single-handedly bungled this impeachment process, right? We’ve talked about it over and over again
on this show. But if I were Democratic leadership, you know
what I would do with an article like this? I would put it in my back pocket arsenal to
attack Republican senators who vote in favor of exonerating Donald Trump, right? I would would be like, I would have a non
stop campaign against those Republican senators. They’re enabling a criminal. Look at the kind of nonsense, look at the
kind of substance abusing lunatic our criminal president had hired as his personal attorney. And you have Republican senators enabling
that. This is the leader of the free world, this
is the most powerful man in the world. And this is what he’s doing, this is the kind
of person he employs. How come they don’t understand how to play
hardball? Why? Why?>>They do with progressives, but it is incredible
how soft and weak the Democrats are when it comes to Republicans. The president’s last lawyer is sitting in
jail for a crime that he committed with the president.>>Yep.>>And they didn’t even charge him of that.>>Right.>>And now his new lawyer, who is not his
former lawyer, this is the president’s current lawyer, is a clear raving lunatic. And yet we’re having legitimate conversations
about whether Trump is right or he’s wrong. No, they’re totally mentally unbalanced. They should have been talking about the 25th
Amendment. Even if you didn’t believe it, and I very
much believe that the 25th Amendment should have been used earlier. I think the president is totally mentally
unbalanced, okay? But even if you didn’t believe that, politically
you should be talking about that cuz the guy is insane! Stop treating him like he’s legitimate, and
maybe you could have won any of these. My God, they’re losing public debates from
time to time to a guy who has lost his mind. And who has a lawyer who’s even dumber than
he is. I mean they’re losing to Dumb and Dumber.>>Yep.>>This is a damning testament to Rudy Giuliani,
to Donald Trump who has hired him and still maintains that he’s his personal lawyer through
all this insanity. But it’s also a damning indictment of the
Democratic Party, that they haven’t put these guys away yet.