POEM.Rara Avis…Veritas Vincit.Gloria Wimberley. #Poetry #ToxicWorkplace #PerformanceArt

Hi there! I’m ~Poet Gloria Wimberley~ and
I’m gonna read a poem about a life experience that I believe many can
relate to and it’s called Rara Avis Veritas Vincit…Frozen like a deer in
headlights is how your wrongheaded snow- blind decision made me feel; by stabs of
icicles you transgressed and vilified wormed through my competent,
compassionate, caring Teacher’s Red Apple via your silly /sour /cankered
blizzard of lies that morphed monstrously…hell of hail. Your outrageous and inflammatory tirades of falsity echoing (((echoing))) echoing from a clunky tin-eared, leaden-tongued email–one to the other…a cyber grapevine grimy with your
icy intent.Yet-Know-This: Your verbal violence did not move me, did not change
me (((TASSEL–LOCH–VAN–TON))) Your weak words whimpered and vaporized against my wall
of flame–that is INextinguishable Torch of Truth…Inferno of Integrity…I am and forever will be a Denizen of Dignity and a phoenix-from-the-flames standing tall
with my head held high in pride and purpose —-Mightily melting your iceberg of injustice **I** am poised to soar…old, aged buzzards
tarred and feathered in public shame (Public Shame) at the Eastern Gateway. Tell me…how do the ashes of defeat taste in your mouths?
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