Republicans Terrified That Their Anti-Abortion Crusade Will Cost Them 2020

While Republicans aren’t taking much time
to celebrate their horrible victories this week, taking away the rights of women all
across this country, Georgia, Alabama, and now we’ve got one coming in Missouri, Ohio. All of these states are working on some of
the most restrictive abortion bills this country’s ever seen. Alabama really took the cake though. Uh, by passing this law that includes no exceptions
for incest and rape. Basically you’re a woman. You get pregnant in the state of Alabama,
you’re 100% going to have to have that baby. If a doctor gives you an abortion, he or she
is going to get a prison sentence longer than any rapist ever would uh, same thing in Georgia. And they had a little victory party when they
did this. Yay. We’re taking away the rights of women. And mostly it was men who made these decisions
because they don’t understand women and they don’t understand science. But also according to conservatives, they
don’t understand the American electorate either because people who understand what they’re
talking about, at least in terms of electoral politics are predicting that these restrictive
bills are not only going to get shot down in court the second they get there, but they’re
also going to hand 2020 over to the Democrats without any problem what so ever and these
are just fly by night or Republicans. It’s not just your typical, Whoa, I’m some
kind of republican strategists and I appear on CNN every other day. I’m talking about House Minority Leader Kevin
McCarthy talking about right wing talk or Eric Erickson and I am talking about the leader
of the right wing crazies, Pat Robertson, all of whom have said this is an absolute
and utter disaster for the Republican Party because they know exactly what’s going to
happen by not including any of these exceptions by including these absolutely absurd penalties
and basically by flying in the face of Roe v Wade these laws or get struck down in court,
they’ll get struck down, they’ll get appealed where they get struck down again and then
most likely they are predicting the Supreme Court won’t even take them up because there’s
going to be no reason for the Supreme Court to take them up. They won’t be able to point to any specific
thing that happened in the lower court decisions that would merit the Supreme Court to go back
and take a third, fourth, fifth look at it. So even though they got Kavanaugh and Gorsuch
up there, they still don’t even think they’re going to have a victory at the supreme court. That people who will have a victory they’re
claiming are the Democrats because as they say, the Democrats will be using these restrictive
laws to fundraise for the next 10 years. On top of that, pretty much everyone in this
country that’s not from Georgia or Alabama is pissed off right now. This, and rightfully so, they’re energized,
they’re angry, and they’re gonna show up in droves in 2020 to send the Republican’s packing. This doesn’t end well for Republicans, and
it sure as hell doesn’t in the way that they think it will. Because when you sit there, you white men
and you attempt to take away the rights of women because you don’t understand science. You don’t understand anything outside of being
a privilege white dude. There’s always a backlash. There’s always a comeuppance, and I promise
yours is right around the corner, whether it’s through the courts or through our electoral
processes. You are not going to escape this unscathed. You’re not. That’s not how it works. So you may be celebrating your tiny little
victories right now, but I assure you those will be short lived and these laws will not
remain on the books. And in the future, maybe, maybe you’ll get
the message that you need to think twice before taking away the rights of women in this country
because God forbid something ever happened and people start to take away your rights,
right? I mean, how much would men in this country
be panicking if suddenly Viagara was outlawed or if a sec dummies were outlawed? Or if we harsh in the punishments for rape,
even for first time offenders like that school bus driver in New York that got off because
he raped a 14 year old, but it was this first rape. So he got no prison sentence, right? Men, Republican men have made their careers
off of trying to control women’s bodies while at the same time ignoring the fact that their
own logic that they use to control women’s bodies could easily be turned around and used
to control their bodies. If they say that birth is a natural thing,
well, so is in fertility. While we let men get treatment for that, so
his impotence but Viagra’s covered by most insurance plans, so if you want to argue that
were interfering with the natural way, then there goes all your fun sex times because
we’re taking away all your rights to. That’s not gonna happen because it’s not going
to need to happen. It should happen. To be honest. These people should be punished in the same
way they’re trying to punish women, but nonetheless, I have a little bit of faith in our court
system. Not a lot, but I do have a little, and I think
in this particular instance they’re going to do the right thing. Even if it’s a hardcore, horrible right wing
judge. They understand the extremes of these laws
and they know that there is no way anything like this could be considered. Constitutional. Flip side of that obviously is that this doesn’t
mean we just sit back and let the courts handle it. No, stay pissed. Stay angry, stay active, stay energized, and
stay that way even after these rulings come down. Because if you don’t, if you get complicit,
if you think, okay, we won, this is over. No, they’re going to try again. So it’s up to us to stay angry and get them
out of office in 2020.