Photo Modeling In 1940

Well, well, well, will you look at those
lovely creatures look at that one As tasty and tempting and toothsome and trim and tinier tidbit… Mmm let’s see where was I? It’s too bad that she’s not the real McCoy -Oh but I am real Fancy that! Say beautiful let me in on the
secret. What’s going on here anyway? What are your hopes? What are your ambitions? What’s your phone number? Who are you anyway?
Who are you? -Well I am a professional model of course Well if you’re only a model I’d
sure like to lamp the finished product Hold the phone there. What’s this? Wow how many of you girls are there anyhow – Well there are hundreds of girls making a
successful living at modeling Modelling!? Hundreds like you babe
that sounds like paradise Gee this modelling business looks like
glamorous stuff to me – That’s what they all say.
Proposing hour after hour – And this Alaskan sealskin coat under hot lights isn’t exactly what I call fun Wrinkle at nose honey.
Tell me where do you beautiful babes get your jobs anyway? How do these magazine people know where to find you? – We’re all registered at the model agency if you’ll go down there -and look through their files you can find out all about us Well what are we waiting for? Song Toodaloo hello do you mind if I
give the place the once-over I’d like to get some first hand dope on what makes
the wheels go around in the model agency why of course I’d be delighted to show
you around and explain it all just a little bit of heaven I wouldn’t mind
working here myself I’ll bet every good-looking girl in town works here
no but they hope to of course we can’t accept them all we have over a hundred
thousand applications a year we try to interview each girl personally of course
magazine illustrators and photographers are always looking for beauty they are
constantly calling for different types one day they may need a pardon me but
are you listening oh yes yes sorry I guess my mind was wandering seems to be
a common habit here I thought perhaps you might be
interested in looking at some of these scrapbooks and seeing how the various
girls are listed as I said photographers and illustrators are always looking for
different types one day they may need a blonde and then a brunette but perhaps
their assignment calls for a short dark girl or a tall slender one many of the
most successful girls aren’t necessarily good-looking but have special features
of unusual form in beauty a beautiful head of hair perfectly formed hands or
legs correctly spaced eyes and even white teeth are features for which many
of these outstanding models are noted nice work if you can get it here’s
someone have you give you a lot of information he’s photographer assigned
to do the cover for the new issue of friends magazine Weldon oh yeah yeah you
certainly look at howdy hype oh it must be interesting work spending all your
time taking pictures of pretty girls by the way does your camera ever get a cold
shudder and feel a little negative seriously though don’t you ever get
tired of it all doesn’t picturing pulchritude ever paul no and my name’s
not paul thanks glad to know you say I’m developing a personal interest in this
work would you mind if I stuck around your attic a bit and watched you snap
some pictures Paul pal Paul Hill hey I’m talking to you okay come along but don’t
get in my way these are the ones I want this one first who wouldn’t
how can you smile so sweetly with such a sourpuss photographer around oh so this
is what a photographer’s studio looks like eh
Hey look sunshine you the fella why don’t you take your Kodak out to the
curb and snap your picture in a real car why don’t you try that for this type of
close up a real car would only be in the way of the camera oh but I like close
they’re so cozy don’t you think or don’t you hey you get out of the way who me
you mean me yes you how can I see anything here with
you in the way uh-huh so that’s what you were doing under
there huh say do you mind if I take a peek Chum all right make it snappy gee
it’s upside down how can I tell anything from this might rush standing on your
head okay if you say so here goes there that’s okay
well well whatever became of the old fashioned running board what will they
think of next look at that will ya I mean the running
board hey you what are you doing are you tired
or does your work call for you being down there this is what’s called a worms
eye view take a look okay worm move over never mind I’ll take your word for it ah
swell this shot is just to be a close-up of hands gee that’s graceful certainly
looks easy and it’s certainly an easy way to make money I’ll tell you what to
do bring that back light up a little bit on the rheostat
never mind that spot Joe I won’t need it there that’ll do that’s okay
boy what a set of props but why is it necessary to have anybody in the scene
at all why don’t you just shoot the car by itself huh yeah or you out but on the
level why not to static well brother those legs
limbs they they sure add a kick to it yes it looks like the automobile is here
to stay neato hey Sonny what’s that stuff you’re
spraying on the car condensed milk condensed milk I I don’t get it what’s
the idea well you see this milk cuts down the
like reflections hotspots as we call them that kick back into the camera oh
sure I get it okay Gus that’s enough take it away all right here we go now
hold it one smile that’s fine hold it steady
hey wait a minute wait a minute where is the moon hey Sully I’ll make it snappy
get in there study it oh okay all right here we go again now steady hold it come
on Betty come on give me a smile that’s right hold it hold it okay wrap
it up I have a problem here I can’t make up my mind which one to use got any
suggestions anyone would do they’re all good that’s the trouble
boy oh boy wouldn’t you have a beauty if you could combine all those features
that you’ve been shooting what a nifty picture that would make say that’s a
good idea I’m glad I thought of that you thought
of it say that’s my gal when a by a magazine mr. well folks is
where I came in