Personal Injury Claims Arising from Employment in Ireland

I’ve been asked there by a reader of my
website my blog employment rights Aaron calm about taking a personal injuries
case to the employment of healers tribunal the climate Appeals Tribunal
does not deal with personal injury cases at Calais it can only deal with
employment related claims to bring a personal injury claim on foot of
unemployment releases set of circumstances or an injury that you’ve
suffered then you must go through the normal channels of the injuries board
first and then if the assessment by the injuries board is not accepted by the
employer then the injuries board will issue a letter of authorization for you
to bring legal proceedings in the ordinary civil courts so that’ll be the
district court Circuit Court or High Court depending on the injuries if it’s
a non physical injury like a stress-related injury or bullying
related injury psychiatric or psychological injury then indoor
circumstances the application still has to go to the injuries board in the first
instance however because it’s psychological or psychiatric the injury
sport simply will not deal with us and they will issue a letter of
authorization for you to bring your claim your legal proceedings personal
injury claim in the civil courts so they’ll issue a letter of authorization
and you don’t have to issue a personal injury summons so injuries board deals
with all personal injuries arising out of employment or in any other
circumstance in the first instance and then afterwards you may well end up in
court both the employment Appeals Tribunal or workplace relations
commission that do not deal with personal injuries arising from