Passive aggressive arguments at work – Lucked Out

Argh damn What happened? Ah my program crashed, I just lost a few minutes of work Ah lucked out No I got unlucky – my program crashed – I got unlucky Yeah So you lucked out No I did the opposite of ‘luck out’ I got unlucky. My program crashed Yeah, you had bad luck So you lucked out Rowan have you been using the term ‘lucked out’ wrong your entire life? No I’ve been using the term ‘lucked out’ correctly To say that something is unlucky Lucked out means lucky It means to be lucky Lucked out doesn’t mean you got lucky Lucked out means you got unlucky It absolutely doesn’t You know what? Fine. Don’t worry Agree to disagre This argument is stupid It is a stupid argument **under breath**
It’s just funny that you think it meant lucky **under breath**
It’s weird **under breath**
Well. I think you’re the stupid one mate **under breath**
I think if you were to ask anyone in the world they might actually agree with me mate **under breath**
Just think about what you’re actually saying **under breath**
Just think about the words you’re saying **under breath**
Ask anybody. Ask any single person in the world and they would agree with me **under breath**
How long you been using that expression that way? Uh oh **under breath**
I think you’ll find that I have won the argument Just think about it. Maybe once in your life read a book It’s done. It’s finished. It’s in the past and I won. Tick. Tick for Alan for winning I don’t think you quite understand how the English language works It’s quite embarrassing you’re still arguing You’re like claiming it so righteously Righteously like he knows What you been doing? You been living under a rock mate? Living under one of those big rocks It’s just quite embarrassing you’re still arguing the point Well. Well. If you’re going to talk about things you don’t really understand… Do you actually know how the English language works? You are completely out of touch with the world. The world has moved beyond you. Think about what the word is mate: “Lucked out” Out. Of. Luck How do you live 35 years and not know what ‘lucked out’ means? How do you live 35 years and not know what lucked out means… Uhmmm okayyy Alright mate Let it go I’m not going to get into this with you It’s just kind of funny It’s actually kind of funny if I think about it I don’t think you quite understand Wrong wrong wrong. You are wrong wrong wrong. Alright mate let it go Obviously I win No I won I won this argument Think about it – “lucked out” Lucked out – out of luck Lucked out means lucky Out of luck – look Lucked out means lucky Rowan That’s not how the world works mate Ask anybody Rowan – lucked out means LUCKY Nobody used ‘lucked out’ for lucky!! NOBODY USES LUCKED OUT FOR LUCKY ROWAN – SHUT THE F*** UP! Looks like you let your emotions get the better of you Lucked out