Republican Primaries “Real Issues” (Bugstards presents)

What’s up Bofly? I heard it was gonna
rain. let’s go. Yeah, let’s go. Wait señor. Yeah, yeah. Much better here at home. Yeah watching Tv. Great! Yeah, yeah. Watching TV. What are you doing here? Get out of here. That will teach you! It’s starting Bofly. Yeah, let’s get ready to rumble. Yeah, I love Republican debates. Oh really, why do you like Republican debates? Because they’re crucial. Really? Of
course Bofly, how else do we know what the real issues are? The real issues? Yeah, for example, I thought our problems were inequality, debt burden, climate change. But I was wrong. Really?? Yes, thanks to the Republican debates I know what the main problem is. Oh yeah what is it?? Mexicans and Chinese. Yeah yeah you mean, just like we do with Gonzalez. Gonzalez?? Gonzalez?? Yeah yeah. I mean when we fuck up
we blame it on Gonzalez. Hmm I mean, give me the remote. Oops Gonzalezzzzzz Hey Bofly, have you subscribed to the
channel? Of course, of course I subscribed to the channel. Hey Gonzalez, have you subscribed to the channel Can I señor? Of course you can. Señor?? What?? Can I also cross the wall?? Don’t you dare! Hey you, look me in the eye, subscribe to the channel Yeah, yeah, subscribe