Performer Lara Veitch // A Pacifist’s Guide to the War on Cancer

I’m Laura Veitch and I was studying
anatomy developmental and human biology and mainly cancer biology and genetics I’m ill at the moment, I have cancer at
moment. I’ve got bone cancer osteosarcoma and I have had a soft tissue sarcoma and
an early stage breast cancer and I’ve had tumors in my liver and my kidney as
well and my mum died of cancer and her mom died of cancer and her mum died of
cancer as well because we have a genetic predisposition so I have an inherited
increased risk of cancer. That’s called Li-Fraumeni syndrome and it just get
a really high risk of cancer hence especially childhood and young adult
cancers hence having had maybe five, from my fifth tumor. I’m 27 by the way. Just breathe just breathe and wait.
Just keep reading and yeah wait until… it will settle the whatever
whatever shock you’re feeling that’s that’s the worst bit the shock is the
worst bit and then and then you learn how to you will be okay in some way in
some form if you just wait and breathe The worst cancer advice actually came
from a geneticist I don’t know if it was a counselors advice – but I went to see a
geneticist when I was about 19 because I thought that there was a cancer link
between the many cancers in my family and they said that there was
nothing I could be tested for and …yeah I should have been tested for
Li-Fraumeni syndrome then and I wasn’t and I the
only reason that I found out about the four subsequent tumors since I was 19
was because I went back when I was 22 or 23 because I knew that something was up I suppose that that that or people that
there’s yeah just one one story that it’s always the same that I having had
lots of different cancers it’s it’s all every time it’s been completely
different and I think a lot of the time people just expect you get cancer and
you have chemo then you get a bit sick and then you get better or you die but
it’s just so unbelievably complex and yeah it’s not it’s not like that really.