Preface- Recovering From Workplace PTSD Audiobook (Kevin William Grant)

Recovering from Workplace PTSD is a recovery guide for mental health professionals and
PTSD survivors. It offers no-nonsense, practical advice to help empower PTSD survivors to build
and implement their personalized recovery plan.
I approach the complex topic of workplace PTSD from clinical psychology, life coaching,
and corporate management perspectives. In the clinical psychology domain, I draw upon
my experience as a Clinical Psychology Associate with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology,
a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and a Ph.D. Candidate in the field of Social and
Personality Psychology. My coaching perspective originates from collaborating with clients
as a Certified Professional Coach, certified by the International Coach Federation. The
corporate management perspective comes from my work as a product manager at Microsoft,
Mozilla, TD Bank, The Globe and Mail, and Bell Canada.
I am a workplace PTSD survivor. Being a gay man who was out at work exposed me to harassment,
bullying, and discrimination. This workplace trauma had a cumulative effect on me over
two decades that ultimately transformed my recovery journey into a life mission of personally
helping others recover from workplace PTSD. My clinical psychology skills and real-world
corporate experience fit naturally with this mission, and I decided to research and put
together this audiobook. When I began writing, I had lofty goals and
was driven by a sincere passion for effecting positive change. My personal experience with
workplace PTSD inspired me to find my inner voice of courage and strength, and I hope
this audiobook inspires you to find yours. At its core, it will give you the tools and
insights necessary for you to understand, confront, and heal from workplace PTSD.
I wrote this audiobook for individuals recovering from workplace PTSD and to inspire mental
health professionals with new and emerging treatment ideas. The goals of this workplace
PTSD recovery plan are to learn more about PTSD—what it is, where it comes from, and
why it develops. The audiobook will help you come to terms with the realities of the modern
workplace so you can examine your experiences with a fresh and honest perspective and find
clarity so you can journey into a peaceful, happy, and rewarding future.