Pokémon Blue True Pacifist Run (Full Commentary)

My friends, fellow Pokémaniacs, my name is
Sol also known as SolTheCleric and welcome to my True Pacifist Run of Pokémon Blue. The main goal of this challenge run is to
finish this game without “killing” or even damaging any Pokémon. This run is obviously going to be a “glitched”
run so please do expect stuff like RNG manipulation, wrong warps, a little bit of arbitrary code
execution and also some memes along the way. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to use all
the glitches available though in fact I’m going to exclude any glitches based on “Save
Corruption” and also I’m not going to use any other glitch that could quite literally
end the very existence of any of my own Pokémon so no wrong warps based on the so called “Cooltrainer”
glitch. To achieve this I’m going to use some parts
of a very outdated route long since abandoned that I’m going partially revive specifically
for this pacifist run. Also, as this is not a speedrun, I’m going
to prioritize many “peachy” strats or safe strats to hopefully drastically increase consistency
at the expense of speed. So, if you paid attention in the beginning
of the game, I’ve named myself “BLUE” and my rival “AA” and this is going to come in
handy for a glitch much later in the run. Professor Oak, it’s been some time. So this tiny blue mutant turtle is going be
my personal starter for this run as he’s the only starter whose only
non-damaging move, Tail Whip, does not decrease our opponent’s attack power. This rival fight is unfortunately a mandatory
fight but luckily enough we are not required to win it in order to progress. And yes, this means that the reason why I
chose Squirtle in the first place is that he’s much more likely to lose much faster
than the other starters without damaging my Rival’s Pokémon. For now, just let’s spam Tail Whip and hope
to die a quick death. Oh well, we lost. Our non-violent strategy will definitely pay
off in the long run though. For now let’s just go get the Parcel. Also I’m going to get as many Potions as I
reasonably can before a specific encounter with certain a Pokémon to increase my chances
to catch it because we’ll absolutely have to do it at some point in order to proceed
and that’s not gonna be easy. You’ll see what I’m talking about soon enough. So, if you’re wondering how I’m running this
game, I’m using the Linux version of the gambatte-speedrun emulator, a fork of gambatte specifically
optimized for speedruns and accuracy and also I’m recording this in 1080p and 60fps so can
totally, uhm, see these glorious pixels in high quality I guess. Ok, my next objective here is to catch a Pidgey
with a specific HP value so I’m going to buy quite a few Pokéballs and also a Paralyze
Heal for later. So, right now, any level 3 Pidgey will work
and if it’s a level 4 then we’ll have to check its HP value first. In any case I’m going to save my game here
in a specific spot in case we’re going to run out of Pokéballs or patience to possibly
manipulate the RNG in order to consistently spawn a suitable Pidgey. Goddamnit. Rattata please… Level 3, good enough. Now let’s go back to Viridian City, deposit
Pidgey, and don’t forget to rest at the Pokémon Center to be able to respawn here later. Uhm, and as I said, don’t forget to rest at
the Pokémon Center. There we go. So our next destination now is Viridian Forest
and, as you might recall, there’s a certain trainer, a bug-catcher, that we absolutely
cannot avoid fighting in a normal playthrough. That’s why I’m going to do a very specific
RNG manipulation in order to spawn a certain Pokémon just in front of him and then get
my Squirtle killed to activate the so called Trainerfly Glitch in its Deathfly variant. You’ll see what I mean in a moment. So, right now, I’m following a specific path
to avoid most encounters in the forest, and the same time, avoid any optional trainer
fights. Also let’s not forget that antidote. Now I’m going to save in a very specific tile,
Hard-reset the game and manipulate the RNG for that certain Pokémon. This requires a somewhat precise sequence
of button presses during the intro as well as very precise movement after we reload the
game. And also now the game is red. There you go. Well, hello Pikachu. Now kill me and, please, make it quick. Good. So now I’m going to withdraw Pidgey to increase
my chances to catch yet another specific Pokémon here. And I’m talking about a certain level 7 Slowbro
that has exactly 16 special. And to even have a chance of seeing one, we
need to first encounter a level 4 or a level 5 Pidgey in Route 2 and then cross our fingers. Also saving and resetting here would render
the glitch useless unfortunately so that’s not an option. Level 3, not good enough. Level 4, let’s try this. Let’s flash the menu here. Aaaand… that’s a Slowbro! Now let’s hope to catch it before it kills
me and this can take quite a few tries. Come on. Yes keep spamming Disable please. Now another Confusion could kill me but let’s
try this anyway. Well, and I didn’t even have to use any potion
as he just spammed disable most of the time. Now though I need to make sure that this Slowbro’s
special stat is indeed 16 or I’d have to reset and try again from the Pikachu manipulation
as a different value would, most likely, simply soft-lock the game later on. So, since this is a good Slowbro, let’s swap
it with Squirtle. Very good, this somewhat RNG-heavy part of
the run is finally over and the rest will, hopefully be mostly execution-based and I
have to admit that I’ve been extremely lucky here. Now, the biggest side-effect of this Slowbro
encounter though is that the mandatory trainer fight at the end of Viridian Forest is, well,
now deactivated. Good bye! Right now, we need to have at least 5 different
items in our inventory for glitch later on so we need to buy a single Awakening here
in Pewter City. And now’s the time for Brock Skip. By setting my cursor on the save button in
my menu and then closing this guy’s dialog with the b button, I can open my menu and
save. And then reset. By putting Slowbro as our first Pokémon and
Pigey as our second, if we speak with this guy from the right, we can now, well… walk
through walls. Just like this. And this why this glitch is called “Brock
through walls”. So, while we’re walking out of bounds, we
need to follow a certain path to avoid the risk of actually crashing the game completely
and hopefully reach our next destination that is Saffron City. There we go. Now let’s heal and save. Our next objective now is to obtain an Abra
and, luckily enough, we can easily reach Celadon City and simply buy one there with only 120
coins, so let’s go get the Coin Case first. So the main reason we just got an Abra is
to be able to easily exploit the so called “Trainerfly Glitch” by using its teleporting
abilities to encounter a certain… Pokémon… yeah… “Pokémon”. But first let’s deposit all our other Pokémon
in our team to be able to die faster in the next fight. So right here I need to swap this awakening
in position 6 of my inventory and then teleport away. The next step now is to get beaten up in the
Dojo. And do so multiple times. Come on. Stop staring at me. Come on Machop, you don’t need steroids in
order to one-shot me. You can do that just fine. Goddamnit Machop. He missed! That’s a 10% chance. Thank you! Now that sure took you a while. Ok let’s not forget to flash the menu and… Oh look it’s Missingno. What a surprise! But I’m kinda busy right now so we’ll talk
later OK? Now let’s repeat the Trainerfly Glitch again
but this time let’s toss two Awakenings first. And now let’s get beaten up in the Dojo again. Ok then, let’s get our Pokémon back as no
one gets left behind for this. Flash the menu again. Oh, hello again! I was looking for you. Happy to see you well and thanks for multiplying
my awakenings. Good bye. Very well then. Let’s do another safety save here in case
I screw it up and now, by swapping a few items around I can finally activate the Item Underflow
Glitch to be able to use our item menu to modify some very specific values in the game’s
memory. Specifically, I’ll be able to change the warp
coordinates of our next destination to a very specific room in the game world. And I’m pretty sure some of you have probably
already guessed which one it’s going to be. Very well guys, this concludes my True Pacifist
Run of Pokémon Blue: I finally became the very worst Pokémon trainer like no one ever
was, losing all the battles and never defeating or even damaging a single Pokémon along the
way. In the description you’ll find all the resources
that I used to finally put this run altogether. And this includes links to tutorials, videos
and speedruns that I used as reference. So if you’re curious or want to replicate
this yourself, please check them out and expect more Pokémon content and more pacifist runs
in the future. This is SolTheCleric and peace out.