People Share a Message with Bullies From Their Past

-You are someone that’s going
to change the world. You should believe
in yourself more. Just know that no matter what, we love you. There’s someone
that you can always come to with unconditional love. That, that’s the things
I would’ve liked to hear it. -Dragon skin, lizard skin. They would actually refer to me
as like some sort of reptile. -Sissy, faggot, stupid,
ugly, fat. -Fat boy, fatso, “Hey, two-ton.” -Me being biracial, he would ask me
why are you so light? Why do you have
a red tint to your hair? -When bullying
first started for me I was probably
around six or seven years old. -I was about 14 years old. And I was bullied by someone
who’s a lot older than me. He was a senior.
We played a sport together. And this kid
would just not let it go. -She kind of of looked at me and she says like,
“Ew! What’s on your hands?” Because I’ve got eczema. -Valentine’s Day. Every year you know people
like get letters and stuff. On Valentine’s Day
I’d be so excited because I never had a Valentine. I thought I would
get the letter, but when I read the letter,
I would, like, turn around and, like,
people would be laughing because they wrote it. They just made me feel
like somebody cared about me, but they didn’t. -It was to the point
where I wouldn’t even want to go to school some days just because
he bullied me so much. -As a child you just
you deal with it the best way you can. My mother would say ignore it and my father would say, “Well,
then stand up for yourself.” But that didn’t feel right
to me either. -He would just
do, like, physical things. Like, either they pushed me
against walls or lockers or, like, spit on me and I didn’t do anything
about it. -I wanted a magic wand
to make it disappear. The bullying would stop
because my skin would be just like everyone else. Because I wanted to be
just like everyone else. -I used to think to myself like,
“Why did my mom do this to me? Why did my dad do this to me?
Like, why can’t I be normal?” -My mother and father
brought the pastor over when I was discovering who I am. They thought that I was
going down the wrong path. I’d say that that’s the thing
that hurts most is having to deal with bullying
where you’re at school and then coming home and not
having love from my family, feeling alone a lot. -If I had the opportunity
to speak with all of those little kids
that belittled me, bullied me, called me names, I would ask them,
“How long did it take you before you found out
bullying was no good? Or did you ever realize that?” [ Ringing ] -Hello.
-Hello, Nate? -I don’t really
know what to say. He hurt me emotionally
and physically. He treated me like dirt. -You always made me feel
like I was a freak or a nobody,
and there were points in my life that I believed
every word you said. -Years have passed
and we have grown. Words had been said
and branded in my memories. -Honestly,
I don’t resent you for it. -Though painful, it left a scar. Not a negative one. But more of a bookmark
to remind me that different is nothing
to be ashamed of. -I’m not mad at you. I really just want to thank you
for being a tool used in my journey
to self discovery. -And I do in the bottom
of my heart appreciate you because you’ve given me
some really thick skin and nothing can get to me
or break me that easy anymore. -You are part of the reason
I am who I am today. -Yeah, I’m sorry about that.
We was young. -I’ve just always wanted
to tell you. -It pains my soul. -I forgive you
and I hope you know that. -I hope you have grown, too. And have changed your
perspective on being different.