Robert Pattinson to be the next Batman

We’ve been received very hot new, and maybe
it have been good new to Batman movie’s fans. The actor who shot to fame as a vampire in
the Twilight films will take on the next nocturnal hero: Batman. He is also the famous actor who top lines
“The Lighthouse,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, Yes, and this one is
very talented actor Robert Pattinson. He is inherited the role from Ben Affleck,
whose tenure came to an end after the critical and commercial disappointments of Batman versus
Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. How about this transform? Let pick some reason prove that Pattinson
would be a very superhot Batman: let get started! Who is Robert Pattinson ?
Born on May 13, 1986, in London, England, actor Robert Pattinson first became known
to audiences for his role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Soon after, his turn as vampire Edward Cullen
in Twilight catapulted him to heartthrob status. Along with the Twilight sequels, Pattinson’s
notable films include Remember Me, Water for Elephants, Cosmopolis and The Lost City of
Z. In 2019, he was selected to play the Caped
Crusader in the upcoming The Batman. The big dream when was young:
When he was a child. Pattinson is the youngest of three children,
and the only son born to Robert and Clare Pattinson. During his childhood, his father ran a car-importing
business and his mother worked for a modeling agency. Despite his sometimes shy personality, Robert
Pattinson wanted to be a performer from an early age, first as a musician like his older
sister Lizzy. It was his father who strongly encouraged
him to try out acting. During one memorable night out for dinner
with his dad, the two found themselves sitting next to a group of young girls who told Pattinson
they’d just returned from the Barnes Theatre Club, a renowned program at the Harrodian
School, outside of London. Career Acting: Early Roles: ‘Ring of the Nibelungs,’ ‘Vanity
Fair’ Pattinson’s performances drew notice and in
2003, at the age of 17, he jumped from the stage to the screen, nabbing a role in the
TV movie Ring of the Nibelungs. The work required him to move to South Africa
for several months, where the movie was being filmed. An unaccredited role in Vanity Fair (2004)
followed. Successful roles with ‘Harry Potter’,
‘the Twilight’ Following it is a lot of excited movie that
catch attention from film critics and bring him huge amount of fans such as: ‘Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire’ and Playing Edward Cullen in ‘Twilight’. Around the same time that he was finishing
up work on those two projects, Pattinson met with Mike Newell, the eventual director of
2005’s Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The movie and the role propelled Pattinson’s
life and career forward in unimaginable ways. Teen People magazine called him “the next
Jude Law” while Screen International magazine labeled him a “British Star of Tomorrow.” It was heady stuff and, as Pattinson freely
admits, it did indeed go to his head a bit. His audition for the role of Edward Cullen,
a century-old vampire in love, took place in the bedroom of the movie’s director, Catherine
Hardwicke. Pattinson wowed both Hardwicke and his future
co-star, Kristen Stewart, with his performance. “Everybody came in doing something empty and
shallow and thoughtless,” Stewart told GQ. “But Rob understood that it wasn’t a frivolous
role.” And yet, for the legions of Twilight readers,
who had waited breathlessly for the movie adaptation, Pattinson’s casting as the perfectly
gorgeous Cullen struck a nerve: There were calls for a boycott of the film and 75,000
fans signed a petition asking he be removed from the cast. However, he was doing the best job and prove
that he is not only good at Edward Cullen roles but also being an excellent actors in
another movie category. The movie grossed over US$393 million worldwide. It was released on DVD March 21, 2009 and
became the most purchased DVD of the year. Is Robert Pattinson meant to be the new Batman? Throughout the history of Batman, we can easily
got a bunch of talented actor who making successful roles and bring to audiences not only variety
of agilities performances but also distinctly gorgeous acting such as: Lewis Wilson (Batman
1943), Robert Lowery (Batman 1949) Michael Keaton Batman ( 1989) and Batman Return
(1992), Christian Bale (batman in the dark night). However, besides it was some underrated actor
who being acclaimed as acting the worst Batman such as: Val kilmmer, George Clooney in series
Batman Forever (1997) and Ben Affleck in Batman 2016, then, how about Robert Pattinson? Will he get successful in this role? Yes, of course, we definitely believe it! Let the naysayers cast their aspersions — we’re
here to argue on Robert Pattinson’s behalf. In fact, he won’t merely make an adequate
Batman, nor will he just barely clear the bar of “surprisingly good.” He’s a surprising pick but this is an actor
who has the experience, confidence, flexibility and charisma necessary to make his take on
the Dark Knight of Gotham City one of the absolute best. Sit back and be convinced as we take you on
a tour of Robert Pattinson’s many qualifications for donning the cape and cowl. And let pick up some reason why Robert Pattison
would be supper hot Batman Character: 1. Edward Cullen and Batman aren’t really that
different: Edward Cullen is a fantasy object for teenage
girls, a Ken doll with fangs, a vampire who sparkles. If you were around for Twilight mania, you
remember how ardently Edward’s fans adored him — and on the flip side of that fanbase
coin, how fiercely people hated the character and his world in turn. Many who pale at the concept of Pattinson
stepping into the caped crusader’s combat boots remember that last bit in particular. Edward, they rail, is a sensitive heartthrob
who likes to play Debussy for his high school girlfriend. Batman is a vigilant person who spends his
time in Gotham City’s grimiest alleyways, putting the hurt on all who’d harm the innocent. Never the twain shall meet. Right? 2. He’s been having a lot of block buster movie
: Before be accepting to be the next Batman
of Matt Reeves director, Robert Pattison got a lot of applause from audiences as well as
film critics about his roles in movies such as : he joined Willem Dafoe for the well-regarded
psychological horror flick The Lighthouse, and enjoyed a prominent role in The King,
based on the historical works of William Shakespeare. Beside it, In 2016, the British actor has
had very successful roles in The Lost City of Z and Good Time – the film received a nomination
in Cannes, with many compliments from experts. Playing the bandit Connie Nikas in Good Time
is an extremely difficult role, having many similarities with the complex psychology of
Bruce Wayne. 3. He had excellent acting skill: Thanks to his roles in The Twilight, this
role, Robert was recognized by Holywood Reporter, Variety commented that this was the highest
role in Robert Pattinson’s career. Therefore, viewers can fully expect to play
a Bruce Wayne role that is more complex psychologically than previous versions. Batman’s quiet and silent umbrella has many
similarities with Robert Pattinson’s successful role of Edward Cullen. Before he knew and loved Bella, he was always
silent and lonely in the human world. He tries to hide the fact that he is a vampire. In The Batman, he will have to fight alone
under a mysterious identity. 4. He can carry a masculine movie and he has
the Batman jawline : The initial reaction to Pattinson’s casting
has made one thing very clear: Many people still think of him as a “girl movie” actor. Never mind the years that have passed since
Twilight, never mind that he made his debut in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a
story with appeal across genders if ever there was one. No, to so many, he will always be Edward Cullen
until he dies. He might as well, according to this way of
thinking, pack it in forever and accept his fate as a sort of neo-Fabio. Once you don the sparkles, apparently, there
is no going back. Except that he has proven, time and time again,
to be a versatile actor. And not just versatile, but particularly good
at channeling the sort of masculine, gritty, movie-carrying energy doubters might not believe
he’s capable of. The last few years alone have seen him take
the lead in everything from High Life, a science fiction horror story set in deep space, to
Damsel, a Western in which he plays a cowboy staking his claim on the frontier. Pattinson isn’t just capable of channeling
masculine charisma, he excels at it. We’re betting his take on Batman is the proof
that will silence all the doubters permanently. 5. Robert Pattinson is a charming and likeable
actor- perfect to lead a franchise: Part of the reason why Pattinson has gotten
so much work over the years (he’s starring in no less than four films in 2019 alone)
is because he’s a charming and affable figure. He’s known to be playful and irreverent during
interviews, and does not mind poking fun at himself. A quick Google search will uncover no shortage
of wonderful interviews with Pattinson joking around and generally proving himself to be
a relatable human being, and not the stuffy thespian type one might expect. Perhaps Pattinson’s likability comes from
the wide variety of roles he’s played over the years. From franchise fare like Harry Potter and
– of course – Twilight, to The Lost City of Z and Good Time, Pattinson has proven his
chops to a wide variety of moviegoers. There will surely be a legion of online naysayers
who will cry foul at his casting the way they cried foul at the casting of Heath Ledger
and other unexpected choices, but that can’t be avoided – but holds little water. 6. He’s not afraid to put his own spin on an
iconic character Batman has been interpreted as everything
from a groovy 1960s hep cat to a bloody-knuckled vigilant person who brands the men he puts
behind bars. Yet he remains a character so iconic, culture-defining,
and beloved that putting one’s stamp on him is no mean feat. People have Batman tattoos, Batman collections,
and careers defined by being “that guy who drew Batman,” even if it was only for a handful
of years. He’s a legend, and in the age of omnipresent
fandom, someone a lot of angry people are prepared to go to war over. Good thing Pattinson’s already tackled a role
like that. Before the Twilight films became a phenomenon,
Pattinson spoke candidly about the intimidation factor present in playing Edward Cullen. “Even in the synopsis,” he told reporters
in 2008, “it’s like, ‘Edward is the perfect being. He’s so witty and beautiful, and so crazy,
he’s funny, he’ll open doors for you.'” Sure, Batman doesn’t long to drink the blood
of nubile love interests, but the principle applies. The best Batmen are those played by actors
with the experience and confidence necessary to make the role their own. Pattinson accomplished that while Twilight
mania was at its apex, and now millions of people retain fond memories of his particular
spin on Edward Cullen. We’re willing to bet the world will feel the
same about his take on Batman.