Retired #NYPD Detective Talks About #CyberBullying #DutyRon

good afternoon YouTube DutyRon A Retired NYPD Detective checking
in going back again with another video today’s live is an important topic this is gonna be a short video
I’m not gonna be on long but I just want to make sure that I actually am
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thanks for joining thank you for coming in very important topic hi Jonna hold on
I don’t want to screw this up don’t want to screw this up
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okay good hi hi guys so um I’m gonna be as fast as I can about this because you
know I it’s the middle of my workday but I do want to talk to you guys about
online bullying cyber bullying and you know with a lot of things that are going
on I’m not going to go into specific details those of you who those of you
who are here and that are active in the in the YouTube community hi Gail hi Jenn
hi guys those of you who are active in online you know social media Facebook
and things of that nature we’ve got to realize that you know our actions have
ramifications our actions are we have to be accountable for what we do welcome in
from Luxemburg thank you for joining online bullying is a serious thing and
listen if you have a beef with somebody online whether it’s on youtube or on
facebook or any of the social media apps you know if you get your point across
time it’s okay if somebody’s crossed you and you want to get a point across one
time yeah I think even that might be toeing the line but I take the I take
the higher air road when it comes to stuff like that I will talk to the
person one-on-one or in person but unfortunately some in this day and age
sometimes it’s necessary to address a large audience if there’s a large group
of people that are affected but in regards to what’s going on here in the
YouTube YouTube community I want everyone to realize that you know when
you continually go live and speak about other people and you bring them to a
dark place then we all if God forbid something was to happen to anybody I’m
not pointing fingers specifically but we got to realize that if that person that
you know that people are talking about wines of God have been taking their own
life or doing something to hurt themselves then you know everyone that’s
involved including the people who are agreeing and going along with it is
accountable your your you’re responsible for your actions
and as a retired police officer retired detective I’ve seen so many people hi
Black Rose I’ve seen so many people hurt by different forms of bullying in person
at school online in communities in in you know in neighborhoods you know moms
and fathers bully each other in school over sporting events and my kids better
than yours and all this type of stuff hi ginger locks I’m trying to get the point
across so I apologize if I’m not paying attention to the chat you know text
messaging and social media electronic electronic mail text messaging you know
dm’s and stuff and things of that nature our our you know their weapons when used
to attack somebody so again I’m not telling anybody how to act I’m just
trying to get a message across to my family to the people who subscribe and
come here this is a safe place I don’t know
allow anybody to attack anybody here within my chat on the duty run you know
Network here on social media on Facebook and all that stuff I police it strongly
and I say to you guys who are who are possibly in chats of people who are
engaging in repetitive behavior you know if you get your point across get it
across but you don’t need to keep going live or making posts about certain
people just leave it alone I feel that you know we’re all human beings and and
everybody does make mistakes and if you you find that someone is doing something
that’s less than honest then stay away from them thank you for the super chat
just stay away from those people if you find that someone’s doing something
that’s undesirable then just disassociate yourself with them don’t
have to go after them and attack them over and over time and time again thank
you for that 550 super chat I appreciate that
so you know guys again I’m not trying to tell people how to act we’re all adults
we’re not school kids we’re not in the fifth or sixth grade we’re not in high
school you know we all have to really really take a strong look at ourselves
and say hey you know I have to keep hold myself accountable for what I do you
know killer whale I appreciate that you know in the day and age of electronic
you know communication you know it is important that we realize that people
have feelings people you don’t know what someone’s going through whether they’re
in a financial bind or if they’re in a social bind where they broke up with a
significant other whether it’s a boyfriend girlfriend husband or wife you
don’t know what the person’s going through and that little bit of bullying
online could push them over the edge now you know again as a police officer I’ve
been to people’s homes where their children has taken their own lives or
grown adults have gone home and taken their own life after a tough day at work
and then someone comes bullying them online online bullying is
a social print that stays for a long time you know it’s it’s got severe
severe ramifications for everyone involved so I’m just pleading to some of
the people out there and you know this goes across all social because I’ll
share this broadcast on all of my social media I’m appealing to the general
public and to the people that you know do not do these repetitive behaviors
where you’re a group attacking somebody or you know one or more people or
attacking somebody it’s just not right just leave it alone you know get your
message out there and just let it go let it go to bed so um you know tens of
thousands of people take their lives every year over social media bullying
and we need to not be we need to be better than that we need to not be a
part of it I know I won’t be a part of it ever I won’t ever be a part of that
and um there’s a lot of people when I see behaviors that they engage in good
to see a premiere hell thanks for joining
when I see people engage in behavior that I don’t agree with I don’t just you
know I just I just stop associating myself with them because once you show
me your true colors and you’re in that bully mentality and doing things like
that I I don’t have any time for anybody like that so let me take a quick moment
to say hello to everybody now I’ll look at the chat I’m sorry I haven’t been
looking at my screen I’ve been looking at the chat hi Katie good to see you
Black Rose Katie F is here Amy much love and respect to all of you guys
thank you for coming in to the live I’m happy to have my live back hi Chile man
hi John oh hi Stephanie hi Aaron Leahy welcome in good to see all of my all my
friends in the duty Brown family coming on in Gail
good to see you darling Katie I’m trying to see the chat it’s just going so fast
so so that’s the story here from New York City I don’t really have any more
to say I’m not going to keep repeating this over and over again but
please listen to what I have to say and take it seriously because people are
some of the stuff is going too far and I really feel strongly about it day guys
greetings greetings to you all hi Savi good to see you my friend Savi
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joining killer whale thank you for being Indian Jonna thanks for posting up the
links greatly appreciate that thank you for the super chat anyone who’s given
and I apologize if I missed any of the super chat
I see Maddy boys here premiere hell & Company so I just wanted to make this a
quick video I don’t want to go crazy with this but you guys know what I’m
talking about okay all of you here who know me know what I’m saying don’t if
you see it going on don’t jump on the bandwagon don’t you’re you know things
that you type even if it is one little sentence if it’s mean and somebody sees
it or the particular person that you’re talking about sees it then you’re
effectively part of that whole mentality so don’t get caught up in it don’t get
hooked into it and be the better person just take the information and listen to
it and if you feel that it is valid information then choose not to be
friends with somebody that’s doing something undesirable that is proven but
again remember a lot of people have a mouthpiece and talk about stuff that
might not be true so you have to do your little you have to do your homework
folks before you jump on the bandwagon but don’t go out and bully anybody it’s
not a good thing my son my youngest son was bullied in school and it was not a
pleasant thing for me to have to deal with and I got to tell you I didn’t deal
with it that well because I went up to the school and I raised Cain over my son
being bullied and then I didn’t take it well you know so much love and respect
from my house to yours I appreciate everyone listening take this message
listen to it and apply it going forward being kind into one another you don’t
have to be friends at everybody but don’t
being nasty guys hi New York Dominica and guys thank you for coming into this
live its a quickie but it’s a message that needed to get out there this is my
PSA to all my YouTube friends all my YouTube friends be kind and be good to
each other and those of you who know me know that that’s how I conduct myself so
good to see you savvy Paul Peck thank you for stopping in thank you to
everyone who’s given super chat leave me comments below on how you feel about
this subscribe to my channel share it out and god bless you guys thank you for
coming on in peace