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What is neoliberalism? One of those words that one hears in the
news, newspapers, speeches and even on the street is neoliberalism,
a fairly confusing and complex concept that it’s not always clear at all, but that
still used indiscriminately so much positively as a very negative,
but at the end of the day what is neoliberalism, what is it about and exactly what do you want
say well stay on this video because There are many things to clarify. For almost 50 years that the term
neoliberalism has been in the environment and little by little it has been taking different meanings,
this is curious because neoliberalism doesn’t it’s a concrete idea, it’s more like a series
of ideas and concepts that have been adapting to modern societies as we now know them,
the concept of the neoliberal is so rare and diffuse that there are even those who claim that it does not exist. And it is that neoliberalism is not something tangible,
it is not a postulate written in stone, even it’s not as clear as the
Marxism or communism, it is still a concept that we can perceive in the form of policies
public, in economics, finance, public life, health, education
and even in the social dynamics that we have daily. That’s why I prepared this video for you
to show you very quickly what is the neoliberalism, what makes it up and what is it
in very general terms it is current of thought that transformed the second
half of the 20th century and what have you directed up to this moment The 21st century, so get ready
because this will be the first of several videos where we will get into matter about something so
complicated. First of all you have to be very clear that
there is no universal and unique definition for this concept as it happens, by
example, with communism, where there is no one single version and varies depending on the
regions, governments and even temporality, the same goes for concepts like Marxism,
liberalism, capitalism and even the anarchism, just remember communist Russia
from the first half of the twentieth century where one I might think the country was an incarnation
almost direct from Marxism, but that was not so, in reality the Russian State had a
adapted and customized current that defined as Marxism-Leninism. Because we apply Marxism, but conveniently
adapted for my idea of ​​nation. This same phenomenon occurs with the concept
of neoliberalism, although there is no need to be alarmed, well, although there are many authors that delimit
differently what is and is not neoliberalism yes there are some points in common that we can
underline and that will help us define in its most basic and elementary way what the hell
it’s neoliberalism, regardless of the current I’m describing it. Among other things there is only one foundation
of this current that is universally and completely elementary, it’s about neoliberalism
is the opposite of any other idea of collective social organization, it is
say, is the opposite or is the rival of communism, of socialism or any other idea of
collective organization of activities and resources in one society, said of another
way, neoliberalism is a series of ideas where the private is reinforced over the
public, the individual over the collective, the wealth of one or a group over that of
everyone equally. It is a system to create individualistic millionaires,
not for hipies and their communes From this simple sense of the neoliberal
is that many more ideas arise that give your regional or temporary personality and the way
in which these manifest is in form of laws, public policies, institutional agreements,
agreements between governments and economic policies and prosecutors who seek as their main objective
stop the advance of the collective in points and very specific aspects such as protection
of private property. Needless to say, these policies
worldwide public have been incredibly successful in adapting to almost all countries
in the last 50 years, so much so that today in day there seems to be no other clear alternative
of how to build the economic order and of world government Although of course, not for being the most successful is
the best, neoliberalism has caused disasters environmental, economic catastrophes in nations
developing, rampant inequality across the planet and such an accelerated consumerism
that seems unsustainable in the long run, but that will be a conversation for another video,
for now let’s continue with a little bit of story of how we got to this moment
historical where the neoliberal prevails. A great time to live if you ask me
to me Speak for yourself, in my country there is no work and
companies people like you have destroyed all natural resources
Yes, maybe, but you should see how much people have a good time in other countries
Not so much, I work 12 hours a day and still That way I can never buy my own house
It’s just the logic of the market, you only have to try a little harder
Work even more just to survive? This makes no sense
Yes, well, it is not that you have another For things like that it is so complicated Neoliberalism,
on the one hand, it generates wealth and well-being for millions of people mainly in the
cities around the world but on the other hand also causes excessive extraction
of natural resources, the destruction of small local economies, generates inequality
and regional poverty circles what are very complicated to break, but hey, let’s continue
With the story. In very general terms we can say that
the entire neoliberal movement emerges derived of the illustration that begins with the revolutions
from the end of the 18th century, for example, the revolution French, independence of the United States,
Independence in the Americas and with all of them the extension of rights
civilians and politicians in much of the world western. These social movements expanded the concept
private property and individual rights, what later became accentuated with the arrival
of the industrial revolution that unfortunately produced an extreme exploitation of the population,
that caused workers revolutions that changed the course of ideals what were created during
the independence and revolutions of the end of the 18th and 19th century. Then during the second half of the 19th century
comes the welfare movement that is taking strength throughout the end of the century, then
with the 1929 crisis in the united states and especially it is accentuated with the second war
World War and the Cold War, the welfare state is that the government has the obligation
of giving the population social security, public services and great government spending,
this reaches until the 60s but finally creates a system in crisis where governments
they cannot afford those expenses in addition to have a great tendency to inefficiency
and corruption From there the welfare state left
of being fun By the mid-seventies and up
the eighties begins to be implemented the idea of ​​the neoliberal, although this with
many regional nuances and differences, but that we can delimit in three big ideas
which will be applied practically throughout the Western world almost like a recipe. Interference cut
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That’s me Welcome to my kitchen, this week we will prepare
a rich neoliberal dish, it’s quite easy If you follow this recipe, you will only need
3 ingredients, the first is a good state strong, preferably one that organizes, that
have police to keep order and also with means of communications and transportation. The idea of ​​this is to make the state a guardian
of the market, that is, that neoliberalism It is not intended to destroy or replace states,
much less reduce them to their minimum expression, rather, what he wants is to transform them
so that they are the ones who guarantee that logic can be sustained and expanded
of markets, interestingly neoliberalism it needs a strong state, but not with the
purposes to meet the needs of the population but rather to sustain
and expand market forces. And the market is not something that happens
just because yes, you need clear rules and mechanisms that allow to delimit what is
can and what cannot be done in addition it is understood that it is the state that has to
provide space for markets may exist, the state is the basis of our
recipe, where everything is going to mix, this is important because it guarantees the operation
of the markets. We neoliberalists believe that well-being
of people and society only reached When they participate in the markets. Another ingredient of neoliberalism
is to create the feeling that the market is the only mechanism capable of processing information
clearly and fairly, he does so by saying that the dynamics of supply and demand reveals
the true value, cost and price of things, because only with the market you can
reveal how much it costs to produce something and also how much are you willing to pay someone
for anything. So you have to add some freedom
to our recipe, because neoliberalism defends the idea of ​​freedom of people, groups
and governments, although of course, it is understood as freedom to the ability of anyone
Can participate in the markets. This means that the idea is defended
that each person has full freedom to act within the market to buy or sell
whatever you like, even talk about a degree such freedom where there are no items,
prohibited goods or services and that even within that freedom one can choose
sell yourself in time, effort, intellect and even in body, because it occurs
for granted that the purchase dynamics itself and market sale will be the one that will limit
how far freedom can go Which if we think about it sounds pretty
great And at the same time very, very scary. Finally we have the simplest ingredient
and it is that neoliberalism propagates as a almost absolute truth its own superiority
technical, moral and logical about the public, so let’s add something private initiative,
a lot of preference and then remove the lumps of public companies as much as
possible. And it is that neoliberalism assumes that
any important public activity like energy production, health, education,
the construction or anything else will be inferior to any other done so
private, that idea is based on the fact that the public is linked to the government and
therefore it is manipulated by interests private and murky politicians, so
That will be permanently corrupt and inefficient. And ready! with those three ingredients well mixed
a neoliberal state is created, they can put more than one ingredient or less than any
another doesn’t matter, but they always have to have all three: a regulatory state, freedom
mercantile and finally prioritize what private over the public, mix well strong
and enjoy There they have it, in very general terms
those are the most elementary parts that make up to neoliberalism, obviously there is much more
to say and the story of where are you from ideas is quite wide and distant, but for
let’s leave it that way, why good It is worth talking in a timely manner about where
each of these ideas comes and why They have preserved to this day. So stay tuned, because in the
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