Red Monkey is aggressive when being punished by his mother | Red breaks the plate

Hello everyone, Bum and Red just finished bathing and eating Is Red and Bum eating good? Bum ate delicious, delicious food Red sat on the chair sit still Bum covered the towel and let her not see it Red sitting silently listening! Red with Bum definitely does not eat rice Red sat up Red is a fork plate Sitting, silent, Red sat still, Red was very obedient, he was very greedy, his mother never let him take it sit still Bum is afraid, I will give Bum milk because Bum is very good, never dare to take food when she has not given it Red see if it’s a plate! sit still Red disagrees and affirms his opinion Sit down below Sit down here Red is hard to get up and he needs strict education Bum is very good, drinking his milk Red loves to eat and drink, when he has not allowed him to take food Bum is very good and good, he is very polite Hey Red guys break the plate Bum doesn’t want to drink Good mother’s Bum, Bum is lovely Red is finished drinking, guys Bum wants to play with his brother Bum wants to care about his brother Bum climbed on the chair Red wants to get his brother’s milk Red wants to take the box of brother’s milk he is drinking Bum hasn’t finished drinking yet Thank you for watching the video and remember to subscribe to follow Bum and Red’s next video