RPC-067 Middle Management | beta orange | sapient / aggression hazard rpc

RPC-067 Middle Management Object class: Beta-Orange Registered Phenomena Code: 067 Object Class: Beta-Orange Hazard Types: Sapient Hazard, Aggression Hazard Containment Protocols: MST Victor 3-8 “Faust”
will be assigned to monitor employees at large corporations for manifestations of RPC-067. Through the assistance of host countries,
MST “Faust” will screen employees that have been exhibiting signs of extreme overwork
and willingness to complete tasks they are not assigned as part of their job description. Any persons exhibiting these signs will hereafter
be classified as RPC-067-1. Persons manifesting as RPC-067-1 are to be
immediately apprehended by Authority agents using cover as localhost intelligence services
in order to avoid the suspicion of friends and family. Those manifesting as RPC-067-1 are to undergo
procedure 38-5 “Scrivener” utilizing all necessary interrogation and psychological
techniques, including ████████ and ███████, with the approval of
onsite Level-3 Authority psychologists. Once RPC-067-1 has declined the request of
RPC-067, RPC-067-1 should be monitored for 48 hours until de-manifestation of RPC-067
can be confirmed. RPC-067-1 is then to be administered Class-C
amnestics. Any instances of RPC-067-1 that have progressed
past two weeks should be terminated by local MST “Faust” elements as soon as discovered
in order to immediately halt any further manifestation of RPC-067. Description: RPC-067 is a nondescript middle-aged
man that will materialize and contact employees at large corporations. RPC-067 has no known home or nationality and
any efforts to trace RPC-067’s phone calls or emails have been met with return addresses
of already existing non-anomalous entities. RPC-067 is often described by RPC-067-1 instances
as being very friendly and understanding, although it is currently unknown if these
are genuine properties of RPC-067, or if they are a memetic manifestation as part of his
anomalous effects. RPC-067 has, to date, never materialized in
a situation in which RPC-067 can be viewed by anyone other than RPC-067-1; and will find
alternate means of contacting RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will typically make contact with employees
via phone, but on occasion has been noted to utilize email in order to make the first
contact. RPC-067 will ask employees for simple favors
such as forwarding a report to their supervisor. If the employee refuses RPC-067 will de-materialize
and not contact the employee again. However, if the employee complies with RPC-067,
they will begin an escalating series of contacts with RPC-067 and hereafter be referred to
as RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will attempt to meet with RPC-067-1
in person following the first successful request and will attempt to build a relationship with
RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will gradually ask RPC-067-1 to perform
duties and deeds outside of normally accepted ethical standards, such as doctoring financial
statements and spreading rumors about RPC-067-1’s boss. Once RPC-067-1 has begun to comply they will
typically not desist in their activities stating that, “████████ ████”2
is a nice guy and I want to help him out.” Once RPC-067-1 has fallen into the control
of RPC-067, RPC-067 will soon request RPC-067-1 commit acts of violence. When RPC-067-1 is in danger of being discovered
committing these acts, RPC-067 will instruct instances of RPC-067-1 to take their own lives
(Please see Interrogation Logs for further information). An instance of RPC-067-1 is theorized by The
Authority to have caused the death of a politician ███ ████ and subsequent mass
suicide of ███ individuals in █████████, ██████ in the year 19██.3 Once RPC-067-1 has maintained contact with
RPC-067 past a two week period, RPC-067 will no longer de-materialize upon the refusal
of requests. RPC-067 will instead begin to regularly contact
and harass RPC-067-1 about deadlines for requests during work hours and severely interrupt their
regular duties via phone calls and emails. Recovered emails on the computer of an afflicted
individual revealed ████ emails asking if RPC-067-1 could [DATA EXPUNGED] their current
supervisor. If RPC-067-1 continues to refuse or ignore
requests for a period of two more weeks, RPC-067 will initiate stalking of RPC-067-1. RPC-067 will materialize in person and disrupt
the eating and sleeping schedules of RPC-067-1 until compliance with demands, or RPC-067-1
expires from exhaustion or hunger (Open Journal Entry 067-1-1 For More Information). Journal Entry 067-1-1 Foreword: Journal Entry 067-1-1 Recovered
from the home of a man who had expired due to dehydration after employers reported he
had not reported for a period of two weeks and had become worried about his disappearance.May 17, 20██: I can’t remember a word
of French I used to know any more, I just keep trying to learn it again, but I never
have time anymore. It’s sad, I used to love spending summers
in Paris. I guess we all have to grow up eventually,
though. At least ████████ ████ seems
like a nice guy, there aren’t enough of them around here. May 23, 20██: I know he’s a nice guy
and everything, but it seems a bit odd he’d ask me to go into the HR room and get ████ ██████’s
files for him. I mean, I guess he needs it for something,
though. May 31, 20██: That’s my last favor for
him, I know business around here has been tough lately, but I can’t just go and change
our shipment orders. If someone finds out about this, fuck. I mean, fuck, I can’t do this anymore. June 10, 20██: HR doesn’t even have
a fucking record on this person. I kept telling them about the calls I’ve
been getting. I even showed them the fucking emails; they
just told me to mark it as spam. I mean, what HR fucking department doesn’t
take a complaint like that seriously anyway? How the fuck did he even know my mother has
cancer? Unknown Date: I tried asking what the fuck
he wants from me, and he just tells me the same thing over and over again. I can’t fucking kill ████ ██████. I
tried calling the police, but everytime they come, he just vanishes into thin fucking air. They think I’m fucking crazy. I think I’m crazy, if I’m the only person
that sees him, I’m fucking crazy right? Unknown Date: fuck youInterrogation Log 067-1-1 Foreword: RPC-067-1-18 was apprehended from
a hedge fund in █████████,███████████, after it was discovered by its risk compliance department
that he had placed irresponsible options trades, potentially losing his fund more than ██ million
dollars. Agent ███ █████: You’ve
been a trader for the past █ years, why is it that you placed those trades? RPC-067-1-18: Well I got a call from ████████, he
told me he needed to see me real fast. Sometimes we get tips, you know? So I just went and executed it. When stuff like that happens you just do your
job. If you could not tell the SEC about this though,
I’m kind of risking my job just talking to you. Agent ███ █████: Of course,
and was that your first contact with ████████? RPC-067-1-18: I think he first sent me some
email about a week ago asking if I could forward the earnings projections for ███████ to
█████ ███ my portfolio manager. It didn’t really seem out of place, we’re
a big fund and all. Agent ███ █████: So what happened
after that? RPC-067-1-18: Well he contacted me two more
times, one I already told you about. The other time it was just to see if I could
grab some internal records off █████ ███’s desk and then copy them for him. Agent ███ █████: You never
saw him again after this? RPC-067-1-18: Actually, funny enough, I did. I got this loud knock at my office door around
11 at night. I was busy looking at some data from the Asia
markets, so I just yelled out for whoever it was to fuck off. So I just kind of turn around and see him
walking away through the window. I went out to apologize, but he was gone at
that point. Agent ███ █████: That’s
all for now, thank you for your time. RPC-067-1-18: You don’t think I made him
mad, do you? It’s so hard to find a nice guy to work
for nowadays. Closing Statement: Following Interrogation
RPC-067-1-18 was given Class-C amnesiacs under protocol “Scrivener” and returned to his
workplace. Notes: Maybe RPC-067 is just really sensitive. Interrogation Log 067-1-2 Foreword: RPC-067-1-23 was apprehended from
tech company ██████ after management alerted undercover Authority agents of a man
that had been in contact with an outside person and had begun to make unauthorized alterations
of code in order to redirect site traffic towards extremist websites. Agent ███ █████: I want to
know who the person was that was directing you to change the code for ██████’s
website? RPC-067-1-23: Oh you mean ████████? Well,
I guess I didn’t really think about it too much now that you ask. I assumed he was just some guy from the design
division or something. Agent ███ █████: When was
the last time you were in contact with ████████? RPC-067-1-23: Well, it was right before you
guys picked me up, so a few days ago. Agent ███ █████: You didn’t
think it was odd that he had asked you to redirect traffic to ████████? RPC-067-1-23: Well I mean, maybe, sure, but
he was a nice guy, I figured it was probably just some sort of promotional stunt. Look, am I in trouble here or something? Agent ███ █████: We’re interested
in who this guy is, it’s all we want to know. RPC-067-1-23: I told you, I thought he was
just some guy in management, okay? Agent ███ █████: You’re
telling me you’ve talked to this guy multiple times and you have no idea who he is? RPC-067-1-23: Look, I need to smoke. You think I can go outside for a quick second? It might help me remember. Agent ███ █████: Yeah, no
problem. Closing Statement: At this point Agent ███ █████ escorted
RPC-067-1-23 outside so he could smoke a cigarette. On the way, RPC-067-1-23 asked if he could
also quickly use the bathroom since he had been inside for so long. When RPC-067-1-23 did not return from the
bathroom for a period of ten minutes Agent ███ █████ entered the bathroom
discovering RPC-067-1-23 having broken the mirror and [REDACTED], expiring before being
able to be rendered proper medical care. Agent ███ █████ was subsequently
reprimanded and transferred for failure to maintain proper custody of RPC-067-1-23. RPC-067-1-23 was later found to have a note
in his pocket, ostensibly from RPC-067, telling him to meet him in the bathroom in half an
hour. Upon playback of the interrogation tape, no
instances of RPC-067 can be observed delivering the note to RPC-067-1-23. Notes: If it can get into our facility and
get a note in someone’s pocket, I will be formally requesting this be updated to Restricted
Level-4 Access and be reclassified from Beta to Gamma.