Hey guys, it’s me again and today, we’ll be talking about something very serious I’m not sure you guys know this, but I have a sister I actually made a video about her in the past. Bro explain these pictures Bro, we look identical, bro That’s my little sister Ling Li !! , but yes, that’s my My sister Ling Ling is she’s been having a lot of problems in the past with bullies, and I really love her So I’m just trying to help her out and stuff. The other day, she randomly texted me. Just randomly. I was like hey brother Can I have ten thousand dollars right and I’m just like why does a little you know ten-year-old girl need $10,000? So I text her back. What do you need this money for because I’m just confused I’m just curious right now, and she hits me back talking about there’s this girl in my class that keeps flexing on me And I just want to fit in. Okay, what!? Who is flexing on my only sister. No one flexes on my only sister except for me. I don’t know who this is, so I could play after this I text her back who is doing this I got about my sister finally text back, and I could not make this up She sends me this video, and he says this is the girl that’s been flexing her non-stop Messing with my sister. I don’t know what we’re dealing with I don’t know what to expect so let’s just watch it together What is this a Gucci belt, is that a Louie belt Okay, I get it man. She has some gold on her wrists, so she thinks she’s cool She has like a Gucci belt on her chest a Louie bail on her when she thinks she’s falling. She’s flexion. That’s cool – my own sister now I’m mad hold on sister is there any more videos if there is send them to me now Nowadays guys like kids are so mean to each other like my sister doesn’t deserve this hmm My sister sent us another video. She said this is her again Beach I’m richer than all y’all broke-ass niggas 30 mi RIS oh Y’all doing with your lives, I’m not in Atlanta. I was broke as hell Look at me now. I’m all better than you broke-ass niggas look I get it You know I may be broke all right that suck who is just coming at me like that and why is she said the n-word? Not only she’s nine years old But she’s not even black on top of that like why is this really even sending these videos to my sister like this is damn Near bullying and this reflects harder than me like how are you gonna flex harder than meetin? My sister sent me another video. Please don’t be bad I’ll be nine years old this little tape and I were to all y’all broke-ass Julie Pub looking ass niggas I Fuck your mama cuz she stopped Become your father by spending money on I’ma spend our money on foreign shit bitch hunt down my wrists. See this your right here That’s Gucci Beach. Y’all can’t afford things like lillte I wears a belt I wear does the sash like I just won a beauty pageant cuz I slaying all these niggas bitch Y’all care for things like lillte i’ma keep flexing on the haters, nigga I have a speechless. Where are her hair is live someone messes with my sister I would have to take matters into my own hands and deal with it, but this girl is nine years old right? I can’t roast a nine-year-old that wouldn’t make any sense it just be weird on top of that I just want to let my sister find her own battles You know I mean, I don’t have to do everything for her so I mean I guess I’ll text her back She did ask for $10,000. So let me transfer ten thousand now Hopefully she can buy Gucci and stuff on her wrists, so she can stop getting bullied. I’ll write the money Just sans Ling Ling if you’re watching. This don’t let low tag get to you all right She says bullies uses the flexor get out flexor. I just sent ten dozen to your cow so anyway little tanker watching this You need some help you really need some help. See ya guys well I’ll talk about my sister bullying and stuff these females texting me in this and let’s go to the zoo right otherwise I’m broke leg little take center you broke-ass nigga And it’s like I can’t afford to take girls to the zoo like you know I’m saying, but I haven’t alternative Wait I’ll buy it for the video, but like I don’t know what to do after so you guys You guys can have it if you want We get back to Australia I’ll be the judge of that The other Did you hear us fookin hoe damn rice lookin hella gay feels like alissas booys sorry banks Yeah girls It’s just Hold them by the hair We need a fucking they’re gonna be What Bro she’s touching warms oh hey you only one that Is okay? We’re here is making some snow right now. We’re pranking wolfy. This wasn’t my idea wolfy. This was Kay’s idea He lives in Canada. He lives in the snow right exactly exactly okay? He probably misses this, but we’re doing him a favor I’m taking it back I think we have our snow the next step is to sprinkle the place with dust and it feels good it feels like Oh No of course I want to be pissed It’s snow because he misses Canada Yeah, I need to show you surprise here we go And we did the same thing to your room Still beat my pockets full of money Bill. I’m in the hell’s bitch. My cell just did a hundred male