ROBLOX BULLY STORY – Sing Me To Sleep (Alan Walker)

Bully Story Sing Me To Sleep Wait a second, let me catch my breath. Remind me how it feels to hear your voice. Your lips are moving, I can’t hear a thing. Living life as if we had a choice. Anywhere, anytime, I would do anything for you, anything for you. Is the day, got away, Melody stuck inside (your head, I’m strong in every breath. Sing me, to sleep, now, sing, me to sleep. (Oh,) just sing me, to sleep, now. Sing me, to sleep Remind me time cannot erase, I can hear your whispers in my mind. I’ve become what you cannot embrace. My memory will be my lalaby. Sing, me, to sleep, now. Sing, me, to sleep. (Oh,) just sing, me, to sleep, now. Sing me, to sleep.