Hey guys, it’s me again. So you guys know that I like to keep my youtube life and my personal life, you know, very separate right? But something happened recently that I don’t think I can do that anymore. It’s really hard for me to open up on camera, and I’m sorry. I shoulda told you guys this way sooner I gotta get it off my chest I Have a little sister and the reason why I never brought this up is cuz there’s other YouTubers that also have sisters and they make videos with their sisters and Let me tell you man the comments on those videos about the sisters are Disgusting I smash that like button faster than I smash your sister Let me dick her down as your sister got it to be honest your sister got some Chaos. I wasn’t nice I just don’t want anyone disrespecting my sister like [that] And I know some people are gonna be like random stuff like you don’t even have a sister when you making up lies Bro explain these pictures bro. We look identical bro That’s my little sister ling ling and the reason why I’m bringing all this up is because she’s been having a really hard time at School like kids keep picking on her, and I just feel bad at you know me being a really good brother [I] just want to stand up for her. So now since we got that all out the way Basically there’s this little girl she’s been picking and bullying on my little sister. She even made a [fool] video Just threatening my sister man watch this shit. [hey], so this is a true story Okay, it’s about this girl They tried to touch my boyfriend’s [head], and she told me on the bus that she did not like him And she wouldn’t do that to me, and she still did hold up before we go any further this little girl I don’t [know] how old she is, but she’s outside at night. It’s dark outside There’s no adult supervision around This grows a savage and now I know why my [sister’s] kind of scared of her? I had to take a different bus one day and She said she wouldn’t touch him or mess with him anything. I said, okay good and then At lunch [she] [wants] to go Hey, can we have [our] missile onto a week right now? Hey can we have arm wrestle. I’m too weak right now Don’t want to do it. Hey can we have Okay, done. Yeah, arm wrestle because she does when it touches it well let me get this straight So this girl is all worked up Because my sister did an arm wrestle with her Boyfriend and they touch hand and she’s jealous wait what first off this girl is too good to have a boyfriend [on] top of that she’s too young to be dis clingy so I called her right and Why didn’t call her cuz we’re gonna do Confronting thing and it worked perfectly so let’s listen to this Okay, so mia caught her she was like hey um I know you’re flirting I knew you were flirting with Stephen at lunch cuz I know you’re trying to just touch us in because you I know you like him She’s a yeah. I like him a lot [don’t] tell Kylie and then I confronted her and she kept talking Jackie Mommy I’m not gonna. Tell you holster. It’s like all this and that right and then I come in the film [I] thought I was like oh, so you like my boyfriend She said no, no, I never said I said you’ve just said that girl. You just said it I don’t know why but like this girl reminds me of someone [hey], what’s up bitches? I’m back with another YouTube video And I just was talking [about] price gum that dirty ass Kristy ass bitch ass nigga. [thinks]. He’s the shit No, he isn’t the shake. Oh my god. Oh, they’re the same people and I said, okay? Well wait until at school You’ll see what happens, then we went to school right and I walk up to the door no I didn’t I just looked at her and she was on her fucking she was scared Cars I was about to slap her cuz she got [a] [minor] [since] she won’t lag to me girl You don’t lie to me about my boyfriend [guys] I can’t do this man her voice keeps squeaking that was about to slap her because she got a minor since she won’t lie to Me um because you this is one thing you want to mess with my boyfriend. You’re gonna get messed up But I bet myself this girl because she was too scared, and I didn’t want to get in trouble at school So yeah, I can mess you up. I’ll pull up at your crib You’re gonna pull up to my crib wow gosh, you can’t even drive Been a bike or something we are not scared of you me and lately we’re not scared. You pull up dead. Talk right now Exactly, she’s like one of those girls that just talked all online like I’m Gonna do this I’m gonna do that you know, I’m uh I’m gonna hit you [with] this and like in person. She ain’t about it, bro Cuz when it comes down to it. She’s not about it like you know all mine. She’s all tough look at me I’m tough but in person Get down [ah] [damn], bro. She got us mad bro. Well fuck you. Do it this girl is crazy man. What the fuck was that [dude]? Are you serious, but it was a drive-by to act like you’ve never been in one before [come] on We’re gonna get her back. Nah man screw that man. I don’t want any part of this man I have tough online, but like in real life I’m just [a] pussy but Dude, are you are you serious right now broke up? You’re embarrassing [me] get up, but why you crying you’re acting as if it’s more than a dress It’s just the drama. It was just a little dry, but Bro this guy’s me a little baby, right? I guess I gotta do on my own Oh my God, she didn’t have eyebrows. She didn’t have eyebrows [alright] guys, so I have the trap set up over there [alright] I’m gonna try to keep it quiet But it’s a lot of wind I have the traps out over there and hopefully she comes and gets You know her eyebrows, and then when she’s walking by you know, I don’t miss baby Guys, it’s been like five hours. Why is not taking the bait? Oh Sure, she’s here. Oh oh oh ah Let’s go, baby What rice what are you doing out? What are you doing out here, bro. What are you out here, bro, [I]? Read all the way here. You’re not with the girl are you dead wait wait. Yo, are you dead? Well yeah, bro bro, bro. [oh] my God. Oh my gosh He’s dead no bro. Come on. Y’all quit playing good plan Yeah good plan done good, we’re done [ah] Levi guys, it’s gonna wrap it up. Oh yeah, right [scoob] isn’t dead by the way. You know. He’s just he’s busy He’s doing yeah. He is he’s dead, but hey look at the bracelet you guys Have me now, right? But hey, I want to make a public service announcement before this video ends right make sure like the video but if you were a kid getting bullied Someone’s picking on you, you guys are basically my brothers and sisters if you are subscribed to the channel You are my brother and sister if you [are] getting bullied let me know damn. There’s my email Just email me be you know brief summary. Hey grace I’m getting bullied over here by this meanie [a] link to a picture I got the sniper and just know I don’t miss but that’s gonna wrap it up guys unlike rice cup I read every comment So make sure to drop a nice little comment subscribe if you’re new do not forget to subscribe Cuz you’re gonna miss out on some great content, but that’s gonna wrap it up. Thank you again If you guys made it so dad you guys are the best and I will Be so excited to see you back here next week. Who’s [hahaha]