Roast Busters scandal highlight dangers of cyber-bullying

And on the same subject, anti-suicide social workers
warn parents to be aware of the dangers the internet poses due to the link between
cyber-bullying and suicide. They warn that victims of
cyber-bullying may turn to suicide. It’s an appalling incident,
but the Roast Busters’ actions are nothing new
to this social worker. That’s what boys do – talk about how they’re going
to score a girl. To make things worse, is the growing dependency of today’s generation
on social media to boast about
their foolish actions, the victims victimised further. The biggest problem is Facebook. People are being attacked,
and sometimes it leads to suicide. Warren Tumarae
is an anti-bully campaigner who also works
with victims of bullying. He sees it at its worst. That’s why he says
the time for parents across the country
to learn about the world their children are living in
is well overdue. It’s one of the most challenging
aspects for those tackling suicide, an issue still affecting
Maori heavily as the digital world
continues to grow at a rapid pace. It’s extremely difficult. Like a river, you follow it one way, before you know it,
it’s heading in another direction. While there are
many programmes out there designed to tackle the issue, the two do agree that it’s not something
that can be fixed overnight. Kereama Wright, Te Karere.