Red fox attacks human and another fox

She came to show her beautiful nose But her nose is dirty This is a dirty foxy nose You’re my girl Right? You’re such a beautiful girl! Alfie Come to me, my darling Where’s your Mom? What? Show me where your Mom is. Hi, dear 🙂 What’s happening? You’re my good girl Yeah, I came back. Alf is outside. Oh, she is so angry fox Asya Asya, stop doing that Asya, you look like a crocodile Alf is coming Asya, don’t bite your dad Oh, she is so angry…! Ooohh, Asya Alex: And if I catch her…? She’ll run away 🙂 Well, Asya… Show me how does fox attack when the fox is angry Alex: Are you angry… or sleepy? She was relaxing for some minutes ago Yes! Alex: She’s sleepy Alex: You’re still sleepy Alex: Asya… Oh, why are you hurting Alfie? Asya! You attacked him from behind Asya is attacking Ohh, why are you pulling his tail? Why are you so aggressive? Shame on you, Madame