Real-Life Stories – Cyberbullying – You Can’t Take It Back

Male narrator: I heard about a lot of things
my friends were doing online that were really mean
or just plain crazy. I never thought I would
do anything like that. One day my friend Pat
showed me a Web site he made. He posted a list
of girls at our school and had guys we know
go on and rate them. Sort of a “hot or not”
kind of Web site. I thought it was pretty funny,
so I rated them too. We had a good laugh and I thought
that was the end of it. The next day everyone at school
was talking about it. He had sent it out
to the whole school to see. I could tell a couple
of the girls had been crying. I knew it was because of what the guys had said
about them and how they looked. I felt bad but I didn’t really get it
until I went home that night. Turns out the guys had put
my little sister on the site too, but hid it from me because
they knew I would get upset. She was crying when I got home
and she wouldn’t even look at me. I would never have said
those things to someone’s face. I didn’t even mean them. I thought it was just
a joke between friends. Now Pat’s suspended from school,
and they might kick me out too. Once you put something online,
you lose control of it. You can never get it back. People can use it in ways
you never even meant. I learned that the hard way. I wish I never saw
that stupid site.