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Koukeyte presents Dolls With the support of How about you?
You gonna work or not? Come on, hands, feet,
hands, feet… Get moving… …knee shot… work… Do it, that’s it, again…
…combine… head, bottom… …use your knees… come on,
now punch… yo, that’s it, super… Yo, that’s it… super. “Hi!
“Hi! Just look at you, boxerman… -What’s that in your mouth?
-Just a mouth guard… I was starting to think
I’d die if I didn’t see you two. Cast -If you hadn’t called, I’d have
jumped too. -Without the cord, huh? 2 weeks of boxing and you’re still a
wimp. Dad’s not gonna be impressed. -Screenplay
-Quiet, okay… -You’re so macho, you hunk!
-Who’s your hunk? Music – Photography Scram! He pissed on my backpack! Di rector DOLLS So pack your things
and let’s hit the road, yeah? |§ka… -You’re going to have to go without
me. -First you said we had to come get you here. We hitchhike here for
three hours, and you’re not going? You two will go back home, no prob.
But my dad’d never forgive me. |§ka… -We’re not going without you…
-Why not? Go ahead… -Either you go or none of us goes.
-Vojtéch talks to Dad every day. If he raises an alarm,
I’d never get past the border. Your dad’s on holiday. You’d belong
gone before he could do anything. He’d come to the Netherlands to get
me. I need Vojta to cover for me. -Your old man still depends on him?
-They depend on each other. Hey, Vojta looks pretty cute
in shorts. How old is he? -Fourteen.
-Hmm, good age. So I’ll just have to work on him. -Thank you.
-Thanks. Thanks. -Have some. -I’m not
allowed. Especially not that. He’d rip the rings off with him. And what about this? -I’ve got a motto for today:
-No food, no drink! Just booze! Look! A PSer. -Huh?
-Potential Sponsor. -PS is no longer Premarital Sex?
-PSer and PS go together… -Right, Karolina?
-You’ve perfected your acronyms. Many PSers lately? -Who’s he?
-Some sportsfreak. He manages the whole camp.
We’re gonna be in trouble. Vojta, don’t rush! We haven’t
even started the foreplay. -This is Bobr. He doesn’t smoke.
-I’m Vendula. I don’t smoke either. -|§ka. -Students, eh?
-Maybe next year. -Or never. We didn’t get in.
-You did. -But it’s as if I didn’t. You said you were keeping
your eye on your sis, chump. -I am.
-Come on! -You girls need a good ass-|ickin’!
-Would you give it to us bare? You bet!
But I’d hafta smack. Wanna try? What? Or maybe you’d rather have me
across your lap? I only whip guys’ asses in pubs
– So shall we go outside? Yeah, I hear you, Dad… Nothing much, huh? At least
I can shoot starlings with it. It’s a damn sweet strap. As the guard I can let in whoever
I want. Come on. No charge! -Hm… That’s a cool side job.
-Careful there… -You aren’t too impressed here, huh?
-We aren’t too demanding. All I’d need now is
a hunk of salami. Good. Even without salami. Wanna show me
to the bathroom? I should have been in my
room hours ago. |§ka too. -Shall we fill the tub?
-Suicide by shotgun… -Suicide by asphyxiation…
-Blame yourself, |§ka! -Suicide by hanging…
-What’s your choice?-What about you? -I have no reason to kill myself.
-If you thought hard enough… Vojta, do you know why your
sister’s always so anguished? -Anguish makes one grow.
-You’d be a skyscraper by now! You know what’s weird?
The smarter the people, the more the suicides.
Then there’s just idiots. Was that an insult? I guess I’ll kill myself… You’re not going to have that
on your conscience, Vojta. Hey, I’ll get you
the day off tomorrow. Missing training
isn’t allowed. -Have you got nail clippers?
-I’ll go get them. Quit fooling around. -I won’t be able stop myself.
-So? You know how much I can lift?
Kilos, I mean… That’s why I liked you. Careful… No stoppin’ the body.
It’ll be a massacre. – Prove it.
When I get going,I’m outta control. So when you gonna get going? I guess I overdid it today. With me? No… in the gym. Spent… strength. -What’s that?
-A logbook. Here, sign it. See? My hands are shaking. I’ve got asthma, but no biggie. -It’s great here.
-Isn’t it? I found it right away so I’d have
a place to be alone. Athletes are so cliquey.
There are four of us in my room. Chill, Vojta. Nobody’s looking
for you. Bobr’|| take care of it. -I’ll go work on him.
-Great. I don’t intend to lose the job
just because we arrive late. -We’ve got ten days to get there.
-But we said we were going to enjoy it since it’s
our last summer holiday together! That we’d have a nice,
easy trip there and party. -We partied last night.
-That we’d have a nice, easy trip …and party! Instead, we’re stuck
in this shithole with your brother. You two should just go alone. It
wouldn’t work with Vojta anyway. -How about a flip from here?
-Are you still dizzy? So why are you up here? You don’t find
conquering fear exciting? In gymnastics, they beat us with
a jump rope to get us over our fear. -Why do you put up with it?
-I don’t know. Maybe… Maybe because it’s expected of me… I’ve been doing it ever since
I was four. I’m the best. And léka? Does your father expect
her to take punches in the face? She’s only got boxing for two weeks
so she’ll learn to defend herself. But I have to
endure it all the time. I’d like to be lying here
with someone. Wouldn’t you? You two are all I need. -I just don’t get you sometimes!
-That’s why we’re going together. -We don’t need anyone else! -But
that’s something different entirely! Who would you like to be
lying here with? Bobr? -Total Sorryass.
-Karolina didn’t think so. Special note: SS. What’s that
supposed to mean? SS, like SS officer? -Or Spent Strength.
-She’s always inventing stuff. I’m sick of experiments. I’d like
to just lie here with somebody. We’ll never get anywhere
like this. Who’s watching who here? -What are you doing?
-I’m calling Dad! Hi… Dad? J’ Now nobody s watching anybody anymore!
-Are you nuts, léka? Go to hell, why don’t you! How am I supposed to work on him
when you won’t leave us alone? Vojta! I need something. I’ll last an hour.
That should be enough for you. Vojta, are your hands cold too? Only neurotics have cold hands! Or frigid women. Don’t piss me off… What are you staring at?$ol”‘Y-Are you queer too or what?
-No… the opposite. -Where have you been? -Tell Karolina
I need to borrow her make-up. -For what?
-Move your butt! -What’s she got that for? -How dare
you dig around in her things! I have to watch you.
You were acting weird. -I always am. -You better be
in your room soon, léka. Or you’ll have the coach
to answer to. And Dad. Do your feet hurt? Jealousy
always goes to my feet… Freedom! I’m free! Fuck Dad!
Fuck Vojta! Fuck everything! Finally! You are bimboes… -Jesus, your hands are icy again.
-And you’re playing again. -Here, try rolling it…
-What is it? -A white chestnut.
-Wow, white? Yep, unripened. Careful, it might just
ripen in your hands. YEP, just right. To Holland. To freedom! I hope we don’t just
herd cows 24-7. -Nah… We’re gonna enjoy it.
-We’re gonna get high, -and I’ll finally make some money.
-Yeah… So what are you gonna get high on? -You’re such a dolt.
-Just thinking about October makes me sick. I don’t want to be
with all those strangers. But you’re off to college.
I’m going to some dumb job. Exactly…
Everything ended with graduation. -What if it doesn’t work out?
-Come on, it’s all arranged. You’re such a worrywart, léka. Still, I’m glad
I have you. Both of you. -Three’s too many for hitchhiking.
-What are you doing? -Eyes. Here you go.
-This is good, cripples. Please, could you give us a… -Hello! Thanks, you’re so kind!
-You’re great! -No! Go!
-No way. -Blow, you idiot! No chance. Have you lost it? Where
do you think you’re going with them? None of your business!
Stop the car! Get out now! You wanna escape? No chance!
I’m supposed to watch you. You’re supposed to be doing
somersaults, you idiot! -Shut up! I’m calling Dad right now.
-Yo, go ahead and call! -Dad, help!
-Calm down, you spaz! Leave me alone! -What happened to you? -Imagine, we
were stung by an infected mosquito. -Don’t you wanna just drop
that dumb game? – No. Perfect… How else? At least somebody is. Perfect woman finds perfect
man, they have perfect kids. -Isn’t it a bit too virtual? -At
least you can control it perfectly. Vojtéchl Cheeky brat! You won’t get through, it’s
broken again. Pawn shop junk. Vojta, here. Hi, Dad… Yeah… sorry… It just went dead… From a friend… |§ka left hers
at home again. You know her. She’s still worried it’ll
give her a hole in the head. But she’s here with me now.
She wants to talk to you. -You little jerk.
-Baby boy calls daddy for SOS. -I was hoping you might pleasantly
surprise us. -Why would I? Surprises are important. My parents hate surprises.
I was their biggest surprise. Shouldn’t we check out that
cafeteria? May be some PSers. I already scammed
plenty off Bobr for free. You don’t say? For free, eh? Dining ticket… “1000-crown fine
for lost dining tickets” -Seven-fifty.
-Keep the change. -Refill. -Watch it,
your performance will drop. What do you know?
Maybe his will rise. Yeah, maybe mine will rise!
Damn, it’s hot here… -I’m hungry! Double-fisted drinking!
-You’re a cow! Vojta, Vojta… Little squirt…
young, inexperienced… Vojta, Vojta… young greenhorn… And here it’s really cold.
‘Cos there’s a cold wave! Yeah, it’s cold here. And warm here! -Yep, sure is! -Cold!
-Warm wave! -Warm! Now it’s all mixed up! No, it doesn’t work…
He doesn’t mind… You’ve got roaming
so you’re paying, right? Uh-huh. My landing was fine…
Coach complimented me on it. Yeah… She’s improved a lot… Hey, I gotta go now… What are you groaning about? -Just in general. -Don’t groan too
much. Vendula says it’s your turn. -After all, no need to spend…
-|§ka’s turn to burn. Oh, well… I»v– You don t need
this, lskal -Yes, I do! -You’re not cold?
-No, why? Your nipples are hard.
So you are cold. Or aroused. But I doubt that. Hold on. Girls look good when
they’re cold! We’ll take you! -You’re good at hunting guys.
-I don’t hunt them. -Guys don’t interest me.
-So who does? Women? Of course. -We’re queer. -Chick-Iickers, huh?
How many have you had so far? Just one so far. And you can tell you’re Iesbos after
just one pussy? -How many guys have you had?
-None. Guys don’t interest me. Hope this isn’t some Iesbo crusade.
The third one is she a Iezzie too? You know when somebody
has money they smell differently? Actually, they reek of money.
Money stinks like those boxes in those shops where you
unpack things yourself. -Nobody gives anything for free.-You
wouldn’t be interested, if they did. When we come back from Holland,
I’ll get a bank account too. Will you have enough? Maybe not. But it’s a start. Hopefully, you’ll have something
to build on it. At least you know where to
start. Maybe it’ll work out. -Are you two maniacs?
-That depends on your definition… -What about you?
-What about me? -What’s your story? -Are you coaching them or what?
-I’m keeping my eye on them. I still have to work out what
kind of results I want. Which depends on who
expects them from you. This is good theatre! Just don’t enjoy it so much. -One always enjoys flimax.
-What? Flimax. Fleeting climax. An
experience that’s… climactic… but fleeting. -I’m happily W!
-What? -Wrecked. Concisely. Girls, show us your Iezzie act. Sure. I’ve seen better shows. You seem rather… stunned, |§ka. We’re still polishing it. -Your mouth was dry.
-What’s that? Uh, placenta… chapstick. Yeah? And what’s it made of? From chaps. Or placenta? And you’re smearing it
on my lips? Fuck that! -Hold on, Vendulal
-Freedom! I’m W! -Just a little further.
-Why? I’m cold. -I wanna plunge into
the water too. -Which water? I’m not sure yet. -This isn’t theatre anymore.
-No. -So what is it? -I wanna be in your
logbook too, okay? YOU? May I? You know which acronym? F. For Friend. It doesn’t mean anything.
You can kiss anyone. Hey, the guys invited us to the sea. -But we don’t wanna go to the sea.
-But it’s a chance for me.A huge one -Come on.
-Really? I thought the Netherlands was our
chance.At least when it was us three But we’ll just work
our bums off on that farm. Here, so the chance
is easier to catch. Vendula… But they’re expecting us
there. I’ve blown off my father, -school, everything for this. -The
school your dad picked out for you. -You can cop out on it without me.
-You said mom you’d make money there Hold on. I just told her she won’t
have to support me anymore. But we said we didn’t want to
end up like everybody else. We’ve been planning this trip for
half a year! We belong together! You’re incredibly childish, |§ka. And you’re the one
who wanted to back down first. -Yeah, and you coaxed me most.
-Vendulka sure can coax. -For once they didn’t choose you.
-I’m used to doing the choosing. Of course you are. -Are we going? -You don’t know
where you’re going. -Oh yes we do! -So where are
you going? -Nowhere, it seems. You two dykes don’t need
anyone else anyway, right? We’re in business, boys! Bye! Cool. Can I shift gears? -Three.
-Third! -Four.
-Fourth! – Keep going! -Slow down, will ya?
-Why? Just slow down. What’s wrong,
Vendula? Stop! She’s sick! Don’t worry, it’ll be okay…
breathe… that’s it… Go ahead… let it all out…
good, take a deep breath… breathe… in… out… Come on, you’ll be okay.
Let’s take a walk. No… stop… stop… LGt’$ go -What’s eating you?
-I had first dibs, you know. You didn’t miss anything. A virgin
stiff as a board. I didn’t get off. You sick pig! I bet she
was puking because of you! -Tone it down, you’re talking like
trash. -You’re acting like it,idiot. -Love at first sight, was it?
-Go to hell. Quarter past twelve.
I’m ready for bed. Let’s go. Fuck you. Lesbo. Lesbian. Lesbian like a thespian. What happened to you? What about you? So the hunting goddess caught her
prey? How was the sea? Maybe you two should cool off too.
Or faux dykes aren’t flaming? Train departures. -You all right?
-Okay? -Are you coming back?
-That would suit you, huh? -I wanna call Dad.
-The phone booth’s over there. Let’s just ditch him. Let him tell
Dad I don’t care. I want to leave. And I want a drink. -Vendula, get up.
-Go to hell. -Where were you?
-Vendula… I talked to the guy from the Agency
We can take the bus on Thursday. Great. Look, a surprise. I won! -Me and Vojta don’t eat!
-Vendula… -Surprise, surprise. She wants me to feel guilty! I’m not apologizing! Yeah… The farm and us three. Us not joining the rat race.
I really believe you there. Vendula, look. You’re the one
who started pushing the sea. -Flambél
-Stop yelling. Our princess
from the royal family! -Just go cram, little miss student.
-Just keep insulting her! -I won it for everyone.
-Yeah, you sure know how to win. Just not at home! You think not telling your
parents is such a big deal? That they’re worried sick
about you? Bullshit! In three months
you go home and they’ll say:II ‘Karolma, you were gone
so long we forgot about you. We didn’t even notice you
were gone. But we love you!” -Vendulal Stop it!
-Lemme go. To the crapper. Pardon. The ladies’ room.$ol”‘YThree months? I’ve had enough
of you three already! So get up and buzz off! The pig pissed in my kitchen!
You’re gonna clean it up! Lemme go, asshole! Go to hell. – You tried to kill me!
No,I didn’t wanna mop up your shit. -Sorry. You copped it for me.
-Do I get a reward? Vojta, I can’t breathe.
Would you walk with me? Please. Please. -You’re not talking to me?
-About what? I see. Daddy’s boy. Doesn’t
need a mask, never lies. – I’ve been lying because of you. -Do
you ever do anything for yourself? I’d like to break my arm or leg… I jump like a trained monkey
and Dad applauds me for it. You can break anything. And still do one last flip
in the process. Cold. So… …gymnast or neurotic? Karolina! Vojta! ls this how they do it? How
much do you take a year? Huh? Your cup of tea, champ?
Or would you rather flee? -Do I get a medal?
-What kind do you want? I’ll make my choice in time. No, no… no… Voita. stop it! Come on, it doesn’t matter. -Warm!
-Loonies! You and |§ka both! It’s your father. I can’t talk to him now
I wouldn’t leave. Karolina, what were you doing
back there with Vojta? What are we waiting on?
Now’s our chance to ditch him! No. I don’t wanna leave
him here like this. And you’d leave me here
like this? Me, yeah? Where are you going? Did you sleep with him?
Did you have PS? Karolina, he’s a little boy!
His first experience. Of all people, you don’t feel
I’m good enough to be first? Karolina, I love you. Lots. No. Don’t stake claims on me. And don’t ever say that
to me again! And you keep quiet about it
to Vendula. Please. You’re nuts.
Taking grass to Holland. I can’t believe you
didn’t pull it out before. So you’d smoke it all up? -It’s my rescue kit. -Yeah,
now’s the perfect time for it. Vojtéch! Not you! Let him be. He can handle it. Even if he did just blow it. Yeah, and have you already blown it
in front of Dad too? -What are you gonna do there? -Bust
our asses like sweatshop laborers. -Vendula, no. I’ve had enough.
-Enjoy it and herd cows. I’m going to enjoy my
freedom. And no parenting! I can’t take another drag.
I’m already high. -Take me with you.
-You don’t even have an ID! -Be realistic, Vojta.
-The old man’|| flip. He’s gonna pommel you… Both! The jerk! -Damn, boys, where are you?
-Damn women. -It’s weird, I don’t get it.
-Everything’s screwy anyway. Incredibly screwy. – PSer.
-Go to hell with your acronyms. Karolina. Don’t do this to me. It’s not your turn! Vojta. Look out for |§ka’s
sisterly instinct, Karolina. You’re wrong.
But it doesn’t matter. So enlighten dumb Vendulka.
Please. Lend him your phone. Oh yeah,
you’re out of credit, eh? Oh, sorry. I mean, your pawn
shop junk’s broken, right? I’d understand it differently. -I promised I wouldn’t tell you.
-I see. A silent agreement.| get it. It’s not about Vojta.
She’s just jealous. Jealous? She fell in love. Not with you, I hope. Guys aren’t enough for you? |§ka’s all confused, and you
have to take advantage of it! Confused… If you think I’m
such a slut, ask her. This is a four-spotted leaf beetle.
A beetle’s better than I am, huh? Well… it’s really interesting.
I mean, you are too… of course… But they don’t come
around here very often. Neither do I. You coming in? -What about the beetle?
-I gave him his freedom. I don’t like it in the water. I don’t like it on land either. -Will you give me freedom too?
-But you can do whatever you want. You… you’re so thin…
unhealthily thin… You should pad your nerves. -I want cabbage.
-Don’t ruin it for her. Homegrown, juicy cabbage… Hey… Vendula… What…
what’s your favorite? -Food, I mean.
-Food? Don’t you have a favorite dish? Fried grasshoppers. Sorry… Karolina got a
craving for cabbage. It should be good. Ours gets
gobbled up By flea beetles. -Right. Thanks.
-Want some too? I’m not a flea beetle! -Karolina likes cabbage?
-She likes everything. Hey, Vendula… I like girls that… -That…
-That what? That like to eat. One look at me
and it’s really obvious. I like you. A lot. Yourfriend…
over by the water… pegged it. Vendula… -Did I do something wrong?
-You come too! -Why?
-Get up, doll! Shit! You think I need help? That I’m really interested
in your rejects? Someone Karolina doesn’t like
or who doesn’t arouse you! -But he said he likes girls like…
-Like what? -Like… your type.
-Yeah? But you had to prompt him. You think I’m going to let
a deviant like you toss me guys? -You mean… frigid?
-Lesbo! What about my medal
for the flip at the tracks? I didn’t back down
there either. Warning. Children under
eighteen not allowed. You do it. -She told you?
-I hope she was bullshitting. Sorry. -I’m repulsive. -I don’t get what
makes even you so crazy about her. And I’m supposed to put up with this
for three months? In Holland? -She makes guys ga-ga. At least
tell me why. -I’m not a guy. -When it comes to this you are.
-I don’t know. How she purses her lips and rolls
her eyes so expressively. Rolls her eyes? -I can’t help it.
-I know. A little further. Another step. A bit of a voyeur, aren’t you? So, end of show. Stand up, please. Moron. Enough. Karolina? I don’t eat leftovers.
Write that in your logbook, babe. Yeah. Sorry. I fell asleep
as soon as I hit the sack. But I am taking it seriously! I am being normal. I said
I was dead tired and forgot. I did tell her.
But she’d rather write you. Okay, I’ll tell her. Bye. |§ka, no! |§ka? -léka…
-I did it. I really did it. I did it. I really did it. You want something so bad,
you hold your palms open, but you have no clue someone
is about to spit on it. Why did you turn around? You
think I jump on every woman? Hey, léka, don’t tell me you
wouldn’t want me! -We’re first-rate cows. -We don’t
even need to wear cowbells. Look, Beetle. Look, Beetle. -Let’s go.
-At least wait till morning. Beetle’s an endurer, right Vendula? -He’s desperate.
-A desperate endurer. Why don’t you
give him a chance? I’m nothing. I have nothing. Why should I be with someone
who’ll make me double nothing? What kind of gauge is that? None of us have anything.
We’re all nothing. -So why do you record your nothing?
-That’s probably exactly why. Girls, stop it. Vendula… Come warm up. So you don’t get frostbite, gymnast. Come on. It’s warm, huh? Vojta… Little Vojta… Vojta… Vojta, little Vojta,
you samaritan, you! And you don’t take leftovers! Vendulal Stop it! What are you doing? It’s okay. It’ll pass. My parents say I’m faking it. They say I do it
when I want attention. You’re bleeding. Hold me, léka. -God, I should have been a boy.
-Hold me tight. -I’m going away.
-Where to? -Do you want to go home?
-No. I’m a third wheel there. I disturb their intimacy. Dad can’t
even fart when I’m there. -So where?
-I don’t know. Maybe Bobr’s.
To the last super summer disco. -Karolina. Please…
-Don’t talk. Don’t spoil it. Jesus… You said nobody’s
keeping an eye on anybody. Vojta… Sorry. No, I’m sorry. Don’t you two want
to tell me what’s going on? That would be like taking
grass to Holland. Everything’s screwy anyway. I have to say goodbye
normally to her. Fine. I’ll go alone. I need to work. Hey, look… -Damn. -See? That’s a sign
you shouldn’t go alone. Just to say goodbye. I’m sure she’ll be at Bobr’s.
Then I’ll go with you, I promise. I’m going and he would take
us all the way there! |§ka, you can’t give up now!
You’re almost there! -Don’t wimp out!
-You gymnast. We still have two days! But you know I’m crap at languages. Exactly. You won’t understand
those Dutch cows either. Neither the cows nor the bulls.
Okay, something for something. Go ahead! Go! Goodbye! Buzz off. Really horrible. Hey, hi… Howdy, squirt
– Hi there…little Bobr. Don’t drag it out, |§ka. Tell her she means nothing
to you. That it was just a game. Because you liked having
someone on the back burner. You’re wrong. You mean a lot to me…
Both of you. Like a backdrop, eh? One fat whale
and one devoted… lesbian. -We had it out yesterday. -Maybe
with me. But you owe it to her. Look, she’s practically
on her knees! Dad… There’s no signal here.
I can’t hear you. |§ka… It won’t work. There you have it. Now you
can finally kill yourself! Go on, lend her your pistol! -You’re cruel.
-It was unbearable. I couldn’t take it anymore. -Wait. -What do you want?
Samaritan’s not available. I just screw everyone’s life up. But one should go home,
even if one isn’t expected. -There’s something Karolina
doesn’t like about me. -What? My hands are cold. It’s not your hands. So what is it? -But I just can’t be…
-You can. -That’s the E.
-E? E as in the End of acronyms. -How did you find me here? -Karolina
wanted a ride here last night. -I figured it was worth a try.
-So why didn’t you take Karolina? Because maybe you’d have run
away from me. In the meantime. I’m sure there’s plenty
of grasshoppers here… To fry. My God. Look at this. -What should I do?
-Whatever you want. Do I have to be careful? -I’m Hanka.
-I’m |§ka. I don’t want it anymore. I love you. All of you. So, bye. Bye. Vendula… I’m not going to Holland. But not
because of Karolina. Because of me. -Will you drive me to the border?
-You’re going? I thought maybe
we could sit… together. Are you an endurer? So you can sit
for three months without me. But the border’s
kind of far, isn’t it? Especially since considering
it’s almost night. Or just desperate? Don’t leave yet.
This is my last season. Ours too. Bye. Take care. |§ka? Are you going to tell Dad…
about yourself? Maybe…